Learn the truth about vaccines.

This is not medical advice I am posting this for informational and educational purposes. Whether you vaccinate or not is up to you bad do your research. It can change your whole families life because vaccine injury is real and millions of dollars are awarded every year to victims of vaccine injury and families. Unfortunately some vaccine injury is so severe the family has to deal with a permanently severely disabled family member the rest of their lives which can take it’s tool on the family and death often occurs. Know the risk and make your decisions based on an unbiased and balanced view of the information.



Wonder why so many children are getting cancer? Vaccinations and the poor kids don’t stand a chance because they get injected with them as soon as they are born.


Wonder why so many children are ill now days. Vaccinations and vaccine injury is not always obvious and can take years before it starts to present itself as an autoimmune issue. They will blame it on genes but that is not true. That is like saying that bullets do not kill and injure but it is the persons susceptibility to injury and death that has caused the injury or death. All vaccines injure 100% of the time. All vaccines contain harmful toxins and many contain aborted fetal tissue or animal tissue.


If you do research you will find that disease rates took a dramatic drop when better sanitation practices were implemented as man became aware of what caused illness. And also as nutrition became more available disease declined dramatically. Very shortly after vaccines were introduced disease has taken a dramatic climb and has risen every since because vaccines cause and spread disease they do not prevent illness. Vaccines have been found to be the cause of the new super bugs.


They renamed polio flaccid myelitis because they had realized toxins and vaccines were the cause of polio.


Germ theory which vaccines are based on is incorrect and has been proven to be, so vaccine research is flawed from the start. How our immune system works is nothing like we are taught in school.


Vaccines have major toxins. Some toxins they put in vaccines require a hazmat team to clean them up if they are spilled and have been banned in many other products but they permit their use in vaccinations. Toxins alter our genes but then the vaccine producers will blame a persons genes when they have an adverse reaction to them.


Autoimmunity what causes it and things that may correct it.

This is not medical advice, I am posting this for informational and educational purposes.

Mitochondria regulate our immune response and oxidative stress. Many things can cause mitochondria dysfunction. This can lead to metabolic issues, excess oxidative stress and autoimmunity which can lead to cancer and other chronic illness.



There are many symptoms of autoimmune disorder.


OspA is a major cause of autoimmunity. It is why many with Lyme do not recover.

Why We Hate OspA: Shortest Explainer Ever


I have seen many get diagnosed with pancreatic cancer to learn later they actually had an infection.


TH17 imbalance is common in those with psoriasis and interstitial cystitis.


When dealing with automine disorders there are naturals that help but can have side effects like inducing temporary menopause.


Inflammation is one of the main contributors to atuimmune disorders. Little things help, such as standing on the ground in our bare feet.


Anti phospholipid syndrome is an autoimmune disorder that is commonly results from vaccine injury.



Hapten response can cause autoimmune disorders. It can be caused by many things from vaccinations, Lyme disease and environmental toxins like glyphosate. Poison ivy causes a hapten response. The body starts attacking itself to try to rid itself of a problem it cannot identify. That is why many with tick born illness get a rash similar to poison ivy.


One of the major causes of autoimmune disease is vaccinations. Sometimes the symptoms are so subtle that most do not realize they have an autoimmune disorder. Allergies are an autoimmune disorder.


Pyrrole disorder is common but gets over looked. It can be corrected with the proper nutrients. Omega 3s usually reduce inflammation. In those with pyrrole disorder Omega 6 can cause inflammation. They are needed so we cannot avoid them but should be careful how much we get until we address the problem.




Not sure if mad cow disease would be an autoimmune disorder but vaccinations can cause it.


Vaccinations cause a B cell imbalance. This results in higher zonulin levels which causes leaky gut, interstitial cystitis, and even leaky brain.


Vaccinations cause Mast Cell Activation Syndrome which can result in pulmonary disease.


Drugs are another thing that can cause autoimmune disorders especially statins.


Drugs cause Lupus which affect things at a chromosome level. This makes it very difficult to correct.


If you must get vaccinations make sure your vitamin A and vitamin D levels are not low. This will reduce your risk of autoimmune disease.


Toxins like glyphosate and antibiotics is why autoimmune disease is so rampant now. Our gut bacteria modulate our immune system. Those destroy our gut bacteria.


Most now know vaccinations cause autoimmune disorders. The aluminum in vaccinations is very toxic.



Our food is toxic now days. Glyphosate and vaccinations have been found to cause leaky gut. Leaky gut can cause autoimmune disorders.



Allergies are an autoimmune disease. Vaccinations are known to cause many types of allergies.




