A demonstration of how complex it is to figure out the cause of illness.

I am doing this blog post to show the complexity of figuring health issues out. With these notes I am trying to figure out how to correct health issues causing people to be hyperinsulinemic and hypoglycemic. These ones also have inhibited oxidative phosphorylation and inhibited beta oxidation which can lead to obesity. If this is not corrected it starts damaging the pancreas and causes beta cell loss leading to type two diabetes. It will seem like the notes are sporadic but each person has a different cause but often times I find one root cause that has effected each person differently but brought about the same results. Finding the most common causes and things that help will usually help narrow down a protocol that will help the most people safely. That being said this is not medical advice I just want to show the complexity of figuring these things out so I am going to post my notes I put together and I slowly work through them until I narrow down the best solution. Do not try to correct these things yourself if you are ill seek the aid of a qualified and experienced naturopathic practitioner.

Things that may correct hyperinsulinemia, hypoglycemia and inhibited fat burning.

Increasing progesterone helps increase fat buring. Wild yam and organic soy bean increases progesterone.

Reducing IL-1b helps

Increasing acetylcholesterase prevents excess salt retention and increases fat burning.

Increasing TGF-B helps

Reduce overexpression of P53, Bax/BC12, Caspace 3 and 9 they cause excess reactive oxygen species which causes insulin resistance, endothelial dysfunction and mitochondrial dysfunction.

Increase sepiateron reducaste. A deficiency causes low BH4 exnzymes which can cause sensitivity to catecholamines, adrenal issues, and cause issues with HPA axis. Valproic acid increases sepiateron.

Improve liver clearance of insulin.

EPAC2 overexpression causes hyperinsulinemia and decreased cardiovascular function.

Increasing EPAC1 activates SOC3 which prevents chronic pain.

Improve adrenal function if not functioning properly fat burning becomes inhibited.

Close K+ATP channels which regulate ATP and ADP. Excess extra cellular ATP causes K+ATP channels to open which increases insulin secretion , inflammation, nerve sensitivity, and inhibits fat burning. This can be causes by infection, microbial dysbiosis in the bladder or gut or infection.

Increase magnesium it stabilizes NBF1 and SUR1 which is needed to produce ADP. Magnesium helps prevent K+ATP from being stuck open causing excess insulin secretion. It prevents SUR1 from being inhibited. When SUR1 is inhibited it causes MGADRS Ability to limit insulin release.

Things that inhibit glycolysis my helps such as gingko, milk thistle, berries, and many spices. Phytonutrients fisetin, myricetin, quercetin, apigenin, genistein, cyanidin, diadzen, hesperetin, nariginen and catechin inhibit glycolysis.

Reducing HIF-1 may help. Vitamin D3, resveratrol, , berberin, and butyrate inhibits HIF-1.

Increasing glucagon helps to increase fat burning and improve glucose levels. Protein, complex carbohydrates increase glucagon. This would also reduce insulin levels.

Increase exonuclease 7(EXO7). Many have been injured by fluoroquinolone and it is needed to repair damage to DNA from fluoroquinolones.

Heme oxygenase 1- is overexpressed when endotoxins , inflammation or oxidative stress levels are high. Inhibiting HO-1 prevent the damage they would normally cause. When HO-1 and NRF2 are both overexpressed it causes atherosclerosis.

NOX4- when inhibited activating NRF2 will increase oxidative stress NRF2 is the master regulator of the antioxidant system and it’s activation has many benefits but a person must make sure HO-1 isn’t over expressed and NOX4 is not inhibited before activating NRF2. This is because NOX4 inhibition cause glutathione to become depleted and causes BCL-2 expression to be inhibited which causes cellular apoptosis. Loss of NOX4 decreases NRF2 expression, decreases mitochondrial potential and increases kidney cell death which can cause hyperinsulinemia and hypoglycemia. NOX4 is an NADPH oxidase.

XBP1 upregulates UPR which stabilizes NRF2.

Transcription factor EB (TFEB)- reduces inflammation, excess hydrogen peroxide, SELE, MCP1, VCAM1, IL-1B, inflammatory IL-6, and IL-8 which are over expressed in hyperinsulinemia and hyproglycemia. TFEB activates lipid catabolism pathways and represses biosyntetic pathways, it upregulates PGC1a which helps maintain glucose and insulin homeostasis. For proper TFEB signaling PPARa needs to be functioning. TFEB is over expressed in Huntingtons diseases. PBC1a/RXR are involved in the effects of TFEB. For TFEB to function calcineurin is needed for the release of calcium from lysosome.

MTORC1 inhibition causes an accumulation of TFEB.

TFEB activators are genistein, curcumin and PI3K inhibition.

TFEB is inhibited in Alzheimers and Parkinson’s.

MIR-128 inhibition rescues TFEB function.

TFEB is the master regulator of lysosome autophagy pathway.

Trehalose activates TFEB but sacharromyces boulardii is needed to produce the metabolites for the transcription of TFEB. There are also enzymes in the gut that help to break down trehalose that are needed so inflammation in the gut could inhibit the benefits of trehalose. Trehalose is found in mushrooms, algae, but the highest levels are found in shiitake mushrooms, maitake mushrooms, nameko and judas ear mushrooms. Thiamine is needed to produce the beneficial metabolites from trehalose. Chlorella, bakers yeast, asparagus racemosus root and liverwort also contain trehalose.

If a person has C Diff they should not consume trehalose unless they consume lactoferrin with it to prevent feeding C Diff.

TREH is the human trehalose gene which is a stress response gene.

Low leptin levels and leptin resistance inhibits fatty acid burning, and causes hyperinsulinemia and hypoglycemia. This creates a positive feedback loop that is difficult to break because hyperinsulinemia and hypoglycemia reduces plasma leptin levels.Reducing inflammation , oxidative stress, increasing fiber intake helps to prevent leptin resistance. Reducing bad testosterone and stress hormones improves leptin sensitivity. MSB added to food for flavor and excess fructose consumption can cause leptin resistance. Leptin deficiency causes obesity. Leptin prevents high triglycerides, fat accumulation in organs. It is needed to prevent damage to the pancreas and other organs from excess free plasma fatty acids. Leptin deficiency or leptin resistance causes high A1C levels.

Ghrelin inhibits inulin secretion, prevents muscular atrophy by inducing muscle cell differentiation and fusion. Ghrelin helps to prevent obesity, insulin resistance and helps normalize glucose levels. Ghrelin prevents hyperinsulinemia and hypoglycemia. Ghrelin prevents B-cell apoptosis. Pancreatic B-cell death leads to type 2 diabetes. Ghrelin is produced in pancreatic E-cells. Remember inflammation and excess oxidative stress caused by FFAs inhibit pancreatic function. Ghrelin prevents muscle atrophy and excess insulin secretion.

Intramuscular adipose tissue (IMAT) causes insulin resistance , loss of strength, and mobility dysfunction. High IMAT levels can cause COPD and localized inflammation in muscle. Endurance exercise increases Type 1 muscle cells which reduces IMAT.

Biogenesis occurs in the endoplasmic reticulum. It prevents protein aggregation, cholesterol accumulation and prevents lysosome related diseases. If lipid biogenesis is impraired oxidative capacity of the mitochondrial is reduced which causes muscle stem cells to differentiate towards an adipogenic lineage. Increased myogenesis and decreased biogenesis leads to IMAT formation which decreases cell formation and growth. BSCL2 (seipin) is needed for early lipid droplet biogenesis.

PGC1a and coactivator PPARy control mitochoncrial biogenesis. Coactivators are NRF2, PPARs, RARs, and thyroid hormone receptors, myorcyte enhancer factor 2 (MEF2) which induces PGC1a expression. Over expression of PGC1a stimulates production of slow oxidative muscle. This can be caused by excess type 2 muscle fibers which increase from lifting heavy weight.

Impaired blood flow increases lipolysis within muscle cells which can cause insulin resistance.

Myostatin (GDF8) produced and released by myocytes in cardiac muscle smooth muscle and muscle throughout the body inhibits muscle cell growth. It causes inhibits myogenesis and increases adipogenesis which reduces muscle growth and increases fat retention. Inhibiting myostatin prevents obesity. PPARy over expression inhibits the negative effects of myostatin. Ketones reduces myostatin. During calorie restriciton myostatin is reduced to preserve muscle mass but those with hypyerinsulemia can go into cardiac arrest or coma from they hyper glycemia so this would not be an option for them.

There are two types of IL-6 one is inflammatory one is anti-inflammatory. Excess consumption of saturated fatty acids, excess production of short chain fatty acids in the gut can increase inflammatory IL-6, and endotoxins increase IL-6.

The IL-6 normally produced in the body promotes lypolysis and fatty acid oxidation and helps maintain glucose and insulin homeostasis.

GEFT – Rho specific GEFT is needed during skeletal muscle regeneration, it inhibits insulin induced adipogenisis by increasing Rho kinase.

Macropage clean up and remove dead and damaged cells. They are stimulated by inflammation , macrophage levels are high in obesity and type 2 diabetes. Both are known to have systemic inflammation.

IGE1 inhibition inhibits energy metabolism.

Excess thymidine can cause fat build up in muscle. Urindine corrects this but is not very bioavailable. Consuming alcohol with uridine increases it’s absorption and bioavailability. Beer is high in uridine. Foods high in uridine are raw goat and sheep milk, sugar cane extract, tomatoes, brewers yeast, broccoli, organ meats, and walnuts. Before eating these a person must address uric acid levels and make sure they are not high. Those foods increase ruines such as adenine and guanosine which are needed for DNA but can increase uric acid. Urindine is needed for glycolysis pathway of galactose and udp-glucose metabolism.

PPARg inhibition causes lipodystrophy, type 2 diabetes, obesity , hypertension, PCOS, cirrhosis of the liver, insulin resistance, elevated triglycerides, hypertension and low PPARy levels.

PPARy activation improves insulin sensitivity.

BSCL2 upregulation increases SEIPEN which helps maintain lipid homeostasis, BSCL2 gene is regulated by the HPA axis.

MFN2 increases mitochondrial fusion which increases oxphos.

Mitochondrial transcription factor ACTFAM stabilizes mtDNA transcription. Reduced levels causes lypodystrophy, reduced mitochondrial biogenesis, reduced glucose metablolism, decreased heart function, increased inflammation and NAFLD.

CR6 interacting factor 1 (CRIF1) is essential for intramitochondrial translation of mtDNA encoded oxphos. A deficiencyin CRIF1 reduces oxphos.

Galactose increases oxphos. Glalactose is increase by lactose consumption.

RAR and RXR need to be functioning in order for the body to metabolize fats properly.

PPARa binds both saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. It inhibits fatty acid synthesis and increases fatty acid catabolism.

PPARa is involved in lipid transport and beta oxidation of fatty acids. Activation of PPARa prevents high triglyceride levels and in creases HDL levels. It is widely expressed in the digestive tract where it is anti-inflammatory.

PPARa is stimulated by phosphorylation, mitogen activated kinase (MAPK), protein kinase C (pkc) and Amp-activated protein kinase (AMPK) which phosphorylates PPARa.

