Are anti-vaxxers criminals?



Written by Lee Stevenson Sorry I am a lousy editor.

This is not medical advice I am posting this for information and educational purposes.

The pharmaceutical industry have so thoroughly influenced society and indoctrinated them that they actually get people to call medications their drugs or vaccines as if they are their children’s which down plays the harm they do. Most people do not even realize that accurate information about vaccines is being censored out of their search results. Even social media is censoring the truth about vaccines. Read this and you will get a clear picture of who the criminals really are.

Pharmaceuticals are the third leading cause of death in the world. Yet they claim most adverse drug reactions are not reported.

This also occurs with vaccine adverse reactions. So many deaths from vaccine injury goes unreported. So combine this with the adverse reactions to drugs the number of deaths caused by the pharmaceutical industry is probably much higher. Many are vaccine injured and do not know it because modern medicine has been taught to tell them it is genetic.

The pharmaceutical industry uses many deceptive tactics to hide the harm their products are doing from medical professionals. My question is you can see the negative effects the drugs are having, so they have to be deliberately ignoring them whether they have been deceived or not. They manipulate data in clinical trials to make their products seem less harmful and more effective then they really are. The FDA even colludes with them to hide the harm their products cause.

Tamiflu is one such product that the FDA colluded with the pharmaceutical company to hide the fact it induced suicidal thoughts. Pharmaceutical science has been found to be deliberately bias. Sometimes they are outright dishonest.

Billions have been spent trying to reproduce the results of the pharmaceutical industry and they could not be reproduced. In order for research to be considered valid you must be able to duplicate it. Yet the studies are published and accepted.

It is against the law to hide data from clinical trials but if you have the government helping you cover up then there is no real accountability. Besides once a customer has been harmed they have created a life time customer who now will be prescribed many other medications for the damage done to them.

The publication bias of corporate funded research has cost the lives of many people. It is such a frequent occurrence that they rarely report when a drug is taken off the market because of it’s ill effects on health now.

Most corporate funded research finding are false.

The fact that a drug caused a high rate of suicide was hidden by the pharmaceutical industry so they could market a drug. They cherry pick the data to make the clinical trials and research show a positive result.

Here is a break down of vaccine ingredients and how they effect the body. Some ingredients in vaccines require a hazmat team to clean them up if spilled even in small quantities.

It is well documented that the gifts and perks given to physicians increases the rate that they prescribe a pharmaceutical companies products. This also give them more incentive for not reporting adverse drug reactions or adverse vaccine reactions.

They give billions to influence teaching to put them in a favorable light.

Vaccines are so harmful they had to pass a bill to protect the pharmaceutical industry from being sued from the injury and deaths they cause. The pharmaceutical industry works very hard to hide this. Yet if you read the vaccine inserts the very things people are being told are genetic are caused by vaccines, so most don’t even realize they have been vaccine inured. Most don’t know the signs of vaccine injury.

This is the government website set up in the U.S. to report vaccine injury or death. Many nations have something in place for reporting adverse reactions to vaccines.

Over $4 billion was paid out in the U.S. for adverse vaccine reactions. Imagine what the world wide total would be.

The pharmaceutical companies pay billions a year for their illegal activities. Most companies would be shut down by the government for violating the law so often.

It has become obvious that the pharmaceutical industry has a lot in common with organized crime.

How do you put an end to the crimes they are committing when those colluding with them are in positions of power that effect whole nations.

They have so much power over many governmental organizations that it has become a criminal offense to try and protect yourself or your children from the harm they do.

Those who oppose vaccines are actually victims. They oppose them because they have been harmed by vaccines or have seen a loved one harmed or killed by vaccines.

A site with people describing the type of vaccine injury, the symptoms and the vaccine. Often times the doctors will blame the parent for being paranoid and have even turned them parents in and they have gotten in legal trouble and lost their children when their child has been vaccine injured so it is very important to know the signs and symptoms.

This is a website that has information on how to deal the a loved one being harmed or killed by vaccines.

It is a sick world we live in when they start painting victims as criminals and the true criminals as heroes. To me that is like painting a victim of a serial killer as a criminal and the serial killer as a hero.

Vaccinations spread and cause disease yet they falsely claim that they prevent disease.

Vaccines have not been properly tested for safety.

