Is there any harm in teaching children to believe in mythical characters?

I know this is a very touchy subject and may even hearts some peoples hearts. This system is coming very near to it’s end and we have to make our hearts and those we love heart’s as complete towards Jehovah as be can if we want to receive the future promises. Many say I do it for the children. We need to ask ourselves what are we really doing for the children when we teach them to believe in myths?

Is it really a good thing to teach children to celebrate traditional holidays and believe in the mythical characters surrounding them? What are we teaching our children when we do this? Not only that but what are we teaching our children if we teach them myths, such as teaching them to believe in a tooth fairy or Santa Claus?

If we teach children about mythical figures and convince them they are real we are teaching them to accept things that are not true as being true and not questioning them. We need to ask ourselves how will this effect their lives and the decisions they make? Is it a good thing to teach children to accept deception and lies as being true and teaching them not to question them? We teach our children what is acceptable behavior. By teaching them these things we are teaching them it is ok to be deceptive and even lie. We are also teaching them it is okay to be deceived and lied to.

In order to teach children those things we have to be deceptive and even lie. The bible not only tells us not to lie but it says let no deception be found in you. We are to imitate Jesus and no deception was found in his mouth.

(Psalm 101:7)  7 No deceitful person will dwell in my house, And no liar will stand in my presence.

(Proverbs 12:19) Truthful lips will endure forever, But a lying tongue will last for only a moment.

(1 Peter 2:21-23) 21 In fact, to this course you were called, because even Christ suffered for you, leaving a model for you to follow his steps closely. 22 He committed no sin, nor was deception found in his mouth. 23 When he was being insulted, he did not insult in return. When he was suffering, he did not threaten, but he entrusted himself to the One who judges righteously.

When we teach a children to believe things that are not true no matter what our motives are we are opening the door for false teachings and we are blinding their minds which opens the door even farther for them to easily accept teachings that God would not approve of. This also opens the door for them to start following traditions and doctrine of man instead of instead of worshiping God in truth. The bible warns us not to follow traditions and doctrines of man. Because many would follow the teachings and doctrines of man it would result in those who gathers teachers to scratch their itchy ears and who would refuse to accept the bible truths. Is this what we would want for our children? When a child is doing something that may bring misery or harm on them would we not try our best to teach them the truth about what their actions will cause to happen to them and the harm that can occur? Wouldn’t we also want to teach our children how to prevent spiritual harm by teaching them God’s word and not doctrine or tradition of man? The bible warns us that teaching these things serves as a snare. Not only that but Jesus says when we do this we overstep God’s command. We are to teach children bible truths not doctrine and tradition of man so that this will protect them. The bible tells us not only to teach the children but to talk about them day and night.

(Proverbs 22:6)  6 Train a boy in the way he should go; Even when he grows old he will not depart from it. . .

(Deuteronomy 11:18-21) 18 “You must impress these words of mine on your heart and your soul and bind them as a reminder on your hand, and they should be like a headband on your forehead. 19 Teach them to your children, speaking about them when you sit in your house and when you walk on the road and when you lie down and when you get up. 20 Write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates, 21 so that you and your sons may live long in the land that Jehovah swore to give to your forefathers, for as long as the heavens are over the earth. The bible warns us to ignore false doctrine and tradition.

(Ephesians 6:3, 4) . . .” 4 And fathers, do not be irritating your children, but go on bringing them up in the discipline and admonition of Jehovah. . .

(1 Timothy 1:3, 4) 3 Just as I encouraged you to stay in Ephʹe·sus when I was about to go to Mac·e·doʹni·a, so I do now, in order for you to command certain ones not to teach different doctrine, 4 nor to pay attention to false stories and to genealogies. Such things end up in nothing useful but merely give rise to speculations rather than providing anything from God in connection with faith. . .