Magnolia bark, licorice root, and false indigo activates both PPARa and RXR. Magnolia bark is the most potent activator. Lavender, citrus peel extract, contain ligands for PPARa and increase fatty acid oxidation. Coryophyllene found in clove, rosemary, hopes, black caraway, basil, orgegano oil, and cinnamon increases PPARa through the CB2 receptor.

Farnesol found in citronella, nerol, cyclamen, lemon grass, tuberosa, rose, musk balsam and tolu increases PPARa expression by increasing carnitine palmitoyl transferase which increases acyl carnitine which is needed for beta oxidation of long chain fatty acids and to provide energy for muscles.

Pine bark extract contains phytochemicals that increase PPARa and PPARb expression.

Chlorophyll contains phytol which increasesw expression of PPARa, PPARy and RXR.

Oleanolic acid found in olive oil increases PPARa expression.

Hops contains isohulene and isohumulone which activates PPARa and PPARy which reduces dyslipodemia and tryiglycerides and plasma free fatty acid levels. It also upregulates enzymes involved in fatty acid oxidation.

Buckthorn, pholomus spp, figwort spp, bacopa, mullein, Buddleja araucana, buddleja globosa, boddeia cordata, broomrape spp, cristanche spp, plantain herb, vervian, aloysia, citrodora latona cammara, read sage and olives contain verbascoside which reduces gut inflammation and increases PPARa expression.

Carrot, corriander, angelica spp, mouse eared hawk weed, big leaf hydrangea, and water willow contains umbelliferone that reverses fatty liver by increasing fatty acid oxidation gene expression including PPARa expression and beta oxidation. Angelica spp, cridium monnier contains osthol which has similar effects as viagra. It activates PPARa and PPARy through AMPK pathway. It helps to heal penis injury and vaginal atrophy. It heals skin related diseases. Osthol is also antibacterial , anti-allergic, antifungal, anti-ostioporotic and improves hippocampus function.

Sesame seed contains sesamin which down regulates LXRa reducing fatty liver disease and it increases PPARa expression.

Pomegranate and terminalia bellirica contain phytochemicals that enhance PPARy signaling. They also inhibit TGF-B1 which prevents and reverses fibrenogenesis which would prevent excess blood clotting and diseases that involved excess fibrin build up in organs. It prevents MRSA infection and increases PPARa and PPARy.

Reveratrol found in grape skins, grape seed extract, japanese knotweed root, and malberries activates PPARa and PPARy. Sulfation and glucuronidation is needed for proper metabolism of resveratrol.

Boesenbergia pandurata root contains panduratin A which stimulates AMPK which activates PPARa and PPARb.

Gumweed, cricket vine, artemisia spp, sage spp, crossostephium chinense, and rosemary contain hispdulin that activates PPARa and fatty acid buring genes increasing beta oxidation.

Scutellaria, and oroxylum indicum contain wogonin which activates PPARa and down regulates osteopontin. High levels of osteopontin causes allergies, leukemia and cardiovascular disease. Wogonin also decreases TGF-B1.

Horny goatweed contains Icarin which upregulates PPARa and PPARy, it inhibits NfxkB expression which is neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory.

Green tea contains Epigallocatechin-3-gallate which increases PPARa and suppresses HO-1 expression . Ho-1 over expression causes delirium and high bilirubin levels increasing risk of mortality.

Red clover , alfalfa sprouts, chick pea, and other legumes contain biochin A. Biochin A is a phytoestrogen that inhibits fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH) which reduces anxiety, pain and increases endogenous cannabinoid anadamide. It also increases PPARa expression.

Kudzu contains tectoridin which increases PPAra expression and prevents fatty liver but can kill a mans sperm if taken in excess.

Gingko biloba contains bilobetin which prevents hyperlipdemia, lipotoxicity and insulin resistance through PKA activation. Bilobetin also increases phosphorylation. Has potent antifungal and antiviral properties. It can damage the liver if taken in extremely high doses but many vitamins can do that. I t should be taken with food because it can decrease glucose levels.

Quassia contains Picrasidin C which is selective PPARa agonist only and activates PPARa only.

Berberas spp, Barberry, coptis, tree tumeric , phellodendron, amur cork tree bark, tinospora, prickly poppy, and california poppy contain berberine which activates AMPK, inhibits CypwD6, and CYP3A4 which are invovled in the metabolism of xenobiotics and carcinogenic hormones. It is very effective against herpes viruses. It restores reverese cholesterol homeostasis through PPARa activation.

Sophora root contains oxymatrine which prevents fibrosis in organs, decreases ischemia in organs, prevents myocardial injury, heart arrythmia and improves heart function. It inhibits SMAD3 binding to TGF-B , it down regulates SREBF1. SREBF1 over expression causes insulin resistance and NAFLD and increase risk of cancer. Oxymatrine also increases PPARa expression.

PPAr inhbition can cause obesity, hyperinsulinemia, hypoglycemia, and organ fibrosis.

White birch, indian plum , self heal, persimon, inhibits CB1 and activates CB2 which can inhibit PPARy which could help type 1 diabetes. It inhibits melanoma, reduces inflammation, fights malaria and retroviruses and prevents fatty liver, insulin resistance from PPARy over activation. PPARy expression is high in type 1 diabetes and low in Type 2 diabetes. Akkermansia mciniphila decreases PPARy expression. Roseburia intestinalis, Roseburia hominis, Fusobacterium naviforme, Prevotella copri, Atopobium paruvlum, Enterococcus faecalis and Lactobacillus casei increases PPARy expression.

These microbes may help with type 1 diabetes because they inhibit PPARy. Proprionibacterium shermanii, Akkermansia munciniphila, Faecalibacterium prausnitzii, and streptococcus slivarius.

PPARy over activation can cause oxidative stress, and inflammation, it can inhibit glucose uptake into cells and prevent osteogenesis.

PPARy responds to unsaturated FFAs. It regulates the uptake and storage of FFAs and glucose homeostasis. It is involved in the regulation of inflammation. PPARy activation reduces inflammation.

PPARy inhibition reduces glucose uptake into cells which causes adipocytes to expand until they die releasing toxic lipids.

PPARy upregulation prevents intestinal infection and gut inflammation and increases beta oxidation. Lactobacillus paracasei increases PPARy expression.

Nuts, avocado, saw palmetto, stinging nettles and many vegetables contain B-sitosterol which reduces bad testosterone in the body which can cause sterility and vaginal atrophy in women. B-sitosterol inhibits aromatase and 5-alpha reductase and improves urinary function and reduces prostate inflammation. It activates the insulin receptors helping to prevent insulin resistance. It activates Glut4 transporter which is inhibited in type 2 diabetes. B-sitosterol decreases SREBP, TNF-a and inflammatory IL-6, it inhibits NfxkB and improves insulin signaling by improving PPARy function and preventing it’s over activation.

Excess blood clotting, ischemia, low oxygen levels, and low erthrocyte levels can inhibit fatty acid oxidation. Proteins from organ meats, legumes, beans, and eggs can help to increase erthrocyte levels. Dark leafy greans, copper, iron, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and vitamin E are needed for the production of erthrocytes. Nattokinase, grape seed extract and gingko help to prevent excess blood clotting.

Improving mitochondrial function will improve insulin sensitivity and help restore metabolic homeostasis.

Avoiding carbs before exercise and eating them afterwards improves mitochondrial function. Beet root juice, Omega 3 oils, nitrate or nitrite improves mitochondrial function. When mitochondrial function is inhibited the electron transport chain gets inhibited.

Exposure to cold increases UCP1 expression in brown fat which increase fat buring without the need for phosphorylation. UCP1 increases fat burning and is inhibited buy urine nucleosides diphosphate and triphosphate. Omega 3 fatty acids overcome this inhibition by competing with diphosphates and triphosphates this activates lipolysis.

Superoxide, HNE and lipid peroxidation products activates UCP1.

To increases superoxide eat seed sprouts, melon, Vitamin E, N-acetylcysteine (NAC) curcumine, zinc, inron, manganese, squash or melon seeds especially pumpkin seeds, hazel nuts, and black choke berry increases SOD. Chlorella, dunaliella salina, haematococcus porphyridium cruetum, arthrospira platensis contain bioavailable SOD.

Type 1 muscle fibers increases UCP1. It increases UCP3 which increases biogenesis. Vitamin D3 also increases biogenesis. Type 1 muscle fibers are increased by endurance training.

UCPs regulate glucose and insulin homeostasis. Ketones increases UCPs. UCP2 prevents insulin resistance. Olive oil upregulates UCP protein expression. UCP3 prevents the negative effects of excess salt consumption. Leptin increases UCPs. Thyroid hormones increases UCP1. Bile acids increases UCP1 which increases brown fat. Brown fat prevents obesity.

Beta blockers increase weight gain because they inhibit UCP1.

Increasing irisin increases UCP1. Omega 3 oils, cold exposure, leptin, CoQ10, holy basil and devices that vibrate the body increases irisin.

Things that can cause low irisin are low AMPK levels, fasting, bad sleep habits, high TGF-B levels.

L-dopa in velvet bean increases UCP1. Ursolic acid found in apple peels, cran berries, holy basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme and grape skins increases UCP1.

Kaemprferol found in cruciferous vegetables, capers, arugula, fresh deal, garden kress, endive, fennel leaves and swiss chard increases UCP1.

If you increase UCP levels with low nitric oxide levels it will cause excess weight loss and frailty.

Oxidative phosphorylation is needed to produce energy for cells from fats which increases endurance and exercise tolerance. Some things needed for oxphos are nicotinamide, L-carnitine, Thiamine, biotin, riboflavin, folinic acid. Folate is also needed for other B vitamins to function properly.

Things that increase exercise endurance are nitric oxide, L-arginine, creatine, CoQ10, alpha-lipoic acid, monosaturated fatty which are high in pumpkin seed oil, pistachios, almonds, olive oil and avocados. Mufas also improves insulin and glucose status.

If PPAR levels are low and oxphos is increases it will cause excess oxidative stress. If ATP is low or AMPK is inhibited it will also cause excess oxidative stress if oxphos is increases. They prevent oxphos from causing oxidative stress.

IGF1 over expression can cause hypoglycemia but it prevents atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases and has antidepressant effects.

IGF1 is involved in the metabolism of almost all energy sources including fats and carbohydrates. They are regulated by IGF1 binding proteins (IGFBPs). IFG1 promotes glucose uptake into neurons through GLUT4 production. IGF1 and IGF receptor activation increases glucose utilization. IGF1 can be manipulated without effecting glucose levels.

Reducing Daf2/IFG1 signaling increases life span.

IGF1 increases hippocampal neurogenesis. BDNF is IGF1 dependent. IGF1 is needed for neural plasticity and is protective during ischemic injury.

Arginine decreases with age which reduces IFG1. IGF1 deficiency causes Alzheimer and parkinson’s. IGF1 is needed for glucose uptake into the brain.

IGF1 inhibits growth hormone production.

