How Covid vaccines damage the cardiovascular system.

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am not the best editor.

ardiovascular disease is just one of many ways these vaccines are killing people. Women are more prone to death by thrombosis, mean are more prone to death from heart damage from the vaccines. Women are more prone to excess blood clotting from the vaccines and men are more prone to mycarditis and heart failure from the Covid vaccines.

Symptoms of stroke can be face drooping, arm weakness, speech difficulty, weakness a person will not be able to raise their arms, weakness or paralysis on one side of the body, a person may develop blurred vision or dizziness, memory loss, severe headaches, muscle weakness, difficulty swallowing, and involuntary eye movements. A person can have strokes and recover and this could repeatedly occur. Those with tick born illness experience this a lot.

Symptoms of myocarditis are chest pain , shortness of breath, rapid or irregular heart beat, fluid build up in legs, ankles and feet, headaches, body aches or joint pain, a person can experience dizzy spells and fainting. When it occurs in children they usually develop a fever. If not addressed it can cause heart failure. This is another problem those with tick born illness experience so we can see these Covid vaccines are causing the same problems that tick born illness causes. So I suspect they will cover this up by diagnosing more people with tick born illness.

Symptoms of heart failure are shortness of breath, persistent coughing or wheezing, edema which is the build up of excess fluid in body tissues, excess tiredness or fatigue, lack of appetite or nausea, confusion or impaired thinking, rapid heart beat. Measuring troponin levels can indicate if the vaccine has damaged the heart.

The Covid vaccines are causing severe cardiovascular disease. They are causing excess blood clotting , strokes and heart failure. Yet they are lying. They are claiming they do not know why there is a sudden epidemic of these things. I am seeing people get a Covid vaccine and either developing one of these health condition and they believe their doctors when they are told it is a coincidence. I cannot believe how stupid some people are it should be obvious how deadly these vaccines are. The data coming out is showing how deadly they are. Maybe they are CNN fans and like believing in fairy tails hard to say why they are accepting the lies so easily. They are brushing off the side effects as mild yet there are thousands and thousands of reports of death from excess blood clotting and heart failure from these vaccines. Studies have already shown that those who have gotten the Covid vaccines have a much higher mortality rate then those who have not. I could literally list thousands of case reports of strokes, myocarditits, heart failure and many other cardiovascular issue associated with the Covid vaccines. Man are dying after getting one of the Covid vaccine and they are claiming they do not know the cause of death. Many medical professional with have to face Jesus for the harm they are doing and he does not accept excuses for answers. They have made the choice to harm others, the evidence is too clear for them not to know they are harming people. If they are ignoring the evidence they are choosing to ignore it. You cannot fake innocence with Jesus when you deliberately ignore things. He can read our hearts.

They will lie and say that Covid can cause these things also. Well why not get Covid then and develop life long immunity? The data coming out shows that those who got the vaccine are more prone to infection and much more prone to death. So why are they still promoting them? I know many who got Covid and recovered with no long term health issues. There are some I know who were heavily vaccinated who are suffering long term health conditions after getting Covid but they do not consider you vaccinated if you only had two injections so many of the supposed unvaccinated they are reporting most likely are vaccinated.

Deaths from the vaccines are being reported online but patients, victims families and even medical professionals said they have not been able to report the adverse events. Once those vaccines get approved for children by the corrupt FDA there is nothing anyone can do because they will be protected from lawsuits. The FDA , tried to get the data hidden for 55 years because there have been so many adverse reactions and deaths during these experimental trials. Death and injury is known to be a side effect of vaccines but these ones far surpass the injury and deaths caused. The injury from these and other vaccines is not rare and our own governments documents show adverse reactions to vaccines are rarely reported. They are told the cause of their illness is unknown (idiopathic) or they will blame the cause of a persons illness on their genetics.

Those promoting this experiment also have blood guilt on their hands for promoting an experimental medical procedure and ignoring the reports of people that have been harmed by it. They should know how corrupt these corporations are by now and they should know the governments world wide have colluded with them to hide the harm done by the pharmaceutical industry in the past. We are are warned many times by the bible not to put our trust in man, we have been warned man can be easily corrupted and deceived. We are also warned about putting our trust in nobles. We have been warned by the bible the whole world lies in the power of the wicked one. If a person is promoting the dangerous injections then they are doing what the bible tells us not to do and that is to lean on their own understanding, if they were trusting their bibles they would believe the warnings in the bible and know to take a deeper look at things.

Something I need to add to this. On social media many medical professionals said the ones who got the Covid vaccine are developing a type of cancer they have never seen before and it is the most aggressive cancer they have ever seen.


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