(Titus 1:13, 14) 13 This witness is true. For this very reason, keep on reproving them with severity so that they may be healthy in the faith, 14 paying no attention to Jewish fables and commandments of men who turn away from the truth. . .

(Matthew 15:8, 9) . . .. 9 It is in vain that they keep worshipping me, for they teach commands of men as doctrines.. . .

(Isaiah 29:13) 13 Jehovah says: “This people approach me with their mouth And they honor me with their lips, But their heart is far removed from me; And their fear of me is based on commands of men that they have been taught. . .

Many of the problems we see in modern Christianity now days is because of the doctrine and traditions of man being taught as if it was a part of true worship and many things they promote Jesus would not have done and did not do. We were even warned that the results of this would bring about many bad things and even cause God’s name to be spoke of abusively. It said that it would bring in many destructive sects. Satan does not deceive people in an obvious way. Most cannot identify counterfeit money unless they have been specially trained. In order to identify counterfeit worship we must train our minds and our children’s minds by not only seeking God’s wisdom in his words but putting them into our hearts and applying them. By teaching children to ignore God’s word and accept myths and stories that are not true they become or vulnerable to deception and false teaching. This will make them more acceptable to ideas of man as being a part of there worship. Not only that but it would also teach them to put their faith in the physical things of the world instead of focusing on spiritual things. This teaches them to seek satisfaction in the flesh instead of satisfaction in spiritual things. All those things have been design by Satan and the demons to craftily draw many away from worshiping in truth. The bible calls such ones who teach those things wolves in sheep’s clothing.

(Ephesians 4:14, 15) 14 So we should no longer be children, tossed about as by waves and carried here and there by every wind of teaching by means of the trickery of men, by means of cunning in deceptive schemes. 15 But speaking the truth, let us by love grow up in all things into him who is the head, Christ. . .

(Colossians 2:20-23) 20 If you died together with Christ with respect to the elementary things of the world, why do you live as if still part of the world by further subjecting yourselves to the decrees: 21 “Do not handle, nor taste, nor touch,” 22 referring to things that all perish with their use, according to the commands and teachings of men? 23 Although those things have an appearance of wisdom in a self-imposed form of worship and a false humility, a harsh treatment of the body, they are of no value in combating the satisfying of the flesh.

(2 Peter 2:1-3) 2 However, there also came to be false prophets among the people, as there will also be false teachers among you. These will quietly bring in destructive sects, and they will even disown the owner who bought them, bringing speedy destruction upon themselves. 2 Furthermore, many will follow their brazen conduct, and because of them the way of the truth will be spoken of abusively. 3 Also, they will greedily exploit you with counterfeit words. But their judgment, decided long ago, is not moving slowly, and their destruction is not sleeping. . .

(Acts 20:29, 30) 29 I know that after my going away oppressive wolves will enter in among you and will not treat the flock with tenderness, 30 and from among you yourselves men will rise and speak twisted things to draw away the disciples after themselves. . .

(1 Timothy 4:1) However, the inspired word clearly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to misleading inspired statements and teachings of demons,

(2 Timothy 4:3, 4) For there will be a period of time when they will not put up with the wholesome teaching, but according to their own desires, they will surround themselves with teachers to have their ears tickled. 4 They will turn away from listening to the truth and give attention to false stories.

(2 Timothy 3:1-5) 3 But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, 3 having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, 4 betrayers, headstrong, puffed up with pride, lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God, 5 having an appearance of godliness but proving false to its power; and from these turn away.

In the past God’s people would not give up false teachings. They were double minded which the bible teaches we are not to be. We are to know God well enough to know what he requires. The bible tells us we cannot drink from the coup of the devil and the cup of God’s at the same time.

(1 Corinthians 10:21) You cannot be drinking the cup of Jehovah and the cup of demons; you cannot be partaking of “the table of Jehovah” and the table of demons.