IGF1 is needed for full function of brown adipose tissue.

Growth hormone (GH) activates stat which increases lipolysis and decreases lipogenesis but reduces IGF1.

GH hormone deficiency increases insulin sensitivity and increases longevity.

Insulin reduces IGFBP1 concentration which causes glucose intolerance, type 2 diabetes. Increasing ghrelin or Akt prevents insulin inhibition of IGFBP1.

IGFBP2 is decreased in obesity, and insulin resistance.

IGFBP3 interacts with PPARy. IGFBP3 over expression increases weight gain, causes NAFLD and increases blood glucose levels.

GH is low in those who have high levels of abdominal fat, and loss of muscle mass.

IGF1 is high and IGFBP1 is low in lipodystrophy.

IGF2 excess causes insulin resistance.

Excess free fatty acids (FFAs) reduces ghrelin and impairs GHRH stimulation of growth hormones. Increasing GHRH prevents this from occurring. IGFBP1 is inhibited by insulin secretion. Increasing ghrelin prevents insulin inhibition of IGFBP1

Increasing IGF1 and IGFBP3 improves glucose metabolism and reduces total body fat, with no effect on viscerol adiposity in lypodystrophy.

FFAs are the primary fuel for the heart and skeletal muscle and are precursors to hormones.

Serum albumin is the most important FFA transporter. Albumin also prevents the degredation of folate.

Liver disease, malnutrition, gut inflammation, thyroid disease, and dehydration can cause low serum albumin.

Serum albumin is also a major zinc transporter in plasma. High FFA levels especially palmitic acideffects albumins ability to bind to zinc which results in the dysregulation of zinc handling and disturbs zinc transportation. Zince is needed to prevent excess blood clotting. The impaired zinc transport causes a zinc type deficient state. Zinc is needed for proper B-cell function. This is why those with diabetes shows symptoms of being deficient in zinc. Until the palmitic acid levels are reduce supplementing with zinc will most likely have no benefits.

Glucagen like-peptide 1 (GLP-1) found in the gut stimulates insulin secretion by pancreatic B-cells.

GLP-1 is regulated by GPR41 and GPR43 which are regulated by the microbiome and effect metabolic health. Gut bacteria are one of the major sources of free fatty acids.

Excess FFAs overwhelm the body which means the conversion to TAGS does not occur resulting in inhibited beta oxidation. This is mainly the result of high palmitic acid levels. These toxic lipids cause endoplasmic reticulum stress, mitochondrial dysfunction and causes the generation of excess reactive oxygen species. This results in insulin resistance, cellular apotosis, instability in adipocytexs, B-cells and skeletal muscle cells.

PUFAs counter acts free fatty acid toxicity because it they promote the TAG formation and Beta oxidation.

The inflammation caused by FFAs interfere with insulin signaling.

Omega 6 fatty acids increase inflammation.

Omega 3 fatty acids are precursors to resolvins that are anti-inflammatory.

Saturated fatty acids activate the same inflammatory receptors and cytokines as endotoxins. Omega 3 suppresses receptors and cytokines activated by Omega 6 and endotoxins.

Excess inflammation and oxidative stress causes loss of pancreatic B-cells leading to type 2 diabetes.

Excess saturated free fatty acids change the composition of cellular membranes fluidity and permeability to ions and molecules as well as incorporation of insulin receptors into membranes. The increased fatty acid cause insulin resistance from impaired insulin signaling which can lead to type 2 diabetes. This causes reduced conversation of FFAs to TAGS which results in increased inflammation and increased oxidative stress. This also increases food intake. High levels of saturated free fatty acids damage the hypothalamus-pituitary adrenal axis. It increases cortisol release. If this continues for an extended period of time the adrenals , hypothalamus and pituitary start losing the ability to function. Alpha lipoic acid and oleyethanolamide regulate satiety and beta oxidation and help to prevent the effects of SFFAs.

Insulin reduces the activity of hormone-sensitive-lipase a protein required for lipolysis which results in excess FFA production which farther increases insulin resistance and glucose intolerance. This causes the accumulation of fatty acids in the organs.

The liver is the hub for fatty acid metabolism and energy production. Fatty acids can be synthesized from carbohydrates and through gluconeogenesis which is glucose production from fatty acids. Inhibiting gluconeogenesis in the liver improves insulin sensitivity and decreases intestinal absorption of glucose.

When FFA levels are high some of the excess gets taken into the liver this can result in NAFLD the liver loses it’s ability to suppress glucose production or may go the other way and lose the ability to produce glucose from the loss of glucagen.

Excess FFAs cause ischemia in a number of ways. The excess inflammation and oxidative stress can cause damage to red blood cells, excess blood clotting, blood vessel damage, endothelial dysfunction, restricted blood flow through the blood vessels from the inflammation in which all cause reduce blood flow to tissue and organs. This can farther add to the inflammation and damage in the body. Eventually if not corrected a person may start developing heart disease, obesity, and type 2 diabetes and many other health problems. The insulin signaling becomes reduces, nitric oxide levels are decreased farther adding to the health issues. The excess FFAs start adhering to arterial walls causing atherosclerosis farther restricting blood flow. Excess FFAs causes blood clotting and thrombosis farther adding to ischemic damage in the body.

Excess FFAs overwhelm the Krebbs cycle and the electron transport chain which results in incomplete fatty acid oxidation and excess oxidative stress which results in mitochondrial dysfunction farther adding to the inability to properly metabolize FFAs.

AMPK activation increases B-oxidation and inhibits lipogenesis.

HMG-Coa upregulation increases expression of LDL receptors on cell surface increasing cellular uptake of serum LDL which reducing serum levels of LDL.

Nicotinamde reduces plasma FFA levels and increases beta oxidation.

Fiber prevents bile acid reabsorption which reduces FFA levels.

Omega 3s activate PPARa and PPARy which reduces inflammation and FFA levels.

Reducing plasma palmitic acid levels, inflammation and oxidative stress improves insulin signaling and reduces FFA levels.

Improving adrenal health improves hormone levels, improves the metabolism of FFAs and improves insulin signaling.

Carnitine Palmitoyltransferase helps get fat into cells, a deficiency causes hyperinsulinemia and hypoglycemia.

Citrin deficiency causes hyperinsulinemia and hypoglycemia and high ammonia levels. This requires a low protein diet and increased carbohydrate intake, increased arginine intake, sodium benzoate can also help reduce ammonia levelws. A deficiency in citrin is called citrullinemia. Citrin helps to regulate NAD+/NADh ratio.

FOXA2 increased expression increases citrin and HDL. Valproic acid increases citrin. Choline also increases FOXA2 expression. Excess vitamin E and excess vitamin C inhibits FOXA2 expression. FXR activation increases FOXA2 expression.

CES1 – increased expression reduces FFA levels by increasing beta oxidation and decreasing SREBP processing which reduces lipogenesis and increases insulin sensitivity. CES1 deficiency increases acetaldehyde and ROS. Excess acetaldehyde makes a person very sensitive to their environment. FXR activation increases CES1.

FXR activation prevents fatty liver disease, improves insulin sensitivity, reduces fat in accumulation in the liver, increases glycogen production and reduces gluconeogenesis. FXR activation increases PPARa expression, enhances reverse cholesterol transport, reduces bile acid pool size and reduces cholesterol absorption in the intestine.

Ursodeoxycholic acid (UCDA) produced by certain microbes in the microbiome activates FXR. Phenylalanine, tyrosine, and leucine also activate FXR receptor. But those who have mitochondrial issues may not be able to properly metabolize them or if a person has too many microbes involved in protein proteolysis they may react to those proteins. Bifidobacterium animalis, Ruminococcus gnavus, Clostridium absonium, and Clostridium buratii produce UCDA.

Reducing Tauro-B-muricholic acid (taurocholic acid) would increase FXR expression. Most Blautia spp of microbes reduces taurocholic acid. Blautia ovata, Blautia luti, Blautia wexlerae, and Blautia odeum reduces taurocholic acid. Bacteroides ovata and bacteriodes theatoiomicron reduces taurocholic acid. Most Blautia species prevents insulin resistance espceially Blautia misseliensis, and Blautia marsielle, Blautia producta. Blautia producta and Bacteriodes theataiotamicron also helps to prevent insulin resistance by preventing overgrowth of Candida. Polyphenols are toxic to the body until broken down by our gut bacteria. Blautia spp break down polyphenols for the body. Reducing animal fat consumption especially from pork fat increases Blautia spp. Soil based bacillus species increases Blautia spp especially Bacillus subtillus.

Foods fermented with the fungus Aspergillus oryzae produces glycoceramide which increases Blautia spp. Aspergillus oryze also produces amylase which is reduced in times of stress during aging. Amylase helps to maintain pancreatic health. Low amylase levels can cause type 2 diabetes. Amylase improves digestion. It can also be found in raw fruits, vegetables, royal jelly, seeds, nuts and legumes.

Blautia is overgrown in type 1 diabetes especially Blautia coccoides.

Reducing Eubacterium Lenta, Ruminococcus Pickettii and Escericha albertii improves glucose levels and insulin sensitivity.

Dorea overgrowth causes insulin resistance.

Vitamin E, silymarin, phosphatidylcholine, S-adenoxyl-L-methionine (SAMe) help to prevent liver fibrosis and improve liver function which can help reduce FFA levels.

Fat from free range organic animals decreases risk of insulin resistance and glucose intolerance.

Fat from pork increases risk of insulin resistance and glucose intolerance.

Lactobacillus salivarius, Lactobaccillus gasseri, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus Johnsii produce 10-hydroxy-cis-12-octadecenoic acid (HYA) which prevents the inflammatory effects caused by Omega 6 fatty acids.

Coconut oil increases Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus levels.

Phytates can be antinutrients if we do not have the microbes in our guts to convert them to inositol. Inositol has too many health benefits to list. It takes a variety of microbes to fully convert phytates to inositol. These are the microbes needed. Bifidobacterium longhum, Bifidobacterium infantis, Bifidobacterium pseudocatenulatum, Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron, Bifidobacterium Breve, and the Commensal E coli such as E Coli nissle 1917.

Barnesiella intestinihominis promotes a lean body type and increases exercise endurance.

Increasing adiponectin increases fat burning.

Urease is produced by the body to prevent cavities and help maintain proper PH. Our microbiome break down urease in the gut and produce nitric oxide for the body. Urease and arginine is used by the body to prevent the mouth from becoming too acidic which causes cavities. Without nitric oxide this can not occur. High urease levels can damage the gut and pancrease which causes diabetes and obesity. There are good and bad microbes in the gut when it comes to urease. The good microbes convert the urease to beneficial metabolites needed in the body and the bad will cause high ammonia levels when they break down urease. The high ammonia levels causes the gut and bladder PH to become too high making a person more prone to infection and cause inflammation. There are also urease producing microbes in the gut that can cause high ammonia levels these can increase if we consume too many alkalizing foods, from antibiotics or toxins in our food like glyphosate. The high ammonia levels causes brain swelling, inhibits the immune system making one prone to infection, it can lead to hepatic coma, digestion becomes inhibited because the ammonia produced neutralizes stomach acid, the high ammonia causes struvite, apitite and carbonite crystals to form which damage the renal system. The high ammonia levels also causes urithiosis or pyelonephritis.

