Benefits of Lysine.

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am a lousy editor.

This is not medical advice I am writing this for educational purposes. If you are ill please seek the aid of a functional medicine practitioner.


When you see a letter in front of a supplement it means whether it is bioavailable to the body or not, in other worlds if it has a D infront of it the body has to convert it to use it. If it has an L in front of the letter it means the body can readily use it.

Lysine helps to regulate the pineal gland, mammary glans and ovaries. Lysine is needed for hormone production in the body.

The body cannot properly metabolize fats if we are deficient in lysine. If a person reacts when taking lysine they may have issues with their citric acid cycle. If this is the case they may need to supplement with carnitine because our bodies produce carnitine from lysine.

L-lysine inhibits herpes virus replication. Also supplementing with zinc makes it even more effective.

Lysine improve liver function which can prevent body weight gain.

It helps to protect the adrenals by preventing excess adrenal hormone levels in times of stress. When L-arginine and Lysine were taken together it increase the effectiveness. L-lysine also enhances tolerance to pain. Lysine has also been found to improve mood and behavior.

Lysine improves the bodies ability to absorb and use calcium. It prevents calcium from building up in the body while improving the bodies ability to use calcium. Lysine and arginine speed up the healing of bone.

Lysine speeds up wound healing and improves the healing of soft tissues in the body. Lysine is needed for proper protein formation and function in the body.

Lysine helps to prevent high blood pressure.

Some symptoms of Lysine deficiency are apathy, blood shot eyes, depression , fluid build up or retention in the body, fever blisters, hair loss, loss of energy, fatigue, muscle loss, stomach ulcers, reduced immunity and dizziness. Lysine deficiency can damage the liver.

Taking excess lysine can cause gall stones, abdominal pain and diarrhea. If you react when taking Lysine it can indicate your citric acid cycle is sluggish. It would be a good idea to correct that before taking lysine.

Lysine and arginine compete with each other so taking high doses of one or the other can cause an imbalance in one or the others levels. Lysine helps with herpes because herpes is dependent on arginine. By increasing lysine it makes it more difficult for herpes to use arginine.

Genetically modified foods destroy our health glyphosate and glufosinate add to the toxicity.

Monsanto now owned by Bayer and has dropped the name but when the company was Monsanto they colluded with the government to hide the harm their products are doing.

What it does to the enviroment.

Symptoms of high glyphsate or glufonisate levels.

What it may be doing to your health.

Possible risk involved with eating GMO foods.

Studies have shown that most of our food contains high levels of these toxins.

Many studies show we have high levels of glyphosate in us.

So now you can see the importance of testing for glyphosate or glufonisate.

Take all the evidence below and compare it to the rise in many health issues and you will see what is causing many of them.

Neurological deaths increased as glufonisate and glyphosate usage increased.

There is obvious conditional bias in biotechs research.

Going by Monsantos standards all of Monsanto’s studies are invalid.

GMO are regualed as a pesticide by the FDA.

Studies showing the dangers of GMOs get ignored.

The effects of the toxins are lethal.

Studies showing the dangers of any of Monsanto’s products are ignored.

GMO producers try to pass off privately funded studies as independent studies.

Why are the GMO producers working so hard to keep everything a secret?

There has been proven conflicts of interest in the research on the safety of GMOs.

GMO increase herbicide and pesticide use.

Click to access pesticide_use_on_genetically_engineered_crops.pdf

GMOs raise production cost.

GMOs cost farmers more and create super bugs.

One of biotechs biggest advocates have had many studies retracted and some involved GMO research

The positive hype surrounding GMOs is based on studies that have been retracted

There was a hidden viral gene found in GMOs

They are not sure what the affects on humans or plants will be.

They know there is the risk of horizontal gene transfer. So what if the genes transfer to those consuming the GMO food. Now their bodies will become there own enemy.

I believe it is one of the contributing factors behind autoimmune disease.

They are trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist. There has always been food that sits and rots. The real problem is food wastage.

Click to access wasted-food-ip.pdf

Now the proven harm GMOs are doing.

Glyphosate used to dry beans and grains and used to spray on crops that are RoundUp ready causes many health issues. Bayer has their version called Glufonisate and it causes the same problems.

Destroys bone marrow

Can cause menningitis.

Can cause erectile dysfunction

Can make a man sterile

How do we know this didn’t cross pollinate with other corn?

Can cause heart issues.

Can cause high dopamine levels.

Can cause convulsions.

Causes excess oxidative stress and makes aluminum more toxic.<39%3A%3AAID-EM5>3.0.CO%3B2-6<39%3A%3AAID-EM5>3.0.CO%3B2-6

Causes fatty liver

GMO cause celiac disease.

Causes cell division disfunction.

Causes bladder cancer.

Exposure to farm chemicals in children’s food raises the risk of cancer.

Glyphosate depletes nutrients from the body. I will provide the supporting research later.

BT Toxin is cytotoxic to our cells and adding glyphosate or glufonisate makes things worse.

BT Toxin cause an immune respronse. Which causes gut inflammation.

All environmental chemicals have effects on our guts especially antibiotics which glyphosate was originally patented as.

This can lead to many metabolic disorders.

Can also lead to mental disorders.

Causes fatty liver.

Glyphosate is toxic to the liver.

GMOs cause symptoms similar to food poisoning.

Glyphosate impedes our cells ability to repair.

My alter the DNA of children.

Glyphosate can cause blood disorders.

The health effects of BT Toxins have not been researched properly.

This covers all the illnesses glyphosate and toxins like it can cause.

Click to access JNNB-3-140.pdf

The body mistakes glyphosate for glycine.

Glyphosate combines with heavy metals to become more toxic.

BT Toxin is toxic to our bodies and now it grows inside the GMO food.–danger.pdf

Plants regulate our gene expressions can you imagine what GMOs are doing.

Glyphosate causes neurodegeneration.

Even in small amounts it is toxic.

Is the cause in the rise of gout.

Crosses the placenta.

Glyphosate is an endocrine disruptor.

Now you know the real reason wheat is toxic.

How to detox glyphosate

Glyphosate causes miscarriages and preterm births.

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