(2 Corinthians 6:14, 15) Do not become unevenly yoked with unbelievers. For what fellowship do righteousness and lawlessness have? Or what sharing does light have with darkness? 15 Further, what harmony is there between Christ and Beʹli·al? Or what does a believer share in common with an unbeliever?

(Isaiah 65:11) 11 But you are among those forsaking Jehovah, Those forgetting my holy mountain, Those setting a table for the god of Good Luck, And those filling up cups of mixed wine for the god of Destiny.

(Matthew 15:3) 3 In reply he said to them: “Why do you overstep the commandment of God because of your tradition?

(Romans 16:17, 18) 17 Now I urge you, brothers, to keep your eye on those who create divisions and causes for stumbling contrary to the teaching that you have learned, and avoid them. 18 For men of that sort are slaves, not of our Lord Christ, but of their own appetites, and by smooth talk and flattering speech they seduce the hearts of unsuspecting ones. . .

(Matthew 6:24) 24 “No one can slave for two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will stick to the one and despise the other. You cannot slave for God and for Riches.

We are to safeguard wisdom from Jehovah.

(Proverbs 3:21, 22) 21 My son, do not lose sight of them. Safeguard practical wisdom and thinking ability; 22 They will give you life And be an adornment for your neck;

Many teach their children to idolize these mythical characters and even revere and obey them. This is a form of idolatry. God requires exclusive devotion and we are not to anyone else glory that is rightfully God’s . In teaching children to do this a parent could be setting them up to follow the wrong path, one that would not please God or our king Jesus Christ. An idol is an image or representation or symbol that is an object of passionate devotion whether imagined or real. The bible says we are to flee from idolatry and stop touching the unclean thing. We are also to guard ourselves from idols meaning we should be alert to what they are so we can protect ourselves from getting involved in doing acts of worship. No matter how subtle the act of worship is Jesus made it very clear we are to give God exclusive devotion. We are told to be no part of the world which means we would not get involved in doctrine and traditions of the world that are in opposition to what Jesus taught. The bible also warned us these things serve as a snare.

(Luke 10:27) In answer he said: “‘You must love Jehovah your God with your whole heart and with your whole soul and with your whole strength and with your whole mind’ and ‘your neighbor as yourself.’”

(Exodus 34:13-16) 13 But you are to pull down their altars, you are to shatter their sacred pillars, and their sacred poles you are to cut down. 14 You must not bow down to another god, for Jehovah is known for requiring exclusive devotion. Yes, he is a God who requires exclusive devotion. 15 Be careful not to make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land, because when they prostitute themselves to their gods and sacrifice to their gods, someone will invite you and you will eat from his sacrifice. 16 Then you will surely take some of their daughters for your sons, and their daughters will prostitute themselves to their gods and cause your sons to prostitute themselves to their gods. . .

(Exodus 23:31-33) . . .. 32 You must not make a covenant with them or their gods. 33 They should not dwell in your land, so that they may not cause you to sin against me. If you should serve their gods, it would surely become a snare to you.. . .

(1 Corinthians 10:14, 15) 14 Therefore, my beloved ones, flee from idolatry. 15 I speak as to men with discernment; judge for yourselves what I say. . .

1 John 5:20-21 21 Little children, guard yourselves from idols.

So whether we share the believes of the ones who are participating in the traditional holidays of man if we celebrate them we are being double minded and not giving God exclusive devotion. I am not going to delve into the origin of many of the traditions that are celebrated now days but I will list the holidays and scriptures that indicate why they are not what they appear to be.


(Jeremiah 10:1-6) 10 Hear the word that Jehovah has spoken against you, O house of Israel. 2 This is what Jehovah says: “Do not learn the way of the nations, And do not be terrified by the signs of the heavens Because the nations are terrified by them.  3 For the customs of the peoples are a delusion. It is just a tree of the forest that is cut down, Worked by the hands of the craftsman with his tool.  4 They adorn it with silver and gold And fasten it with hammer and nails so that it will not fall over.  5 Like a scarecrow in a cucumber field, they cannot speak; They have to be carried, for they cannot walk. Do not fear them, for they can do no harm, Nor can they do any good.”  6 No one is like you, O Jehovah. You are great, and your name is great and mighty.