These microbes reduce urease producing nitric oxide and other metabolites the body needs. Streptococcus salivarius, Actinomyces naestundii, Bifidobacterium infantis, Lactobacillus reuteri, streptococcus vestibularis.

These microbes produce urease and increase ammonia levels in the gut and bladder. Clostridium perforingens, H pylori overgrowth, Proteus mirabulis, Salmonella spp, Staphylococcus saprophyticus, ureiaplasma urealyticum yersinia, Eterocolitica, Cryptococcus neoformis, and Coccoides posadii. Many fungal infections can cause increase urease or ammonia levels. Keep in mind that eating too many processed foods, toxins in our foods, metabolic or gene issues can cause high ammonia levels causing the overgrowth of these microbes.

Excess extracellular ATP causes increases purinergic receptor activation which increast sensitivity to pain and causes inflammation especially in the bladder , gut and brain. This also causes endothelial dysfunction which can cause inhibited blood flow and excess blood clotting. This can be caused by inflammation, excess oxidative stress, infection or microbial imbalance. Sophora root, kudzu root and resveratrol can help to reduce purinergic signaling.

HIF1a not to be mistaken for HIF1, decreases purinergic signaling, reduces ER stress and reduces palmitic acid levels.

Autophagy reduces palmitic acid levels.

Leptin reduces palmitic acid levels.

Benefits of astragalus.

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am a lousy editor.

This is not medical advice I have written this for educational purposes. If you are ill please seek the aid of a qualified and experienced functional medicine practitioner.

Astragalus Radix

Astragalus has been shown to help improve diabetes by improving bile properties. Which improves the production of glycogen in the liver and improves glucose uptake by cells. This could also help to prevent obesity.

Astragalus inhibits TH2 and TNF-a. TH2 in excess can cause a rash over the whole body. NfxkB is overexpressed during infection. Astragalus inhibits the negative effects of endotoxins during infection. It does seem to balance the immune system by increasing T regulatory cells which would improve over all immune function.

This herb is better for those who have an inhibited immune system but those with interstitial cystitis and Crohn’s may want to avoid it because it increases expression of TLR4 which does help fight infection but can cause inflammation and it is over expressed in IC and Crohn’s. This does give astragalus potent antiviral properties.

Astragalus is potent for reducing oxidative stress. It also improves heart function and prevents bone loss and improve collagen health.

It stimulates PPARa which would activate beta oxidation which prevents diabetes, insulin resistance , glucose intolerance and obesity. It also inhibits endoplasmic reticulum stress which would prevent mitochondrial dysfunction.

It prevents excess mucus production in the lungs. It also prevents lung injury while promoting healing in the lungs.









Benefits of Eleuthero.

Written by Lee Stevenson. Sorry I am a lousy editor.

I am writing this for educational purposes, this should not be taken as medical advice. If you are ill please seek the aid of an experienced and knowledgeable functional medicine practitioner.

Eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus)

Eleuthero is also know as Siberian Gensing. It is an adaptogen meaning it helps to improve adrenal function and normalize hormones. It helps to prevent diabetes and obesity. It increases IgG and IgM levels. It has been shown to clear mold toxins and endotoxins from the body. It improves blood flow to the brain which improves mental function. Eleuthero is a stimulant so would be best to take it in the morning. Eleuthero has been found to be very effective against RNA viruses especially the flu. It increases athletic endurance. It has been shown to reverse some of the effects of Parkinson’s disease. It prevents nerve damage and has been shown to stimulate nerve repair. It reduces the effects of stress and speed up the recovery time from stress. Eleuthero has been found to dramatically improve lymphatic function. Eleuthero improves mental health and social functioning. Eleuthero reduces the occurrence of outbreaks from herpes viruses. Eleuthero combined with vitamin D3 and calcium has been shown to reduce osteoporosis. When combines with L-carnitine eleuthero increases Beta oxidation which prevents obesity and diabetes. Beta oxidation is inhibited by RNA viruses especially Sars-Covid and herpes viruses. Eleuthero improves skin health. Most plants in the gensing family have very similar phytochemicals Panax gensing has very similar effects as Siberian Gensing.










Benefits of St Johns Wort.

Written by Lee Stevenson

I am writing this for educational purposes do not take this as medical advice. If you are ill please seek the aid of a qualified and experienced functional medicine practitioner.

St Johns wort (hypericum perforatum)

There are many species of St Johns wort but they are chemically similar so should have the same properties as those studied. Reduces gut inflammation and helps to heal gastric ulcers. Helps with system inflammation by reducing most types of inflammatory cytokines. Viruses like Covid and Herpes use inflammation to stealth from the immune system. It has shown to reduce the length of a flu infection and has been shown to inhibit HIV replication. It also is effective at helping with herpes because it increases type 1 interferon which is inhibited by herpes viruses so they can protect themselves. Type 1 interferon kills RNA type viruses and most RNA viruses inhibit it. It increases beta oxidation which would help with diabetes and obesity. St Johns wort also restores function to many pathways that are inhibited by Covid and herpes. The flowers have antidepressant properties this is why I forage it when the plant is flowering. St Johns Wort activates many antiviral pathways will helping to balance the immune system. It is a very good alternative to NSAIDs. It helps to prevent Alzheimers because it inhibits the formation of B-amyloid plaque. St Johns wort improve pancreatic function and health. It increases the production of adiponection which is low in those who have diabetes and are obese. It improves insulin and glucose levels in the body. St Johns wort improves liver and kidney function. Because of it’s potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties it helps to prevent cancer.
Because of it’s sedative like effects it should not be taken when driving or operating any dangerous machinery. I would recommend taking this one at night when a person would not be involved in activities that could cause harm to themselves or others. It activates the PXR receptor which is the primary xenobiotic receptor in the body. Xenobiotics are environmental toxins and carcinogenic hormones that can cause endocrine disruption and hormone imbalance. Increased PXR expression would increase the detoxing of xenobiotics by increasing Phase 2 detox enzymes. Increased PXR expression also reduces gut inflammation. PXR activation reduces expression of TLR4 which is overexpressed in many inflammatory diseases including inflammatory bowel and interstitial cystitis. PXR increased expression protects from DNA damage.

Excessive use of St Johns wort can cause excess bleeding because it do prevent blood clotting. It can also make one more sensitive to sunlight. It helps to prevent adrenal over activation. Stress and sepsis can induce changes in the brain that can cause a person to get stuck in fight or flight mode. St Johns wort helps to reverse those changes and normalize the function of the HPA. St Johns wort has been found to improve the health of the blood brain barrier.
Using high doses of St Johns wort can cause temporary tachycardia. St Johns wort is an MAO-A and B inhibitor. This is how it reduces anxiety but it can cause increased tyramine levels. Consumption of tryptophan while using St Johns wort can cause serotonin syndrome which increases body temperature, causes night sweating, dilated pupils and diarrhea. It can also increase blood pressure. This is why I believe it should be used in low dose to prevent side effects.








Eat fat to lose weight and be healthy. Time to stop believing the myths.

This is not medical advice I am posting this for educational and informational purposes.


Written by Lee Stevenson.   Edited by no one I am too tired to lol.

People in the U.S. have dramatically reduced their intake of cholesterol and fat. Since then cardiovascular disease, obesity and chronic illness has climbed almost 5 times what it was before the diet change. People need to ask why? Shouldn’t people be healthier by following the government guidelines. As usual you will find the government is wrong again as they often times are.

Sorry I did not summarize this like I have with other post but I am getting tired and I have no source of income and need to try to focus on finding a way to make some money with my limited resources. I am trying to get as many of my notes online as I can but I need to focus on making some money very soon.  to summarize this would take me about 40 hours to provide links with notes by the links take me about 18 hours.

If we have fat metabolism issues or dis-regulation it can cause chronic illness. Fat protects us from inflammation, infection and is very important in healing.


Symptoms of fat absorption issues or fat deficiency is sugar and carbohydrate cravings, poor digestion and constipation, fatigue, low hormone levels, dry skin and eyes, intestinal inflammation which will inhibit nutrient absorption, weight gain because polyunsaturated fats are needed to break down fats. Joint pain, vision problems, and depression or poor concentration because the brain is mostly fat. Vitamin deficiency can cause a loss in the ability of the body to use fats. This can be caused by a loss of the microbes in our guts that produce the B12 for us, or from malabsorption. Until I got my gut healed I had to use the type of B12 you put under your tongue so I could absorb B12 better.



How inflammation causes obesity.


Another important nutrient for digesting fats is water. If you are dehydrated frequently in you will become ill and obese.


Your gut microbiome tell you what to eat.


It is a myth that saturated fats are bad for a healthy person. Only when you are ill do they cause problems.



Another myth is that if you eat less you will lose weight.


Eggs are a good food to eat in order to lose weight.


If you want a more in depth article about fats these articles explain them and their benefits and proportions we should eat.



Here is a good list of what fats are good to eat and what ones should be avoided.


Why we should get fats from natural sources.


There are many industries that get people on a hamster wheel of fear. There is no money in solving a problem but if you keep giving people false hope and they do not do their research and search for the truth they end up on a hamster wheel of false hope getting no where. They will jump from one hamster wheel to the next having their ignorance of things taken advantage of. If you want off the hamster wheels of fear and ignorance learn the truth in matters you are not going to get the truth from the industries who profit from ghost written or fake research papers. There is no money in solving a problem. I watch these people go on fad diets and pay for supplements they will lose weight temporarily but those diets cause the body to go into starvation mode, when they do consume food it will start storing fat so that when it is starving again it will have the reserves it needs the next times starvation occurs. Starvation and fat deprivation are different then fasting. Fasting has many benefits if done correctly under guidance of and experienced naturopath.


They push yogurt as a weight loss food but many have strains of microbes in them that cause obesity. They promote diet soda as a way to lose weight and they actually cause weight gain. Low fat foods actually cause weight gain because the body needs fats to process nutrients propertly.


How our gut microbiome can help us lose weight.



you inherit your microbiota from your family. They modulate the genes to determine if you will be obese or not. It is not genetics.


Reishi mushroom increases the fat reducing microbiome.


This link explains the falsehood of many myths about losing weight.


Adiposity Index

High triglyceride levels can indicate excess oxidative stress. It is not caused by excess fat or cholesterol consumption. It is a symptom not the cause. This is why lowering cholesterol and fat intake does not lower the bodies fat and cholesterol content. Also gut imbalance cause by farm chemicals in our food and antibiotics can cause lipid imbalance leading to high triglyceride levels.






Now Omega 6s when under oxidative stress cause inflammation. I have posted on addressing oxidative stress it is very important to address it.


If you want to learn the truth about fats this doctor has put together some very accurate articles about fat.


If a person is deficient in choline they will experience headaches and may get indigestion when they consume fats. There are also metabolic issues that can prevent the body from properly metabolizing choline that can cause those symptoms when we consume choline.


