Benefits of nicatinomide.

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am a lousy editor.

This is not medical advice I am writing this for educational purposes. If you are ill please seek the aid of a qualified and experienced functional medicine practitioner.


Nicatinomide increase NAD+ which is needed by every cell in the body. As we age or get chronically ill we lose the ability to produce NAD+ in adequate amounts. Nicatinomide is a form of niacin (B3). Nicatinomide has been shown to reverse many of the effects of chronic illness and aging. It is needed for glycolysis which is involved in burning fats stored in the liver to produce glucose for the body. NAD+ is also involved in fatty acid oxidation which is the bodies way of burning fats to produce glucose for the body. If glycolysis is inhibited a person will develop fatty liver disease, if beta oxidation is inhibited a person will develop diabetes and hypoglycemia. NAD+ is involved in the proper function of all the antiaging genes. NAD+ is also involved in many of the function that protect us from infections including viral infection. So nicotinamide helps to prevent diabetes, obesity and many age related diseases.

Nicatinomide helps to prevent neurological damage and damage to the brain and improves brain function. It improves learning and memory. It has been found to help prevent depression. It also prevents damage to the brain by improve the function of many pathways in the body preventing toxic metabolites from being produced.

Nicatinomide improves function of the antioxidant system which would protect DNA. Nicatinomide also improve DNA repair. Nicatinomide also improve RNA processing and protects it from premature degradation.

Nicatinomide improves indurance and stamina by improving the bodies ability to burn fats for energy. Fat is the bodies main source of energy. When it cannot burn fat for energy and has to rely on glucose a person will develop frequent episodes of hypoglycemia. With hypoglycemia a person may experience headaches, lightheadedness, dizziness, heart palpitation, feeling flush or hot and may even sweat severely. The reason for the frequent boughts of hypoglycemia is that glucose is rapidly consumed for food and the glucose from fats is released slowly which keeps the glucose levels stable in the body.

Nicatinomide helps to prevent autoimmunity by keeping the immune system balanced. It also improves the ability of the immune system to respond to infection. It helps to prevent many types of viral infection including herpes, corona, the flu and many others.

Nicatinomide also improve the function of the circadian rhythm our bodies natural clock.

Nicatinomide also improves function of the citric acid cycle.

Because NAD+ reduces oxidative stress and inflammation it also helps to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Nicatinomide also improves muscle endurance and strength. It also prevents muscle degeneration.

NAD+ also helps prevent the build of of fibrotic tissue in the body which can cause organ failure so it helps to protect the organs.

It should be taken with food because if taken on an empty stomach a person will experience nausea, fatigue, headaches, diarrhea, stomach discomfort and indigestion. It should not cause flushing like niacin does. From what I could tell a person can take up to 1000 to 2000 mg daily but I would research which is the best amount to take. Excess nicotinamide consumption can inhibit growth of new cartilage and it also inhibits the genes that protect the body from cancer. So once the health issue is addressed that required the consumption of nicotinamide I would recommend pulsing it or discontinuing it’s use if it is no longer needed. I would not take super high doses of nicatinomide.

Nicotinamide has been shown to reduce the occurrence of acne.

Benefits of astaxanthin.

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am a lousy editor.

This is not medical advice, I have written this for educational purposes. If you are ill please seek the aid of a qualified and experienced functional medicine practitioner.

You have to be careful buying astaxanthin there is synthetic astaxanthin and it can cause many health problems. Get it from food sources like eating salmon or krill oil or only use supplements that contain astaxanthin acquired from natural sources. Astaxanthin has a pretty good safety record. Astaxanthin is better absorbed when taken with an oil.

Astaxanthin is one of the most powerful antioxidants. Because of it’s potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties at can reverse some of the effects of aging and has been found to improve eyesight. It has more potent anti-inflammatory properties then steroids. Astaxanthin prevents the negative effects of blue light from cell phone and computer screens.

Astaxanthin reduces wrinkling and improves the health of the skin. It prevents the harmful effects of UV light to the skin.

Astaxanthin reduces cognitive decline, improves BDNF which increases brain plasticity which means it will improve cognition, brain function, and the ability to retain memories. It improves brain blood flow and prevent damage from oxygen deprivation in the brain.

Astaxanthin improves blood flow. Prevent cardiovascular disease, protects the heart from damage and improves blood pressure.

Astaxanthin improves mitochondrial function which would improve the health of the whole body. This would also improve the ability of mitochondria to break down fat to use for energy and improve the mitochondrias ability to produce ATP.

Astaxanthin improves muscle endurance and recovery during exercise. This may be because astaxanthin helps improve insulin and glucose balance.