Vaccines are known to cause many types of mental disorders. They lie and blame it on genetics or say they do not know the cause.

Another tactic they use to hide the harm vaccines are doing is they will rename a disease. For example vaccines were causing Polio so they renamed it flaccid myelitis.

When you dig in and do your research and get to the heart of matters it becomes very clear who the criminals are. It is the ones doing the harm and the corrupt politicians backing them.

To make matters worse many medical professionals do not base their treatment methods on science but on their beliefs. This seems especially true for vaccines. If you ask a doctor how much training they have had concerning vaccines they have none. Most do not know how to identify and report vaccine injury. Most do not know how vaccines supposedly work.

An example of this is how doctors still recommend stents even though it has been shown they do not extend ones life.

Hormone replacement therapy has been proven to be ineffective yet they still recommend it. It has even been shown to have a negative impact on a persons health.

How modern medicine got corrupted and is now based on fake science.

I have seen doctors push medications even when there was nothing wrong with someone. I have seen them prescribe medication even when they knew the person was having an adverse reaction to the drug they would just prescribe them another drug to try and hide the adverse reaction to the first and so on and so on. A person ends up taking ten different prescriptions at a time. It made me ask why do they push medications so much? I found the answers they make a lot of money from the pharmaceutical industry and the more money they make the pharmaceutical industry the more money the pharmaceutical industries pays them and the more gifts they give them. Just one free meal has been shown to sway a physician. By the time a student has graduated they have become conditioned to respond positively to the pharmaceutical industry and blindly listen to them without questioning their motives or truthfulness.

This is nothing new the tobacco industry paid medical professionals to promote their products as safe and even as being beneficial.

Even today this still goes on and the pharmaceutical industry pays people to ghost write. So modern day pharmaceutical research is just another version of tobacco science. Vioxx is and example of this happening and just as the ill effects of tobacco were hidden so were the ill effects of Vioxx.

We cannot count on our politicians to protect us because most of them have been bought by the pharmaceutical industry.

Major amounts of money is spent to influence medical professionals decision making to favor the pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical companies start grooming medical professionals while they are still in school. It has been shown to influence their practice and prescribing habits.

Click to access Pharmas-Marketing-Influence-on-Medical-Students-and-the-Need-for-Culturally-Competent-and-Stricter-Policy-and-Educational-Curriculum-in-Medical-Schools-A-Comparative-Analysis-of-Social-Scientific-Rese.pdf

You can research how much the drug companies kickback to doctors and medical institutions at these links.

The pharmaceutical companies paid to have opioid promoted and caused the opioid epidemic. They have a lot of blood on their hands.

Studies have shown that how much money and gifts are kicked back to medical institutions and doctors influence how often they prescribe certain medications. The more the kick backs the more likely they were to prescribe them.

After studies like this one they passed laws to try to prevent it from occurring but the pharmaceutical industry have found ways around it.

Even the educational institutions medical institutions have not adequately addressed the conflicts of interest.

Click to access Wazana_A-Is_A_Gift_Ever_Just_A_Gift.pdf

It is unlikely much will be done about it or the laws will be enforced because many of our politicians are funded by the pharmaceutical industry. It is destroying the reliability and credibility of moder medicine.

Doctors are not trained to see the missing data or bias in pharmaceutical research so they take it at it’s word even though often times it has been found to be flawed.

This is a website that follows the pharmaceutical money trail to politicians , medical institutions, educational institutions and medical professionals.

Unlike most research that has been proven flawed pharmaceutical research that has been proven flawed does not get restracted.

Much of the medical research is flawed and the truth of the results hidden. They influence the scientist to embellish the results to put things in a favorable light.

Research replication is supposed to be a way of testing the validity of the results but most research cannot be replicated. Yet the research is published and accepted by the medical community.

Are your thoughts your own? Who is shaping your children’s thoughts?


For those not interested in the scriptures I have posted information below the scriptures you may be interested in.

Keep this in mind, we are in the last days and we know things are winding down which means we have to stay extra alert to the mechanisms of Satan and his people. These scriptures are from the New World Translation.

(1 John 5:18, 19) 18 We know that every [person] that has been born from God does not practice sin, but the One born from God watches him, and the wicked one does not fasten his hold on him. 19 We know we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the [power of the] wicked one. . .