There is a myth about fat making you fat. There is fat that causes obesity one is man made trans-fat which also causes cardiovascular disease. Inflammation an imbalance or deficiency in our microbiome and metabolic issues can lead to obesity. Fat and carbohydrates do not cause obesity. Neither does laziness I know many obese workers who were very hard workers and I knew many skinny people who sat around doing nothing all day. I mainly want to focus on fats this is a good article on how our gut microbes effect our weight. It is processed carbohydrates that cause health problems and most likely from the things they add to them. The food industry is allowed to add toxins to the food to preserve it and enhance it’s color. They also contain GMOs and the body reacts to BT Toxins found in GMOs the same way it would react if you got food poisoning. Also most of the processed foods are high in glyphosate and glufonisate which have been linked to many types of chronic illness. Another problem with modern diets is the intake of Omega 3 oils and Omega 6 oils is out of balance. Our intake of Omega 3 should be higher then our intake of Omega 6. When they are in balance Omega 6 reduces inflammation. When Omega 6 levels get higher then Omega 3 levels then Omega 6 will cause inflammation. They claim high fat diets and high cholesterol diets cause raised blood cholesterol levels but this has never been proven scientifically and the opposite has been found to be true. Processed carbohydrates have been found to cause weight gain.




Now combine trans-fat with aspartame which is known to cause obesity and diabetes and you are asking for trouble.


Natural trans-fat that is not hydrogenated and found in animal products are actually good for our health.


Berberine found in things like bayberries decreases the gut bacteria that causes obesity and increases the bacteria that promote health.


Lipid dis-regulation is endothelial dysfunction which can be caused by vaccinations or toxins which causes autoimmunity. Especially those found in GMO foods. Even statins have been known to cause it and cognitive dysfunction. This is why statins have been linked to higher mortality from cardiovascular disease. Autoimmunity can lead to hair loss from dis-regulated lipid metabolism. GMOs and glyphosate used on them causes leaky gut which leads to autoimmune disease. If a person develops issues with lipid metabolism it can cause sterol precursors to build up which inhibit cellular and even mitochondrial function. This causes a sensitivity to sterols including plant sterols.







Glyphosate is a double whammy because it causes gut dysbiosis and leaky gut which has been linked to lipid dis-regultion. It also inhibits Cytochrome P450 enzymes which causes lipid dis-regulation. Our gut bacteria dramatically effect our health and an imbalance leads to chronic illness.




Hair loss.



Berberine also helps reduce fatty liver disease.


Inflammation causes cardiovascular disease and guess what causes inflammation, sugar, trans-fats and hydrogenated vegetable oils.



Transfats like that found in margerine and hydrogenated vegetable oils have been linked to obesity and cardiovascular disease. This was proven shortly after their introduction to the market and yet they still promote them as good for your health. Reducing fat intake does not reduce the risk of heart disease but changing the types of fats we take in does. Reducing consumption of tran-fats and consumption of hydrogenated oil reduces our risk of cardiovascular disease.



Processed sugar is more of a worry it can make men become feminine. Also eating bad fats like those from GMO fed animals can make a man feminine. Fat from grass fed animals do not have those effects. Sugar causes cardiovascular disease and the sugar industry paid a lot of money to hide that fact.




Not only that but because GMO are lower in nutritional value a person has to consume more the high food intake results in obesity.


Most beef in the U.S. is contaminated with BT Toxins and glyphosate which we consume and then end up with it in our blood streams because grains used to feed them are GMO. Grass fed beef has been shown to be better for our health. This holds true for most animals products those from grass fed actually promote health. What the animal eats is what determines their effects on our health when we consume them.



They are still stuck on the high cholesterol causes heart disease hamster wheel but if you read my blog post on cholesterol and statins you will see those with high cholesterol live longer. This myth got started from a flawed study produced in the 1950’s and had been discredited but the media ran with it and it become accepted as a valid scientific paper even though it was plagued with flaws. The results of that are that the diet in the U.S. changed. People consume for less cholesterol and fat in their diets. This has resulted in something like 5 times the obesity rate and cardiovascular disease. Studies still try to prove that cholesterol levels are linked to heart disease but when you read the studies you can see they have not proven they are linked to heart disease but to prevent attacks from the pharmaceutical industry or even the medical industry who makes millions from this deception they will and comments that are biased even though their studies show there is no link between high cholesterol and heart disease. Almost every cell in our bodies need cholesterol , our heart and brain cannot function without it. It is why statins have been linked to increased cardiovascular disease and mental decline. They deprive the heart, muscles and brain of cholesterol.





Even our government admits that increased cholesterol consumption is not linked to cardiovascular disease and so has many research papers.



It has been proven many times that fat consumption is not what determines whether we are obese or not. Eating fat actually causes weight loss because it increases satiety meaning we will eat less.




Antibiotics and glyphosate along with other farm chemicals can cause leaky gut and gut dysbiosis. This can lead to malabsorption issues. Vaccination increase B cell levels which can cause the same health problems. We need fat to absorb fat soluble vitamins so no matter how much we eat we will not absorb nutrients. When this happens we should switch to using short chain fatty acids because our bodies can readily use them without having to break them down. This causes bile production to become inhibited adding further to the malabsorption because inhibited bile flow also decreases the pancreatic release of digestive enzymes. If we do not eat enough fat we cannot produce bile and it will lead to chronic illness and can result in inflammatory bowel disease.


List of fat soluble vitamins.


Higher fat intake lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease.


High fat diets prevent our skin from aging.


I have posted on things that can inhibit bile like gut dysbiosis, leaky gut, fat deficiency or pyrrole issues which prevent the body from being able to use fats properly. Issues with the citric acid cycle can also inhibit bile production. If that happens it can cause the bladder to develop infection and will have to be removed. Instead of letting it get to that point address the problems because the bladder is very important for proper health. A person can become deficient in lipase and will not be able to break down fats. If you have had it removed this is a site that has information on how to deal with it. To increase lipase production drink water from volcanic sources. Eat carbohydrates. Exercise increases lipase levels.

Symptoms of lipase deficiency are gallbladder problems, interstitial cystitis, arthritis, heart palpitations, deposits of lipid build up under the skin, allergies and food intolerances, spastic colon, high TH17 levels which causes skin rashes.



How to increase lipase.


Low Sirt levels can cause obesity or inflammatory bowel disease. Leptin resistance causes obesity increasing Sirt will increase leptin sensitivity.




Issues with sulfation , high sulfur digesting bacteria levels in the gut or sulfur deficiency can cause obesity. Glyphosate, fluoroquinolone antibiotics and mercury still found in some vaccines are the number causes of sulfation issues.


Another cause of obesity is hormone imbalance which can be caused by the toxins found in processed foods, farm chemicals which have been found to be high in our food supply and toxins in the containers used to store our food in. Also metabolic issues caused by inflammation, leaky gut or gut dysbiosis can lead to hormone imbalance.


Catalase is known as the longevity enzyme. It protects the cells from damage caused by oxidative stress and toxins. Consuming fat increases catalase. Higher the fat consumption the lower the mortality rate.



Those with autoimmune diseases especially interstitial cystitis need fats to reduce the high ceramide levels.


Before correcting metabolic issues, inflammatory problems or gut issues that may be causing obesity a person should detox and continue to detox as they lose weight because fat stores toxins to protect the body.



The fats that benefit health the most are polyunsaturated fats, monounsaturated fats, medium chain fatty acids are also very important for good health.



Now if you read this research paper fat activates Sirt1 which is known as the antiaging gene. So fat reverses againg. Since the research showing fat causes obesity is full of flaws and missing data then you have to look to find the data and why they left it out. There studies are conditionally biased they do not want people to know how to get healthy. A healthy patient is not a patient so the medical and pharmaceutical industry both lose money. They have no incentive to get people healthy and it is why they only research and treat the symptoms because treating the cause creates a lost customer.


Olive oil Is high in a variety of fats that promote health.


Omega 9 which is rarely mentioned has many health benefits. This article also list source of Omega 3. It is well worth reading. It mentions soybean oil and cotton seed oil. Most are GMO now and toxic. Unless you can find organic I would stay away from those.


The fats found in butter and ghee have amazing health benefits.



Flax seed oil and consuming fish that are high in fat improves the quality of life in those with MS. So does consuming fruit.


The endocanabinoid system is dependent on fats and if we do not get enough it cannot function.


I do not know anyone who had tried this but based on research I have read it should help with the many issues caused by inflammatory bowel and malabsorption if not taken in doses over 200mg.


People need to stop worrying about being fat and focus on being healthy. This woman states it best in the article she has written.


Fasting shuts down the production of fats and cholesterol. This should be done correctly and should be research before trying this and those with type 1 diabetes can cause ketoacidosis if they try fasting.



A safer alternative for those with type 1 diabetes may be a high fat ketogenic diet.


Leptin resistance causes obesity and cardiovascular disease so should be addressed.



Those who lose weight too quickly will cause very low leptin levels which will impact their health. In order to recover they will need to increase their leptin levels.


Ursolic acid found in apple skins, prunes, rosemary, basil, peppermint, thyme, oregano, hawthorn and bilberries helps correct metabolic issues and reduce fatty liver disease. It increases skeletal muscle and the healthy brown fat in our bodies.




Bile acid is very important in the regulation of fats in our body.




Statins cause alzheimers for the same reason low fat diets do. The brain is made mostly of fat. I cannot believe people have not figured out since fat and cholesterol has been dramatically reduced in the diet in the U.S. obesity, cardiovascular disease and chronic illness has taken a dramatic climb. Where did the myth they cause obesity and cardiovascular disease come from. I have only seen a couple studies and they read more like advertisements for the pharmaceutical industry. They were plagued with conditional bias and opinion which does not belong in research only the facts matter.





Inflammation causes heart disease not cholesterol.


If you are deficient in fat you cannot fight infection.




Bitter melon enhances lipid metabolism and reduces estrogen.


Lactobacillus Reuteri increases oxytocin which reduces weight gain from menopause.


Causes of hypertension and things that may help.

This is not medical advice I am posting this for educational and informational purposes.



Homeostasis should always be the goal we need balance. Some things in low levels improve health and in high levels they would impact our health negatively.

First hypertension and atherosclerosis are symptoms of an underlying illness that is causing endothelial dysfunction. Hypertension and atherosclerosis are endothelial dysfunction and to stop it and reverse it you have to find the cause.

Hypertension and atherosclerosis is actually endothelial dysfunction. There are many errors in this they see the symptoms as the cause of the illness.


What causes arterial plaque.






Inflammation causes atherosclerotic lesions which cause foam cells to form which adds to the inflammation and can lead to blood clotting. This inflammation can be caused by infection or toxins. This is a result of the of BVDL, AcVDL, and oxLDL which are formed from the up regulation of the LXR and RXR upregulation and overexpression.


Ly6c inflammatory monocyte and their conversion to M2 monocyte drives atherosclerosis regression. STAT6 is required for the conversion.


I should mention foam cells. That is in the later stages of atherosclerosis and is what leads to blood clotting, stroke and cardiac arrest.