They celebrate Christmas at a time Jesus was not born so they could not be celebrating the birth of Christ. The Sheppard were outdoors with their sheep at night. Beginning in October they would start sheltering the sheep at night because it was cold. Also the star they sing about was not from God but it is clear it was from Satan because he was trying to guide them to Jesus because Herod wanted Jesus to be killed. The bible says they were astrologers so they would read the stars, which is something God did not approve of. Why would God use pagan astrologers? On the contrary he actually warned them about telling Herod where Jesus was. The bible had warned us that Satan can perform powerful works and wonders.

(Luke 2:8) 8 There were also in the same region shepherds living out of doors and keeping watch in the night over their flocks.

(Matthew 2:1-3) 2 After Jesus had been born in Bethʹle·hem of Ju·deʹa in the days of Herod the king, look! astrologers from the East came to Jerusalem, 2 saying: “Where is the one born king of the Jews? For we saw his star when we were in the East, and we have come to do obeisance to him.” 3 At hearing this, King Herod was agitated, and all Jerusalem with him. . .

(Matthew 2:7-12) 7 Then Herod secretly summoned the astrologers and carefully ascertained from them the time of the star’s appearing. 8 When sending them to Bethʹle·hem, he said: “Go make a careful search for the young child, and when you have found him, report back to me so that I too may go and do obeisance to him.” 9 After they had heard the king, they went their way, and look! the star they had seen when they were in the East went ahead of them until it came to a stop above where the young child was. 10 On seeing the star, they rejoiced with great joy. 11 And when they went into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and falling down, they did obeisance to him. They also opened their treasures and presented him with gifts—gold and frankincense and myrrh. 12 However, because they were given divine warning in a dream not to return to Herod, they departed for their country by another way.

(2 Thessalonians 2:9-12) 9 But the lawless one’s presence is by the operation of Satan with every powerful work and lying signs and wonders 10 and every unrighteous deception for those who are perishing, as a retribution because they did not accept the love of the truth in order that they might be saved. 11 That is why God lets a deluding influence mislead them so that they may come to believe the lie, 12 in order that they all may be judged because they did not believe the truth but took pleasure in unrighteousness.

Halloween is heavenly laden with spiritualism and idolatry of the dead. Something God has warned us not to get involved in. the bible tells us getting involved in those things are works of the flesh.

(Deuteronomy 18:10, 11) 10 There should not be found in you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, anyone who employs divination, anyone practicing magic, anyone who looks for omens, a sorcerer, 11 anyone binding others with a spell, anyone who consults a spirit medium or a fortune-teller, or anyone who inquires of the dead.

(Leviticus 19:31) 31 “‘Do not turn to the spirit mediums, and do not consult fortune-tellers so as to become unclean by them. I am Jehovah your God.

(Isaiah 8:19) And if they say to you: “Inquire of the spirit mediums or of the fortune-tellers who chirp and mutter,” is it not of their God that a people should inquire? Should they inquire of the dead in behalf of the living?

(Galatians 5:19-21) 19 Now the works of the flesh are plainly seen, and they are sexual immorality, uncleanness, brazen conduct, 20 idolatry, spiritism, hostility, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, dissensions, divisions, sects, 21 envy, drunkenness, wild parties, and things like these. I am forewarning you about these things, the same way I already warned you, that those who practice such things will not inherit God’s Kingdom.

(John 17:15-19) 15 “I do not request that you take them out of the world, but that you watch over them because of the wicked one. 16 They are no part of the world, just as I am no part of the world. 17 Sanctify them by means of the truth; your word is truth. 18 Just as you sent me into the world, I also sent them into the world. 19 And I am sanctifying myself in their behalf, so that they also may be sanctified by means of truth. If you experience these things it shows that you have gotten God’s approval.