(1 Peter 5:8) Keep YOUR senses, be watchful. YOUR adversary, the Devil, walks about like a roaring lion, seeking to devour [someone].

(Ephesians 6:10-13) 10 Finally, go on acquiring power in [the] Lord and in the mightiness of his strength. 11 Put on the complete suit of armor from God that YOU may be able to stand firm against the machinations of the Devil; 12 because we have a wrestling, not against blood and flesh, but against the governments, against the authorities, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the wicked spirit forces in the heavenly places. 13 On this account take up the complete suit of armor from God, that YOU may be able to resist in the wicked day and, after YOU have done all things thoroughly, to stand firm.

We must obey the authority, but God’s laws always come first above mans. So if mans law violates God’s then it is God’s laws we obey.

(Romans 13:1-4) 13 Let every soul be in subjection to the superior authorities, for there is no authority except by God; the existing authorities stand placed in their relative positions by God. 2 Therefore he who opposes the authority has taken a stand against the arrangement of God; those who have taken a stand against it will receive judgment to themselves. 3 For those ruling are an object of fear, not to the good deed, but to the bad. Do you, then, want to have no fear of the authority? Keep doing good, and you will have praise from it; 4 for it is God’s minister to you for your good. But if you are doing what is bad, be in fear: for it is not without purpose that it bears the sword; for it is God’s minister, an avenger to express wrath upon the one practicing what is bad.

(Acts 5:27-32) 27 So they brought them and stood them in the San′he·drin hall. And the high priest questioned them 28 and said: “We positively ordered YOU not to keep teaching upon the basis of this name, and yet, look! YOU have filled Jerusalem with YOUR teaching, and YOU are determined to bring the blood of this man upon us.” 29 In answer Peter and the [other] apostles said: “We must obey God as ruler rather than men. 30 The God of our forefathers raised up Jesus, whom YOU slew, hanging him upon a stake. 31 God exalted this one as Chief Agent and Savior to his right hand, to give repentance to Israel and forgiveness of sins. 32 And we are witnesses of these matters, and so is the holy spirit, which God has given to those obeying him as ruler.”

We must remain humble and do our best to not smear God’s good name.

(Ephesians 4:1-6) 4 I, therefore, the prisoner in [the] Lord, entreat YOU to walk worthily of the calling with which YOU were called, 2 with complete lowliness of mind and mildness, with long-suffering, putting up with one another in love, 3 earnestly endeavoring to observe the oneness of the spirit in the uniting bond of peace. 4 One body there is, and one spirit, even as YOU were called in the one hope to which YOU were called; 5 one Lord, one faith, one baptism; 6 one God and Father of all [persons], who is over all and through all and in all.

Do you really think for yourself? You may not, from the time you were a child your thoughts have been guided and manipulated . It is why many are unhappy they have been told what to like all their lives. They have been told what to eat and they do not even realize it. People are carbon copies of each other and afraid to be different. God created us all to be unique but if you decide to think for yourself you are shunned and made fun of, even persecuted.

This article mentions religion which I cannot deny many things religion does is not condoned by God or were we even told to do it. They do things and put a religious overtone on it to use it to manipulate people. This happened in the apostles days and many wanted their lives for exposing that very same thing.

(Acts 19:23-26) 23 At that particular time there arose no little disturbance concerning The Way. 24 For a certain man named De·me′tri·us, a silversmith, by making silver shrines of Ar′te·mis furnished the craftsmen no little gain; 25 and he gathered them and those who worked at such things and said: “Men, YOU well know that from this business we have our prosperity. 26 Also, YOU behold and hear how not only in Eph′e·sus but in nearly all the [district of] Asia this Paul has persuaded a considerable crowd and turned them to another opinion, saying that the ones that are made by hands are not gods.

Enough scriptures we can see that greed for power and money is the motivation behind what they do. So lets look at how all these mechanism work to mold how you or your children think. We also must keep in mind if a ruler did want to make changes there is so much corruption they would meet fierce opposition. Also they are human and their power is limited.

People have been indoctrinated to blindly obey from youth with games. It has been used throughout history and many do not realize they are being blindly obedient. The only way people will see through this indoctrination is to realize they have been indoctrinated.—-kindergarten.html

they use games now to teach unquestioning obedience. If you do not obey you lose. There are games like Simon Says and Mother May I.

Schools use fear to brainwash children into blindly trusting.