This gets deep into lipid and cholesterol metabolism if a person desires to get a deep understanding of cholesterol and how atherosclerosis may occur. I seen many inaccuracies in this though.


This is a blog of a doctor who discusses his observations of heart disease over the years.


There are many things that cause hypertension. It is not high cholesterol or a high fat diet contrary to what they say those things help prevent hypertension. It is balancing those things that matter when it comes to hypertension. Infection, inflammation, stress, nutrient deficiencies, oxidative stress, consumption of too much processed sugar , artificial sweeteners , leaky gut, metabolic issues, toxins like farm chemicals found in our foods especially glyphosate, and an imbalance in our gut bacteria caused by toxins and antibiotics can lead to hypertension.

Many supplements can help with the symptoms but the underlying cause of hypertension still needs addressed and corrected.

Many things they claim are genetic are actually life style or gut microbiome that was inherited and not genetics. I have seen many correct health issues by making the right adjustments in life style and their microbiome. I have also seen some who took the wrong probiotic and added to their health problems. Before taking probiotics a person needs to fully educate themselves on things. Hypertension is a symptoms it is not the illness. I am not going to cover weight loss in this post. Most weight gain indicates an underlying health problem. I posted on the causes and what may help.






Many medical professionals are starting to speak out about the true cause of heart disease.


Fluoroquinolones contribute to heart disease. Many drugs can cause heart disease.





This is a very good video on why hypertension should not cause the panic it does and why people develop hypertension.


Inflammation causes hypertension and high transglutamase levels can cause hypertension.







High C-reactive protein levels causes inflammation. It can be caused by infection and toxins. This can lead to cardiovascular disease. Or eating a lot of processed foods.



Diabetes and heart disease is symptoms of an underlying health issue. I have posted on diabetes and the causes. The end result is endothelial dysfunction which can be corrected by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. I have also posted on those.




Urinary marker for oxidative stress. I have posted on oxidative stress and there are other detection methods.


Oxidative stress , endocannabinoid system and atherosclerosis.


Glyphosate which has been found to be high in most of our food supply is one of the number one contributors to high glutamase levels. This cause gluten sensitivity. Glyphosate and antibiotics dysrupt our gut microbiome which can lead to celicac disease.



Inhibiting IL-6 can help with hypertension. IL-6 increases inflammation and is stimulated by infection and injury. IL-6 levels can be raised by infection especially tick born illnesses like Lyme disease.









Most know that peridontal disease has been linked to hypertension.


Infection and oxidative stress can cause high plasma ceremide levels which can lead to cardiovascular disease.


Vaccination has been linked to hypertension.





Vaccines also cause autoimmunity which has been linked to cardiovascular disease.


Information on aldosterone which helps regulate sodium and potassium levels in the body.


Dangers of too much potassium.


Cox inhibition cause salt induced hypertension.


As for salt itself causing hypertension that myth has been busted many times.


UMOD overexpression can cause salt induced hypertension. UMOD overexpression is a sign of urinary infection.



UMOD overexpression is also a sign of kidney injury which can be caused by oxidative stress, nutrient deficiency, bad life style, toxins, farm chemicals like glyphosate even vaccine injury or autoimmunity.


HSP70 can help with those who are sensitive to salt. It can help with salt induced hypertension. I have posted on HSP70. It also prevents thrombosis.




Low sodium diet could have a negative impact on health.


Inhibiting Caveolin-1 helps with hypertension. High Caveolin-1 levels are caused by infection and sepsis.





Salt craving is often a sign of mineral deficiency that is why sea salt can help reduce blood pressure because it can reduce the craving for salt because it has many minerals in it.


Those who have issues with salt may benefit from diuretic foods. But do not over do it. Flushing to many fluids from the body can actually cause high blood pressure from being dehydrated and from and electrolyte imbalance.


Infection can cause hypertension



High oxalates can be formed endogenously, a deficiency in gut bacteria that break them down or from consuming things high in oxalates. If you cook things like kale and spinach in water and then dump the water out most of the oxalates will come out into the water and you will prevent oxalate build up from high oxalate foods.





Antibiotics and farm chemicals found in our food can cause an imbalance in our gut bacteria which can lead to hypertension.






Certain strains of microbiota can pretect us from heart disease.






An imbalance in our gut bacteria can lead to high TMAO levels which can also lead to hypetension.




There are natural and safe ways to inhibit our gut bacterias production of TMAO.



Resveratrol reduce TMAO but cannot be used with those with hepatitis because it activates hepatitis.


I have seen peoples hypertension get worse by taking statins because they deplete CoQ10. CoQ10 deficiency can interfere with sulfation which can lead to hypertension.





Supplementing with CoQ10 can help with hypertension.



High endothelin levels can cause hypertension.


Inhibited bile production can cause high oxLDL levels. Nrf2 is involved in regulating bile. Nrf2 can be a double edged sword. Under some circumstances over activation can contribute to atherosclerosis.










They have found many heart attacks have been caused by taurine deficiency. Taurine deficiency can cause hypertension.




NAC has similar effects as taurine.



Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to hypertension. Inhibited vitamin D receptor can cause the body to convert vitamin D and store it in the liver. There are many things that can inhibit the vitamin D receptor like vaccine adjuvants, glyphosate, heavy metals especially mercury and lead. This is why heart attacks occur more frquently in the winter.





Potassium deficiency can cause hypertension. Also too much salt or too much potassium can through our sodium and potassium ratios out of balance.



Foods high in potassium.


Magnesium deficiency can cause heart disease and hypertension.



Thiamine can help prevent heart disease.


There are many nutrient deficiencies that can lead to heart disease.


Vitamin K2 is often overlooked.


Some vitamins taken in high amounts can cause health problems.


Sugar added to food may cause hypertension from salt.




Though sodium bicarbonate has been shown to help with many medical conditions if consumed too much it can cause hypertension.



Sodium bicarbonate mineral water in moderation reduce cholesterol.



Sodium Bicarbonate does help those who have just had a heart attack.


B12 deficiency can cause hypertension and mental illness.





Riboflavon can help with high blood pressure.


Now we know inflammation can result in hypertension and an imbalance in our electrolytes can cause inflammation.


Cortisol can disrupt the balance of our electrolytes. High levels can lead to hypertension. This can be caused by many health issues or stress.







Information on balancing cortisol.


So this indicates that issues with the HPA could cause hypertension.


We cannot exclude pharmaceuticals many of them can induce hypertension.


Insulin resistance can cause hypertension. This can be corrected.


Cytochrome P450 enzymes involved with cholesterol.


Low carbohydrate diet can help restore insulin sensitivity. Diets like this should only be used short term.


Astragalus may help restore insulin sensitivity.


Burdock can help restore insulin levels to normal.



Corn silk helps reduce insulin levels and help prevent cardiovascular disease.



Our gut bacteria also help regulate our glucose levels.


Before jumping into supplements it is a good idea to research how they effect the body what is good for one can be harmful for another.



Stress can cause heart disease. Though we cannot avoid it we can learn to deal with it in a way that will not cause health issues. Also mindful meditation , prayer and participation in religious meeting have been shown to reduce stress. Also listening to music and socializing has been shown to reduce stress.


Gallstones can be caused by many health issues especially issues with high estrogen level, inhibited vitamin D receptor and many other things. If not corrected it can lead to cardiovascular disease.


High TH17 levels can cause hypertension. This can be caused by gut microbiome imbalance, vaccine injury, glyphosate and other farm chemicals. It can also be caused by toxins especially heavy metals.




Metabolic issues can cause hypertension.





Plants that may help with metabolic syndrome.


BH4 issues can cause hypertension. I have posted on BH4.



Folate is needed for BH4 production.


Toxins like glyphosate, antbiotics especially fluorquinolones and mercury can negatively impact the sulfur status in the body. It is important in the regulation of our blood pressure.



Sulfur deficiency can lead to many health problems.


H2S help regulate blood pressure. In low amounts it reduce blood pressure and when levels are high it can lead to high blood pressure. Gut dysbiosis and over production endogenously can cause excess H2S which can lead to hypertension.



It is not mentioned in this study but the sulfur digesting bacteria will break down inulin if you have gut dysbiosis. Inulin usually has good effects on our health but with gut dysbiosis consuming inulin can increase H2S levels causing them to get too high.


Issues with our antioxidant system can cause hypertension. This can be caused by infection, toxins, even stress.


I usually do not promote allopathic medicines because they usually do more harm then good but studies on Ebselen shows it can help restore the antioxidant system and has many other help benefits.


Intersting article on homones and the pituitary.



Atherosclerosis causes hypertension, most know inflammation and oxidative stress cause it along with infection. But processed sugar also causes atherosclerosis.




G6PD overexpression can cause excess oxidative stress.



Information on oxidative stress.


Reducing oxidative stress can reduce blood pressure.


Copper deficiency can cause cardiovascular disease.


Copper Toxicity can cause hypertension


High histamines can cause the blood vessels to leak. The body will seal the leaks with calcium resulting in atherosclerosis. Histamines are a result of mast cell degranulation or over consumption of foods that contain histamines or a loss of the histamine reducing bacteria in the gut. There are metabolic issues that cause high histamines.





Detailed description of cholesterol.



High cholesterol protects from infection and atherosclerosis. But if the body cannot get rid of an infection especially one like Lyme disease it can cause atherosclerosis.



Things that help prevent atherosclerosis.


Fruits and Vegetables and plants that help with atherosclerosis.



Low dose vitamin C helps with atherosclerosis but high dose cause it. Another problem with vitamin C it can be harmful to those who are G6PD deficient. Megadoses of vitamin C can cause mineral loss in the body and also breaks down red blood cells which can lead to anemia. Also vitamin C increase iron absorption. Megadoses can lead to iron toxicity.


Be pollen helps prevent atherosclerosis. Unfortunately farm chemicals and GMOs have dramatically reduced the bee population and it is getting harder and harder to get.


This study shows that exercise and purslane seed reduce atherosclerosis but I have seen studies on the plant itself and it has many health benefits and would reduce hypertension.


If you crave junk food it is a sign of leptin resistance which can lead to hypertension.


Methylene Blue is used to reverse sepsis but should not be used by those with G6PD deficiency or high blood pressure.


Ketosis can help with metabolic issues but in some it can cause life threatening ketoacidosis.



Vanillan receptor agonist can help reduce hypertension.


Mugwort helps with hypertension.




Coconut Oil my help with hypertension.




Stinging nettles helps with hypertension.


Kudzu helps with hypertension but cannot be used by those with high estrogen levels because it increases estrogen.


Celery seed helps with hypertension. I know many who reduced their hypertension by juicing celery.


Nattokinase helps with hypertension it can also prevent thrombosis.




Paw Paw can help prevent thrombosis.



Melatonin is great for healing the whole body so I believe it should help with hypertension.


Bacopa helps with hypertension.



Grape seed extract helps with hypertension.



Hawthorne lowers blood pressure. I have seen many of my friends have amazing results using hawthorne.




