Can’t sleep? Feel disassociated? could be your pineal gland.



This is not medical advice, I am posting this for educational and informational purposes.

The pineal gland is involved with many functions in the body including reproduction.

Problems with the pineal gland can impair our sleep, effect our cognitive abilities, our reaction time, it can effect our judgment and perception of reality. This is why it is very important to detoxify the pineal gland. Problems with the pineal gland can even affect our hormones.

Vitamin A is important for the function of the pineal gland.

Sunlight stimulates the pineal gland.

Lithium can negatively impact the pineal gland.

When the pineal gland becomes calcified it detaches us from our enviroment.

There are things that will help decalcify the pineal gland.

Melatonin is important for the proper function of the pineal gland.

Vaccines cause brain damage so you know they are damaging the pineal gland.

There are things that help detox the aluninum from vaccinations.

Aluminum and glyphosate work synergistically to damage the pineal gland which can lead to autism.

EMFs damage the pineal.

Fluoride damages the pineal gland, it is food in most public water supplies and many bottled waters.

Over consumption of coffee can damage the pineal gland.

Biology of the pineal gland.

Working night shift negatively effects the pineal gland.

DMT a hallucinogen has been shown to protect the brain and pineal gland,. It prevents the degradation of MAO.

Jealousy Or Envy.

If you don't read it how can you have faith.I see so much jealousy and envy now. These emotions are so destructive to the person feeling and expressing them and to those that these emotions are directed at. I wanted to address this so people would know what God expects from us when it comes to jealousy or envy.

The bible tells us that a sound heart is the life of the flesh. How can we have a sound heart of we are envious or jealous. ( Proverbs 14:30 ) People are doing so many bad things now days and a lot of it comes from envy or jealousy that they keep a hold on. It actually consumes some people lives. ( James 3:16 )

Holding on to these emotions can drive us to do some really bad things blinding us to the happiness we could have. Joseph was blessed by God. His brothers were getting jealous to the point that they were going to kill him. By Joseph’s brothers not letting go of those negative emotions it drove them to the point that they were going to kill him. Another brother interfered with their plan but they still ended up letting it lead them to do a bad deed to their brother. ( Genesis 37:5-10) ( Genesis 37:18-22 )

How should we react when we are on the receiving end of jealousy or envy? Joesph set a good example in dealing with it. The things his brothers had done did not stop God’s plans for Joseph to be in a position of authority. Even though Joseph had authority to take vengeance on his brothers when they came to him in need he forgave them. In forgiving them he reaped the reward of getting to watch his brothers children grow. ( Genesis 50:22-24 )

People desire to be happy but never seem to find it. They don’t find it in wealth or fame or even with having many friends. There are many keys to being happy in the bible and it tells us that one of them is that there is more happiness in giving then receiving. ( Acts 20:35 ) If you want to be truly happy let love guide you not jealousy and envy. ( Ephesians 5:1-2 )