Astaxanthin has been found to prevent and even reverse many types of cancer. Astaxanthin can also prevent the negative effects physical trauma has on the body.

Astaxanthin can prevent fibrosis in the body which can cause fatty liver and dementia type diseases like Alzheimer. It also prevents liver damage by improving bile duct function. It prevents fatty liver disease from improving the bodies ability to break down and burn fat for energy.

Infection and toxins can cause excess inflammation which can cause loss of smell and hearing. Astaxanthin help prevent loss of hearing and smell from excess oxidative stress and inflammation.

During infections, vaccine injury, toxins like glyphosate in our foods and environment can cause excess inflammation and oxidative stress. This causes tissue ischemia, astaxanthin prevents the damage when that occurs. Those prevention is the best medicine we cannot control everything in our environment. It also help to prevent neurological disease. Astaxanthin actually improves the function of stem cells.

Astaxanthin turns on many of the antiaging genes which are inhibited by Covid and herpes.

Endotoxins and inflammation can cause tryptophan metabolism to shunt and produce toxic metabolites that cause dementia and depression. Astaxanthin prevents this from occurring. It also increases the microbes in the gut that could cause bad tryptophan metabolites to be formed and increases the microbes that reduces inflammation. Astaxanthin helps restore gut immune homeostasis.

There is a reason flamingos are pink if you do not want your skin or eyes to be pink do not consume excessive amounts of astaxanthin. It is what causes flamingos to be pink. Excess astaxanthin consumption can cause low blood pressure. It can also cause excess hair growth. Excess astaxanthin consumption can cause low calcium levels. Astaxantin increases progesterone in cows so may have this effect in humans though I have found no research to support that idea.

I can tell you from personal experience of people who have taken it. It dramatically decreases joint pain. If taken in high dose it caused headaches. Those who took high doses also experienced acid reflux. I do not recommend high dose astaxanthin. Many complain it messed with their hormones. Many other said it got rid of their acne so I suspect it increase their progesterone levels. It does seem to restore hormone balance and until the body gets used to the new hormone levels a person may feel bad.

Benefits of carnitine.

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am a lousy editor.

This is not medical advice, I am writing this for educational purposes. If you are ill please seek the aid of a qualified and experienced functional medicine practictioner.


There are two forms sold by supplement manufacturers. L-carnitine and acetyl-L-carnitine. The L in front means it is bioavailable to the body, in other words the body can readily use it. Acetyl-L-carnitine and L-carnitine do act differently in the body. Many get them mixed up and I will see websites describing the effects of carnitine when it is actual acetyl-L-carnitine effects they are describing. The body has to convert carnitine to acetyl-L-carnitine first so the effects are different. I am going to only discuss the effects of carnitine. I may describe the effects of acetyl-L-carnitine later in this article.

Carnitine increases far burning, and endurance. Carnitine also enhances muscle performance and brain function. Supplementing with D-carintine is not good because it can block the effects of the other canitines L-carnitine and Acetyl-L-carnitine. Carnitine also prevents muscle damage. Carnitine improves insulin sensitivity and improves glucose metabolism. Carnitine prevents aciduria which often times occurs in chronic illness. Carnitine prevents neurological and brain injury and improves their function. Canritine helps to prevent systemic inflammation.

Carnitine prevents the production of trimethylamine N-oxide, it has been linked to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It is what causes fish smell disease where the urine and body odor has a fish like smell. Carnitine is also cardioprotective because it reduces oxidative stress and inflammation. Up to 80% of heart failure has been linked to carnitine deficiency.

If carnitine levels are low from liver inflammation , chronic illness, or nutrient deficiency the body will switch from using fats for energy and use glucose for energy. This can cause high lactic acid levels and chronic fatigue. This can cause fat build up throughout the body causing damage to the organs and obesity.

Carnitine prevents excess oxidative stress and prevents DNA damage. Carnitine helps protect the liver and kidney from damage. Carnitine down regulates the markers that cause sepsis and chronic illness. Carnitine increase fertility in males and females. Carnitine deficiency causes fatty liver disease.

Carnitine improves mitochondrial function and improves the mitochondrias ability to remove toxins. Carnitine has been shown to reverse the damage caused by PCOS.

Carnitine improves the bodies ability to use vitamin C and improves the bodies ability to metabolize sulfur which almost every cell in the body needs.

Carnitine prevents joint deterioration and joint pain. Carnitine improves function of liver , heart and muscle even in those who have severe liver and heart damage. Canitine improves pancreatic function even in those with pancreatic cancer.