Hesperiden is a helicase inhibitor it helps fight viruses but has also been shown to help with hypertension. It is found in the white parts of citrus peels.


If you have hypertension marijuana can increase your risk of death.


Biacalin found in plantain herb, fleabane, and sculetaria helps with hypertension by reducing inflammation and fighting infection. It also reduces oxidative stress.




Bacopa is another herb with great healing properties. It helps prevent thrombosis and cardiovascular disease.


Dandelion reduces tryglyceride accumulation.


Rooibos is another tea with great healing abilities. It can prevent thrombosis.


Pyrroloquinolone is amazing at healing, it helped heal the neurological damage I had from Lyme. It has been shown to help with cardiovascular disease and seem like a nutrient that we need. It protects the heart. It is found in green peppers.


Camu Camu reduces inflammation and oxidative stress.


Taxifolin helps with hypertension by reducing oxidative stress.


Nitric Oxide regualtion is important in preventing heart disease.



Syringaresinol helps increase Nitric Oxide. It can be found in radishes, grape wine, Ginkgo nuts, and Panax gensing berries.


Beet root can increase nitric oxide.


Influencing Nitric Oxide is something that has to be done with caution because there is a fine balance in the nitric oxide system that must be maintained.



Anti-hypertensive herbs and how they work.




Thyme helps with hypertension.


Grape seed extract helps with hypertension but those with hepatitis should not take it. It has resveratrol which activates hepatitis.


Self Heal helps with hypertension and helps fight many types of viruses. It works by reducing oxidative stress. It works through the Nrf2 system which has been found to be a target to help in reducing hypertension. It also reduces inflammation.




Antiphospholipid syndrome syndrome is an autoimmune disease that can be caused by infection, vaccine injury, toxins especially heavy metals and the farm chemicals in our food. Instead of throwing drugs at it I believe a person should correct the autoimmunity. I have posted on autoimmunity.





Our food has been fortified with iron and other nutrients to compensate for over farming causing the depletion of minerals and because glyphosate chelates minerals causing food to contain less nutrients. In doing so many have been found to have excess iron in their blood streams. Another thing that can cause iron overload is infection. Some are told to take iron supplements when they already have high levels of iron in their bodies but it is in a form Fe3 that the body cannot use. They will appear to be anemic but when given iron they are adding to the problem. Also many health issues can cause iron overload. Iron overload can lead to hypertension.




Nutrients that reduce hypertension.


There are many natural ACE inhibitors which will help with hypertension until you can address the cause.



Pomegranate is an ACD inhibitor.


Marine sources of ACE inhibitors.


Whole cooked rice is an ACE inhibitor.



Plant sources of ACE inhibitors.


Pea the legume is an ACE inhibitor.


Some may be experiencing proteinuria which is a symptom of BH4 issues or CBS issues. Increasing heparin helps with proteinuria. Heparin resistance can be cause by an Antithrombin deficiency, injury, or high estrogen levels.



Feverfew can reduce hypertension but I do not recommend it because it is addictive and cause toxic withdrawal syndrome which cause super bad headaches. It is very good at fighting colds and the flu but I would not use it for more then three days or so.


Lactoferrin helps reduce hypertension in a variety of ways.


Gouda cheese helps with hypertension.


Wild violet helps with hypertension in a variety of ways.


Omega 3s can help with hypertension but what I found is if over used you may throw your omega 3 and omega 6 levels out of balance and contribute to hypertension. Also if you have porphyria you will have issues taking any type of oil and it needs addressed. I have posted on porphyria.




Medium chain tryglicerides help with many types of illnesses.


Low cholesterol can increase mortality.





Cholesterol prevents autoimmunity.


Low cholesterol damages the brain. To learn more about statins and their negative effects on the brain read my post about it.


Not only that but statins may contribute to heart disease.


As cholesterol levels go up heart disease goes down.





cholesterol is an anti-inflammatory.


Benefits of cholesterol.




There are a lot of myths about fats that are stated by medical professionals as fact and they are not scientifically true. One is fat and cholesterol cause hypertension. They have been promoting the wrong fats as healthy and have been falsely claiming cholesterol causes heart disease. That is why obesity and heart disease rates have climbed dramatically in the United States. One myth is that fats cause hardening of the arteries and that is not true.




Low triglyceride levels increase mortality from stroke and increased risk for heart disease.



Fat consumption does not correlate with lipid levels in blood vessels.


MUFA is good fat.


Saturated fat is good fat.


Cod liver oil in moderation can help with cardiovascular disease.




HDL is considered good cholesterol but it can cause atherosclerosis if lipid peroxidation occurs.


Under the correct conditions HDL prevents inflammation.


Black seed heals many things it has amazing healing abilities.




Trans fatty acids which were promotes as the new fat that was going to prevent obesity and heart disease has been found to cause them.


Lycopene found in the skins of tomatoes has been shown to have many health benefits especially on the heart.


Astaxantin has been shown to provide the brain with energy, it also reduce oxLDL by reduding oxidative stress.


Mediterranean diet can reduce hypertension.


This study discusses balancing pretty much everything.


Cissus helps prevent high blood pressure.


Ajuna helps with hypertension but has many side effects.


Berberine found in barberry helps with diabetes, and heart disease. It reduces tryglyceride levels. It also reduces oxidative stress. Berberine also increases the good gut bacteria that protect the heart and prevent obesity.





Histidine prevents heart injury.



This is one example of how processed food can cause health problems. I posted on how toxic our food is. There are many foods that will cause health problems that are actually considered healthy.



Gingko and Sophora may help with cardiovascular disease because it helps decrease the vasoconsriction response cause by excess histamines and bradykinnins.



Correct breathing methods are needed for healthy blood pressure.


Herbs that can be used during pregnancy.


Aged garlic extract can help with heart disease.


Okra has been found to help heal many things including cardiovascular disease. It also helps with diabetes.


Resistant starch a type of fiber helps reduce blood pressure most fiber does.



Resistant starch helps our gut bacteria produce butyrate which helps prevent heart disease. It can also be found in butter.


Citrus extracts and their beneficial effects on heart disease.


This is a type of Golden Rod. Most species are chemically similar. They can inhibit the absorption of cholesterol so if you have low cholesterol levels you may want to avoid golden rod.


Blue Berry honeysuckle helps prevent heart disease.


White malberry can help with hypertension


Many spices have anti-inflammatory effects. This study talks about cancer but it mentions various spices and their anti-inflammatory abilities. Inflammation can lead to atherosclerosis.


Saffron has a lot of health benefits and reduces cardiovascular disease.


These plants have steroid like effects. I would not use them long term but they have less side effects then man made steroids.


Thiocyanate helps prevent atherosclerosis. Excess Thiocyanate can cause thyroid problems it inhibits iodide transport when levels get too high.




Evening primrose oil helps with cardiovascular disease.



Beta Glucan in oatmeal reduces cardiovascular disease. Mushrooms also contain beta glucan. Make sure you get organic oatmeal because non organic is high in glyphosate which causes heart disease.


Japanese honeysuckle helps with heart disease and reduces hydrogen peroxide levels.


Tumeric has been shown to reduce atherosclerosis but you have to use it in moderation it contains curcumine which chelates iron and long term use can make you anemic.


Getting measles when young reduces your risk of atherosclerosis when you get older.


Getting sunlight helps prevent atherosclerosis.


Skipping breakfast increases the risk of atherosclerosis.


Reversing atherosclerosis.



A polypore mushroom that grows in South America may be able to reverse atherosclerosis.


Astaxanthin may be able to reverse atherosclerosis.


Krill oil may reverse atherosclerosis by activating PPAR.


Causes of Obesity and Things That May Help.

This is not medical advice I am posting this for educational and informational purposes.

They blame genetics for obesity. Many things caused by modern medicine and toxins they blame on genetics. Also it is our life styles and eating habits that we inherit from our families that influence our health. If you read some of my post you would see that most things are not genetic as they falsely claim.

They constantly blame genetics but if you do your research you would see that our gut microbiome modulate our genes and if you are lacking a certain microbiota the genes it modulates will be effected. I have posted on it is not your genes but it is your gut and gut microbiome. A change in our microbiome from farm chemicals in our food, BT Toxins from GMOs, antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals and heavy metals can change our gut bacteria. This can result in obesity.





To prevent children having a life full of illness it is important to make sure they develop a balanced gut microbiome while young.




Our environment effects our jeans. Also a childs health is determined by the bacteria they get will still and infant.



We need to ask ourselves why has obesity , chronic illness and heart disease increased so dramatically? If modern medicine, TV and the government is right then our health should be improving not declining. Studies have shown that we eat far less fat and cholesterol in the U.S. then we did in the past and we eat more fruits and vegetables. So why are these conditions increasing?







Increasing Leptin sensitivity can reduce body weight.






Increasing insulin sensitivity will help with leptin levels.




Ghrelin can also effect our weight and those who are obese seem to have lower levels of ghrelin but are more sensitive to it. They believe this is because many obese people have been shown to have high cortisol levels. This makes us more sensitive to ghrelin. Rooibos, suma and maca are adaptogenic herbs. Ghrelin, insulin and leptin communicate with each other so issues with those will effect our ghrelin levels.




Things that effect ghrelin.




Ghrelin regulates our glucose levels in the body and many other things.



Often times weight loss can cause a rise in appetite because of the raised Leptin levels. Once leptin levels come down this resolves itself.


Also what contributes to obesity is the low nutrient food and they manipulate advertising to influence what we eat.


Inflammation and high histamines can cause issues with our cannabinoid receptors and this can lead to diabetes and obesity.





How stress impacts the body and contributes to obesity.



Diet effects gut bacteria and can cause obesity and diabetes. Food additives are one of the biggest culprits contributing to obesity.









Information about gut microbiome and what they do.


Microbiota that cause weight loss and weight gain.


How to boost the good gut bacteria.


Our gut bacteria determines our body type. Remember our gut bacteria modulate our genes and will determine if we are thin or obese based on what the composition of our microbiome is.



Vaccines and antibiotics contribute to obesity. Just like anything else obesity is actually an illness. Most who are obese are not obese because they are lazy. I know many obese people who were very hard workers.





So we have established obesity can be an autoimmune disorder but it can also be a metablolic disorder.



Our diet can contribute to this.


Antibiotics can cause many health problems including obesity and diabetes.


Our gut bacteria modulate our metabolism.



The sad part is the drugs to counter act the health effects of the first drug causes even more severe health problems.


Good carbs and bad carbs. Many avoid carbs but our gut bacteria need them to keep us healthy.


Camu Camu can help with that though. Camu Camu helps reduce stress and inflammation.


Rose hips helps with obesity.


Eating GMOs causes weight gain by changing our gut bacteria and our metabolism.





GMOs, farm chemicals and drugs can effect bile flow which can lead to obesity.







All the above mentioned kill our butyrate producing bacteria which keep us from gaining weight.


Most allergies are caused by farm chemicals in our foods, processed foods, BT Toxin in GMOs cause the body to react the same would your body would if it had food poisoning. This can lead to allergies. Antibiotics kill our good gut bacteria which can lead to allergies. This can result in obesity.