They are now developing apps so they can shape peoples thinking. So if your children spend a lot of time on their mobile devices their thinking is already being molded and they are already losing their identity.

Adding to this modern day life styles have pushed people in to positions of becoming cognitively biased.

To push a political view or idea they will embed them into crime dramas in movies and on tv.

The government even manipulates things to tell people what to like and dislike.’ve_stopped_fighting_back_against_the_forces_of_oppression

If you read this document you will learn they manipulate all media so you will think what they want you to.

The media has been controled for years.

Mediea sets the agendas and tells people what to think.

Most are aware of MK-Ultra it was a government mind control experiment.

Follow the leader is a copycat game , it teaches those to follow everyone else and not question the direction someone is taking you.

Children’s books teach them that magic potions or pills will do amazing things opening there minds up to the lie of the pharmaceutical industry.

CDC has a history of corruption.

The pharmaceutical companies decide state policies.

Governments around the world collude with the pharmaceutical industry to hide the harm being done.

They do fake research and the corrupt CDC supports it.

The pharmaceutical industry pays people to go around and spread factual myths.

The insurance companies are involved in the corruption.

If any physician or scientist exposes the truth they will get severely persecuted. Especially if their finding are found to be politically incorrect.

Even religion has been involved in silencing scientist to hide the truth.

If you want to see the corruption involving Lyme this man has accumulated a lot of evidence.

The pharmaceutical companies are funding forced vaccinations. People aren’t being given a choice.

The government frequently colludes with corporations putting there interest over the citizens interest.

To top that off we have the problem of the revolving door in our government.

Those in the regulatory commissions treat it like it is a privilege at our expense.

Government panels are often influenced by big corporations.

The CDC is more a corporation they do not serve our interest.

The whole monetary system is designed to rob us of our freedom.

This is not only a problem in our country other countries put corporate interest first.

Our government frequently colludes with corporations to hide the dangers of their products.

The ties to biotech and the government are so tight they are almost one and the same.

This site has many documents shoing how the government has colluded with manufacturers to hide the poisoning of citizens.

They frequently collude with the pharmaceutical companies.

They collude with them even though they know that the pharmaceutical industry commits the most fraud.

The government frequently wipes vaccine data from their website if it puts the pharmaceutical industry in a negative light.

A movie showing how the government is owned by biotech.

The CDC has financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

Now imagine all this power the CDC has and they only look out for big pharmacy. Now people have let themselves be indoctrinated by corrupt government and the corrupt pharmaceutical companies.

The pharmaceutical companies even color their pills to make you believe they are working even if they do not.

They severely censor what we can know.

The problem with deep ties to the pharmaceutical industry is not just a problem in the US.

To force the pharmaceutical agenda on people because people are waking up the government is going to start vaccinating in our schools.

Even the research being done is corrupted by big business.

The CDC is being given absolute power which is very dangerous.

Even the EPA colludes with big bussiness.

The USDA colludes with big bussiness.

The fake science needs to end.

The FDA is aware of and accepts the fake science.

Frequently the FDA approves drugs and later they are pulled because of the harm they do.

This is why studies that should be retracted never do get retracted.

Those running the FDA does not even listen to their own scientist.

Instead they prefer to cover it up.

FDA is funded by big bussiness.

The FDA manipulates the media to shape what people think.

This has even had effects on those with Lyme because of the government collusion.—idsa-clandestine-lyme-guidelines-meetings-violate-law-advocates-say-300167912.html

It was the cause of IDSA guidelines to be dropped.

Our own government has participated in experiments on citizens.

We had compulsory eugenics, so we should be suspicious.

If you think your decisions are your own advertisements and stores manipulate what you think with a method called priming. So even your eating behavior has been shaped by someone else.

They even use doctors to promote lies. Canola oil is very bad for our health. Science has even shown that but they will use doctors to promote canola. Many doctors care about their patients but it only take a few corrupt ones who are willing to fatten their pockets to help them prime people with a false narrative.

You cannot count on the government to step in when they do that because they themselves will promote false narratives to fatten corporate pockets.

They even made holidays so they could prime people.

The media even shapes peoples political views. I put my faith in a higher power so I do not get involved but many do not look into things and take media at it’s word letting them mold what they believe whether it is true or not.

They even have branches set up in the government to guide what people think.