(1 Corinthians 10:31) 31 Therefore, whether you are eating or drinking or doing anything else, do all things for God’s glory.

When you reject the ways of the world and their opposition from God you can expect to be spoken of abusive. Jesus said the student is no better then the teacher. We have the example of the apostles and we know they were Jesus disciples and they were treated just as he was. We can also be expected to be treated likewise and many will be confused by our rejection of their worldly ways. God’s people even got accused of teaching new teaching. You will be looked down on and accused of losing your mind when you worship in truth.

(2 Chronicles 36:15, 16) . . .. 16 But they kept ridiculing the messengers of the true God, and they despised his words and mocked his prophets, until the rage of Jehovah came up against his people, until they were beyond healing.

(Matthew 16:24-27) 24 Then Jesus said to his disciples: “If anyone wants to come after me, let him disown himself and pick up his torture stake and keep following me. 25 For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. 26 Really, what good will it do a man if he gains the whole world but loses his life? Or what will a man give in exchange for his life? 27 For the Son of man is to come in the glory of his Father with his angels, and then he will repay each one according to his behavior.

(1 Peter 4:2-4) . . .. 3 For the time that has passed by is sufficient for you to have done the will of the nations when you carried on in acts of brazen conduct, unbridled passions, overdrinking, wild parties, drinking bouts, and lawless idolatries. 4 They are puzzled that you do not continue running with them in the same decadent course of debauchery, so they speak abusively of you.

(Acts 17:19, 20) 19 So they took hold of him and led him to the Ar·e·opʹa·gus, saying: “Can we get to know what this new teaching is that you are speaking about? 20 For you are introducing some things that are strange to our ears, and we want to know what these things mean.”

(1 Peter 4:12-14) 12 Beloved ones, do not be surprised about the fiery trials that you are experiencing, as though something strange were happening to you. 13 On the contrary, go on rejoicing over the extent to which you are sharers in the sufferings of the Christ, so that you may rejoice and be overjoyed also during the revelation of his glory. 14 If you are being reproached for the name of Christ, you are happy, because the spirit of glory, yes, the spirit of God, is resting upon you.

(Mark 3:20, 21) . . .. 21 But when his relatives heard about it, they went out to seize him, for they were saying: “He has gone out of his mind.”

(Matthew 5:11, 12) 11 “Happy are you when people reproach you and persecute you and lyingly say every sort of wicked thing against you for my sake. 12 Rejoice and be overjoyed, since your reward is great in the heavens, for in that way they persecuted the prophets prior to you. . .

We must do our best not to let those ones practicing those things deprive us of the prize.

(Colossians 2:18) 18 Let no man deprive you of the prize who takes delight in a false humility and a form of worship of the angels, “taking his stand on” the things he has seen. He is actually puffed up without proper cause by his fleshly frame of mind,

Many who would be saying these things are driven by greed, they are trying to get people to be indebted to them and trying to make money from their lack of knowledge concerning true worship.

(Acts 19:23-25) 23 At that time quite a disturbance arose concerning The Way. 24 For a man named De·meʹtri·us, a silversmith who made silver shrines of Arʹte·mis, brought considerable profit to the craftsmen. 25 He gathered them and others who worked at such things and said: “Men, you well know that from this business comes our prosperity.

(Acts 16:16) 16 Now it happened that as we were going to the place of prayer, a servant girl with a spirit, a demon of divination, met us. She supplied her masters with much profit by fortune-telling.

(1 John 4:4-6) 4 You originate with God, little children, and you have conquered them, because the one who is in union with you is greater than the one who is in union with the world. 5 They originate with the world; that is why they speak what originates with the world and the world listens to them. 6 We originate with God. Whoever comes to know God listens to us; whoever does not originate with God does not listen to us. . .