Exposure to heavy metals can lead to obesity by causing inflammation and metabolic issues.


Stress, chemicals especially chemicals like glyphosate and glufosinate found in our food can raise zonulin levels. Many medications can raise zonulin levels setting things into motion that can lead to many health problems and obesity.


Lipocalin and obesity.


Lipocalin oxidizes fat causing weight loss.


Our gut bacteria need iron tho thrive but the iron they fortify food with is the wrong type. Iron found in curly dock and burdock root will supply you with iron without causing toxicity unless you have certain liver diseases. If you have iron toxicity lactoferrin will restore iron homeostasis. Curcumine will reduce iron levels in the blood also but do not take it too long or you can become anemic.


Luteolin helps with obesity.


Good vagus nerve health protects from obesity.


Many of the food manufacturers know processed sugar , processed fructose is even worse and causes inflammation which leads to obesity but they blame the people and hide the fact they new that it has ill effects on our health. I have not included the research in this blog post but processed honey acts pretty much like processed sugar but raw honey does not. Sugars in fruits help fight illness and have health benefits showing that we need the cofactors along with the sugars.




I have posted on oxidative stress. It can lead to many health problems including obesity.


Resveratrol found in grape seed extract helps reduce inflammation which is a cause of obesity.


Sage helps with diabetes.


Vitamin A helps with diabetes and obesity but it and Vitamin D have to be balanced.


Vitamin D deficiency causes obesity, those with darker complexion are more prone to vitamin D deficiency.


Even gut bacteria can positively impact our health.


A list of diet advice by Dr Axe.


Diet effects our health by changing our gut bacteria.




Smoking can cause weight gain.


Sulfur is needed by almost every cell in the body. A deficiency or issue with sulfation can cause obesity. I have posted on sulfation.


BH4 is involved in energy metabolism. It is effected by high sulfite levels, inflammation , oxidative stress and nutrient deficiencies. This can lead to obesity. A person with BH4 or CBS issues will be sensitive to sulfur containing foods and drugs.


Toxins found in our food can cause issues with G6PD especially glyphosate and glufonisate which can lead to obesity.


Houttyynia can help with obesity.


Dandelion helps with diabetes.


The flavonoids found in the white part of citrus fruit helps with obesity.


Part of the problem is we do not get enough saturated fat now days.



Beta Glucan found in oats, barley and mushrooms help with obesity.



We know inflammation can cause diabetes. Endothelins can cause inflammation.


There are many herbals that will reduce obesity by reducing the things that cause obesity like inflammation, histamines and autoimmune issues or addressing the nutrient deficiencies that can lead to those things.


Nrf2 activators help with diabetes.



Lactoferrin helps with obesity by reducing the gut bacteria that cause obesity.


Spirulina helps with obesity but is high in sulfur for those dealing with sulfur issue they may not be able to use this one.


Many spices have healing properties.


How toxic is your food?

This is not medical advice I am posting this for educational and informational purposes.

This website tracks the toxicity of food additives.


Many of the chemicals they use in foods in the U.S. you would serve prison time if you used them in other nations.




Most know now days how toxic GMOs are and how toxic the foods are that contain farm chemicals. I may briefly cover farm chemicals but I am mostly going to cover things that are less known. I have a new rule. If I cannot pronounce or spell the ingredients in something I do not buy it for the simple reason when I look those words up the ingredient usually ends up being toxic to our bodies. So lets take a look at some of these ingredients.  If you are interested in learning about the toxic effects of GMOs find my post the harm they do is vast and would make this too long if I included those in this post. The reason so many are sick now days is because we have the synergistic effects of the fake medicine and the toxic effects of our food. This is overwhelming the bodies ability to detox and heal. The end result is chronic illness.

There are many toxins used in our food.




There are websites with list of ingredients. I will post links to those and then will post links on more information on the individual substances. Fast food is one of the worst offenders when it comes to toxins in food. Many of these ingredients are found in combination with each other in processed foods. So most likely are working synergistically with each other to have a negative impact on our health.



Next comes bread it is loaded with toxins.


What azodicarbonamide? This is an ingredient used to make products made from rubber. It can cause food sensitivities, asthma, and have effects on hormone function. It is used in bread making.It is difficult to find research on it’s ill health effects of those working with it have been well documented. Sad they can put things in our food without requiring it to be tested for safety and health effects.


When products are cooked that contain azoicarbonamide a biproduct is produced called semicarbazide. Which is found in foods especially bread products and products that contain rubber seals. It inhibits MAO and has been found to cause hypertension. Now if you search I guarentee they will put a twist on this and find health benefits of semicarbazide. Then they will promote that even though the health benefits would only be for a small number of people and many others would be harmed by the effects.

Azodicarbonamide suppresses the immune system.


Azodicarbonamide causes cancer



It may effect the growth and health of a child .


Sodium sorbate has been banned in Europe because of it’s genotoxic effects.


Mutagenic effects of sodium benzoate and other estrogen mimic chemicals found in our foods has been well studied and known for some time. Things like BPA and BHT are the most common but there are newer ones with even more potent estrogenic effects.



carrageenen in our food has been found to cause inflammation. I looked at studies of plants that contained it and it does not have inflammatory effects when consuming the whole plant. The problem arises when they start to isolate the chemicals from plants and use them in concentrated forms. Even then I would be cautious eating it if you are prone to inflammation or have immune issues. From what I could gather for the most part it is safe.




Emulsifiers used in foods disrupt our gut microbiota which can lead to colitis.





Polysorbate 80 gut inflammation and can cause metabolic syndrome which can lead to chronic illness.



toxic effects of butter flavorant used in popcorn. It is known to cause a condition called popcorn lung. Though takes very high levels , I don’t like the idea of developing children breathing things like this in. It has also been found to cause brain damage.




Many may remember how olestra failed. It caused anal seepage after being consumed. It also was found to cause weight gain but tv promoted it as the next big thing to save mankind from obesity. All the news channels would say scientist said. They have used that phrase so much to promote products for companies when they report supposed news that it sickens me to hear it now.



Aspartame in my opinion is one of the worst it has been link to mental disorders and has been shown to cause obesity. It may cause glucose intolerance.





Almost all artificial sweeteners have been found to have negative impacts on our health. Splenda is no exception.


tert-Butylhydroquinone caused an imbalance in T cells which causes allergies. The bad part is often times it is combined with BHA which has been shown to cause cancer.




Potassium bromate may be a carcinogen.





Sodium bisulfite in food would only be a problem if you had sulfation issues or had high sulfite levels. I did a post on it called sulfation. In those who have things like gut dysbiosis would have high sulfite levels. There are studies showing negative health effects but I am skeptic, it would have to be consumed in high amounts.



I am not going to cover magnesium stearate. It having negative health effects is a myth and I do not know where it came from. Our bodies need magnesium and stearate.


Fluoride is found in drinking water, toothpaste and mouthwash and is very toxic.




Not going to say much about xylitol. Most studies I have read have had good results. Some may get stomach cramps from it.


Butylated hydroxytulene has been shown to cause an allergic reaction.




Titanium Dioxide toxicity depends on the amount and form.



Most of these food additives are not bad but if you have diarrhea you may want to avoid them.


Most know the carcinogenic effects of consuming plastic. Bottled water sometimes contains particles of plastic.



Most know how toxic aluminum is to the body. It is found to be high in the brains of those with mental illness and alhzheimers. It is also found in our food and can get into our foods from cooking with aluminum pains.


Things found in food that disrupt hormones.




List of additives and their effects.


Babies are much more sensitive so we really have to watch what we use with them.


Antibiotics have been found to cause cancer by killing beneficial gut bacteria and causing inflammation. Meat can often times contain antibiotics.


I wasn’t going to list list potassium sorbate but was thinking. Certain metabolic issues can cause a person to react badly to anything with potassium. If you react to things with potassium it means you have a health issue that needs corrected. Health issues effecting potassium can lead to interstitial cystitis and heart problems.



Here is a long list of additives and what they do.


A list of some of the most harmful additives.


How to prevent the negative health effects and information on how to protect children from the toxins.


Transfats are the worst of all of them. It has been linked to obesity, arteriosclerosis, even cancer.




The interesting thing with sugar is if it was in it’s raw form the studies I looked at did not show negative effects. But when it was in it’s processed form I noticed studies indicated that it increased cancer and heart disease risk. Seems to me this is like the pharmaceuticals that are made from purified chemicals from plants. The food industry actually funded studies to show it was not bad for your health and as usual the government only relied on their research and not independent research . We need to ask ourselves. Why does the government only look at corporate sponsored research. Another thing we need to ask ourselves is when this corporate sponsored research gets proven to be incorrect why does it not get retracted like the independent research does when it is incorrect. Why the double standards. It shows that even those that publish the research are corrupt and only have corporate interest at heart.



There are so many myth propigated not only by the food industry but also by the pharmaceutical industry and those in power will fall pray to their false scare tactics. These people are supposed to be highly educated. Really???? How can they not see chronic illness has taken a dramatic increase since they have listened to the fear mongering tactics of the food industry and big pharmacy. Should the fact that chronic illness has taken a dramatic climb opened their eyes to the truth? I know we aren’t supposed to speculate but makes me wonder if they do not have their hands in the corporate pockets.


Even though independent research clearly shows why obesity and chronic illness is growing those in positions of power remain blind. Can they lack the intelligence to see what the truth is or is their greed for power and money blinding them?


The sugar industry new and withheld the truth. The government knows these things and usually has access to their research when others do not. So why did they permit them to lie about the dangers of sugar?


Even though fat protects the heart and body the sugar industry paid scientist to falsify reports and blame fat for the heart disease and chronic illness. This has resulted in a dramatic climb in heart disease, diabetes and  many other illnesses caused by heart disease. The true culprit is sugar. Not the sugar in fruit or the sugar in vegetables which the body needs but raw sugar like processed sugar and processed fructose. I have read research on the fructose in fruit and they actually do have the opposite effects of processed and purified fructose. Our bodies were not meant to get nutrients in this purified manor. In order to discredit true researchers big corporations hold independent researchers to a different standard then the do themselves. If those standards are applied to their research almost all of it would have to be retracted yet those standards are not applied to big corporations and their fake studies do not get retracted no matter how many errors are found. Why???



Why am I attacking sugar so bad. I got chronically ill, I can eat honey, I can eat , maple syrup , I can eat molasses or jaggery. But if I eat sugar I get very very ill. Something was not right so I had to look into it.


Noq another thing to note is where the food is grown. If it is grown near factories there is a chance the food contains heavy metals. There are many nations that are lax on their pollution laws but things from those farms can still be labeled organic if they do not use herbicides or pesticides and are not GMO. Granted if the gut is intact only 5% of the toxins make it into the blood stream but it is difficult to get non GMO foods and to avoid vaccinations in which both cause leaky gut and vaccinations are becoming mandatory in many areas. So avoiding toxins like sugar and the above mentioned is very important now days if we do not want to get chronically ill.

I could list hundreds of toxins in our drinking water including our ground water. This is just one of them.