If you do not think they do it then read these documents.

The government often uses false narrative on social media to shape others thinking.

Many no longer think for themselves but let others tell them what to think.’ve_stopped_fighting_back_against_the_forces_of_oppression

Because of all of this we may develop cognitive dissonance which is very difficult to overcome.

Another thing used to control peoples thinking is something called operant conditioning. It takes advantage of a process in the brain called vicarious learning. They use it on the news to push agendas and in commercials to sell products. They also take advantage of something else called classical conditioning.  You can see examples of this in pharmaceutical companies where they plant false fears to get people to flock to their products.

Brain washing tactics.

How a persons emotions are used to brain wash them.

Abusive people use fear to brain wash their victims.

Brain washing tactics.

How cults brain wash people.

The news uses something called source amnesia. This is more easily accomplished in older people because of them having more memories and not recalling the source of the memories.

I see the news and other sources of information use what is called Misinformation effects. Presenting things a certain way or asking questions in a certain way can sway how people view the reality of things and can lead them to have false memories of an event. When a person who has come to believe something based on Misinformation effects is ask questions to present evidence for what they believe they cannot support what they believe and will show symptoms similar to those who have cognitive dissonance. They will get angry at the person who has made them realize their perception or memory of things is not true. I have a family member who has done this since he was a child. It is sad to know there are people out there who would deliberately take advantage of this part of the human mind. I also wonder how he learned to do this at such a young age?

Another tactic used by media is to take advantage of something called source monitoring error. Decisions are made based on previous experiences this can lead us to have preconceived ideas and can cause us to be easily mislead.

Click to access Zaragoza%20chapter%204%20Garry%20Hayne.pdf

Media also takes advantage of something called overconfidence effect. In other words of we are overconfident in our thoughts we have a tendency to make judgments and convince ourselves of them and justify our actions based on those judgments. Even though often times we may be wrong. We become more prone to this if we believe their is only one option and we do not remain open to other options. The media convince people there is only one option and repeat things over and over to convince people of this. This causes us to become focused on only one option and becoming blind to other options. I have even seen this tactic used in commercials and advertisements.

Click to access sieck-obhdp07v103p68-OptionFixation.pdf

One modern day group that seems to fit the bill of a brain washing cult is NXIVM . When I read how they work it describes many of the things found in this article. Especially the part on how they isolate people. Another is Scientology.

Learned a new term today and I can see many getting stuck on hamster wheels in life because of this. It is called hypocognition. It is missing or unable to communicate something because we lack a linguistic representation for a particular concept.

This can lead to hypercognition, in which we over apply what me do know to concepts outside of our knowledge base which leads us to errant thinking on a subject. In other words we become closed minded and can be easily fooled. I see the pharmaceutical and biotech industry taking advantage of this.

The irony of hypocognition is the more educated you are the more prone you are to experiencing it. This explains a lot because I would often times see medical professionals make diagnoses that were clearly incorrect and did not understand how they could make such an obvious error. I used to assume they did not care but that was a false assumption.

Now you can see why Jesus told us to be child like. A child is curious and open to new ideas. They are more willing to step out of their comfort zone to see things from a different perspective.

This also explains why science has become pretty much fake now days and most studies that are accepted by science cannot be duplicated. We see this with Lyme disease, research that has been proven to be wrong decades ago is being used to treat Lyme and to base Lyme protocols on it. Even thought the science opposes the evidence stating it cannot be chronic but many newer research papers have shown that Lyme is immune to most antibiotics they still insist the remaining symptoms are psychological and a Lyme sufferers health decline is psychological thought there are literally over a thousand research papers showing it can be chronic just like HIV.

Instead of science working to prevent hypocognition it takes advantage of it to sell false and errant science. Science has become a commodity to be used to con and mislead others for profit.

If the facts is not within the frame sets of a persons persons understanding they understand the concept or idea. The frame systems have to be built up over time. What I find peculiar is there are people who seem to be unaffected and will recognize they do not have the knowledge and will seek knowledge to fill in the frame set they are missing. From what I have observed these are the innovators the ones who think out of the box.

Took me a while to find an article that explains why some of us do not suffer from hypocognition. We are not afraid of what others think , we are not afraid of new ideas, we are not afraid of being creative and making mistakes. This helps protect us from hypocognition.