I would not have thought of narcolepsy as an autoimmune disorder. But We can add it to the list.


Hydrangea root helps with TH17 imbalance which is common in those with interstitial cystitis and psoriasis.


Some herbs will make autoimmune disorders worse and some help.


TH17 imbalance is common in inflammatory bowel disease.


Tick born illness can also cause a TH17 imbalance.


Restoring Treg cell homeostasis helps correct autoimmune disorders.


Cannabinoids can help reduce TH17 dominance.


Balancing TH1 and TH2.


A good article on supplements that stimulate TH1 or TH2.


A good article on TH1 and TH2.


Mineral deficiencies can cause a T cell imbalance.


Diet To Help Support The Immune System.

Diet To Help Support The Immune System.

I am not a medical professional, my medical knowledge is limited. I am not giving medical advice I am posting what I have learned from getting ill from Lyme. I will post a flow chart below of how I believe the Immune System works.


Phospolipids provide support and protection to our cells by surrounding them. Our body also needs them to repair. They also help lower inflammation in the body. They are even key in helping our bodies fight infection and cancer. One of the best sources of phospolipids is Ghee.

Your body cannot process it if it does not have enough choline. Good sources of choline are Green Vegetable, Milk , Chicken , Kidney Beans , Grapefruit , Peanuts,

Almonds and Brown Rice.

Good source of phospolipids are Ghee, Flax Seed Oil , Coconut Oil , And most other oils. Eggs also contain them.


Function Of The Spleen

The Spleen stores blood including Lymphocytes (white blood cells) . It also helps remove damaged blood cells and platelets. It also destroys bacteria and other foreign substances.

Spleen Health

      1. Eat non processed foods.

      2. Eat lots of soups the spleen likes soups.

      3. Relax after eating.

      4. Don’t drink liquids that are too cold the spleen does not like that.

      5. If possible if your health permits exercise the abdomen.


        Function Of The Liver

      1. Breaks down and detoxifies substances in our bodies.

      2. Converts stored sugar to usable sugar.

      3. Breaks down hemoglobin and Insulan.

      4. Destroys old blood red blood cells.

      5. Stores vitamins like B12, Folate , Iron , Vitamin A , Vitamin D , and Vitamin K.

Liver Health

      1. Do not take too many vitamins it can be hard on the liver. Some are not but research which ones aren’t. I only take a multivitamin twice a week. Any more then that and you are probably wasting your money because you will just pee them out.

      2. Don’t over indulge in alcohol.

      3. Stay away from trans fats they are very hard on the liver.

      4. Do not use GM (Genetically Modified) foods, they contain BT Toxins

        (Bacillus Thuringiensis) they are very hard on the whole body.

      5. Drink tea or coffee just not in excess. They have been shown to lower the risk of kidney disease.

      6. Try not to take pain killers , like acetaminophen they are toxic to the liver.

      7. Don’t touch or breath in toxins, your skin and lungs are like a sponge and will absorb them.


Lymphatic System

The lymph glands contain lymphocytes (white blood cells) . The lymphocytes in the lymph nodes respond to antigens produced by pathogens. They make antibodies, which target the pathogens producing the antigens.

Lymphatic System Health

      1. Eat a diet that contains Vitamin A. Vitamin A allows for the proper gene activation within lymph nodes. Sweet potatoes, kale , Pumpkin, Carrots , and Fish are high in Vitamin A.

      2. Avoid processed foods and sugar.

      3. Eat complex carbohydrates. Fruits and Vegetables , Whole Grains , Nuts , Seeds , Legumes , and Diary Products have complex carbohydrates.

      4. Drink some tea.

      5. Eat lots of polyunsaturated fats. Good sources of these are, sunflower seeds , sesame seeds , chia seeds, seeds in general, peanuts , olive oil , canola oil , ghee, whole grain wheat , oily fish.

      6. Vitamin D also helps support the Lymphatic System.

Gray72-enBone Marrow

Bone Marrow produces red blood cells and lymphocytes (white blood cells) to support the immune system. Bone Marrow also produces stem cells.

Bone Marrow Health

        1. Eat dark leafy greens that are high in iron. Raisins , Prunes and Apricots are good sources of iron.

        2. Avoid sugar.

        3. Avoid chemical additives.

        4. Avoid consuming too much alcohol.

        5. Avoid GM (genetically modified) foods. They contain BT Toxins.

        6. Get lots of protein. I have found egg protein helps me a lot, it contains albumin which helps the muscles. Whey protein is another good source of protein. Do not take soy protein, especially if you are a male it can make you grow breast.

        7. Eat foods high in Vitamin B6 (pyridoxal) It is used to form hemoglobin, it also plays an important role in producing energy to sustain cells. Good sources of that are Eggs, Whole Grains , Milk , Potatoes.

        8. Eat foods high in B Vitamins (folic acid). Helps to produce red blood cells. Good sources are Brown Rice , Green Vegetables , Beans.

Mundinus,_Anatomia_Mundini..._Wellcome_L0027530Intestine Health

The intestines contribute a lot to our health and so does our stomach. If we put bad things in our body like GM foods with the BT Toxins then we can affect the health of our whole body. The intestine helps to break down our food to make it more easier for the body to convert it to energy. It also helps to fight infection. To do these things properly it needs butyric acid. Butyric Acid also helps break the food down so your body can more readily use it, it also helps protect your stomach , nerve repair, and also helps fight infection. It has also been shown to help fight cancer. Good sources of that are Ghee , flax seed oil, oats, sweet potatoes , fruits, and vegetables , nuts also your body will produce it if you eat a high fiber diet. I would and a probiotic to the mix to help with digestion to replace any enzymes you my have lost.

Another thing you need for colon health is a prebiotic, That is fiber that your body cannot easily digest. Good sources of prebiotics are Wheat Bran , Bananas , Onion.

Vitamin C

I wasn’t sure were to put this in my blog. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) helps everything. It is vital to get enough vitamin C to help the immune system. Vitamin C helps remove toxins, heavy metals , lowers cholesterol , it pretty much helps protect our body from everything. Studies have found that vitamin C is extremely good at help to protect from upper respiratory infection. Vitamin C helps with the absorption of iron, healing and growth of collagen, Some of the best sources of vitamin C are c antelope , citrus fruits , broccoli , cabbage , peppers , kiwi , tomatoes.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopheral , d-alph-acetate, d-alpho-tocopheral succinate) are the forms that you will find it in if you take a vitamin E supplement. If there is a “dl” at the beginning do not take it because it is derived petroleum . The ones that begin only with a D are the ones that are from natural sources. We need polyunsaturated fats but our body uses more vitamin E when we consume them so we need to make sure we get enough vitamin E. Vitamin E serves a lot of the same functions as vitamin C . It helps protect our bodies from free radicals, protects the heart , helps our vision , even helps keep the blood healthy , helps arthritis, helps leg pain, helps blood vessels, helps protect us from hardening of the arteries , helps protect from cancer , it also helps with Alzheimer, helps with chronic fatigue, the list goes on and on . Do not take too much because you can take enough that it becomes toxic. That is why I prefer natural sources of vitamin E. You should take it with a fat because it is fat soluble. You could use coconut oil, flax seed oil or ghee. Good sources of vitamin E are leafy greens , tropical fruits , nuts , peppers , vegetable oils and olive oil , just about all the natural oils have it , whole wheat , and tomatoes.


Zinc improves cardio vascular health. Helps prevent diabetes , has antioxidant effects , improves sleep it is necessary for the metabolism of melatonin. Zinc also improves energy, boost the immune system , speeds wound healing and helps with ADHD symptoms. Sources of Zinc are shell fish , red meats , pumpkin or squash seeds , nuts , dark chocolate , poultry , beans , legumes . The zinc in fruits and vegetables cannot be used by the body.


Beta-Carotene is an antioxidant, it enhances and strengthens the immune system to help fight infections. It also promotes proper cell communication , protects our DNA and helps protect the brain from again. Sources of Beta-Carotene are peas , orange fruits and vegetables , dark leafy greens , sweet red peppers and broccoli.


Every organ depends on magnesium. Magnesium needs vitamin D and vice versa. Magnesium is needed for biochemical reactions in the body. Magnesium also helps reduce high blood pressure , it helps alleviate gastrointestinal problems, it helps regulate blood sugar levels , helps maintain a healthy heart , helps strengthen

our bones healthy bones mean a healthier immune system. Magnesium is also a powerful detoxifier and helps reduce your risk for cancer. Magnesium also needed to maintain normal nerve and muscle function, keeps the immune system healthy, and helps maintain heart rythom. Sources of magnesium are dark leafy greens , nuts and seeds , beans , lentils , whole grains , avocados , dairy products , bananas , dark chocolate , shell fish , black tea , blackstrap molasses.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps maintain healthy bones healthy bones means a healthier immune system. Vitamin D also helps the body absorb minerals better, stabilizes sugar levels and guards against insulin resistance. It also regulates many genes in the body.

ImmuneThe above image a flow chart of how I believe the immune system works.

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