Carnitine has been shown to increase lifespan. As you can see carnitine deficiency cause many types of chronic illness and leads to early mortality.

Asparagus, cheddar cheese and whole milk are good sources. Many are deficient now days. The body can produce carnitine from lysine and methione. Oily fish are also good sources of carnitine. Up to 2000 mg a day could be taken without side effects.

Carnitine deficiency is very common now days. The most common causes of carnitine deficiency is nutrient deficiencies, antibiotic injury or consuming foods that damage the gut causing malabsorption of nutrients and vaccine injury causing inhibited blood flow to the gut. Our food is so toxic and just about everyone is vaccine injured so I would say in order to correct carnitine deficiency a person would have to work on healing the gut.

Benefits of red sage.

Written by Lee Stevenson

This is not medical advice I am writing this for educational purposes. If you are ill place seek the aid of a qualified and experienced functional medicine practitioner.

Red Sage (Salvia miltiorrhiza)

In chinese medicine it is referred to as Danshen. Red sage improve cardiovascular health and has been shown to prevent strokes. Red sage has potent antioxidant properties. It also has potent anti-inflammatory properties. Because of red sage antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties it helps to prevent fibrotic diseases like cirrhosis of the liver and Alzheimers disease. Though I have found no studies to support this statement I believe it would help with interstitial cystitis and inflammatory bowel diseases because it inhibits NLRP3 which is over expressed in those diseases. Red sage prevents diabetes induced eye injury and vision loss.

Red Sage improves brain function and cognition. It does thin the blood and prevents blood clotting. Most message boards that I have read on people who used it recommended only taking it for a month and then taking a one week break. Red Sage prevents high blood pressure by increasing nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide is also one of the most potent antivirals used by the body. Because red sage improves blood flow and increases nitric oxide it prevents ischemia (tissue damage from inhibited blood flow).

Red Sage inhibits NADPH oxidase which is upregulate in inflammatory , and autoimmune diseases it inhibits beta oxidation and increases oxidative stress. Inhibiting NADPH oxidase would increase fat burning in the body and decrease oxidative stress. In order for that to occur mitochondrial respiration would have to increase so it would be safe to assume it improves mitochondrial respiration.

Nrf2 is the master regulator of the antioxidant system. Red sage is a potent Nrf2 activator which would increase antioxidant enzymes in the body.

Red sage increases mitophagy which is inhibited by RNA viruses like the herpes viruses. It also prevents autoimmunity by decreasing IgE levels which would prevent excess mast cell degranulation which would decrease histamines preventing and allergic response. It would also prevent over expreassion of TH2 immune response.

Red sage reduces oxalate levels in the body.

Rooibos the best herb ever in my opinion.

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am a lousy editor.

This is not medical advice this is written for educational purposes. If you are ill please seek the aid of a qualified and experienced functional medicine practitioner.

Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis)

Rooibos has very potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It prevents high blood pressure and is cardioprotective. Rooibos helps protect the body from the negative effects of toxins. Rooibos helps protect the lungs from infections such as Sars-Covid because it is a potent ACE inhibitor. Rooibos helps prevent the damaging cytokine storms and oxidative stress caused by toxins and infection. Rooibos protects the liver and kidney from damage and improves their function. Rooibos reduce uric acid levels which can damage the renal system and bladder. High uric acid levels also causes joint pain and joint inflammation. RNA viruses like herpes and Covid damage the insulin producing cells. Rooibos prevents this from happening. It also prevents insulin resistance by by increasing glucose uptake into muscles cells and by increasing the secretion of insulin in pancreatic B-cells. Rooibos inhibits RNA virus replication and prevents them from entering the cells. Rooibos increases short chain fatty acid production by the microbiome which has many health benefits. Rooibos also increases Beta oxidation which would increase the bodies fat burning and increase cellular ATP levels which would help prevent obesity.

Another very interesting property of rooibos is it restores proper function of TH1 immune response. Sometimes when TH1 cannot respond properly it will be upregulated but because of excess inflammation it cannot respond properly. Rooibos inhibits IL-4 and increases IL-2 which would help restore TH1 homeostasis. The would improve the bodies ability to identify and remove offending pathogens.

Rooibos improves mitochondrial function in many ways which would prevent many types of chronic illness. Rooibos improves mitorchondrial respiration which increases fat browning this prevent s obesity. The phytochemicals and nutrients in rooibos prevents osteoporosis and improves bone health. Most herbs that prevent obesity would not be safe for those with type 1 diabetes but the many ways rooibos prevents obesity is through it correcting the issues that cause obesity. Another way rooibos helps with obesity it corrects leptin levels. Many who are obese develop leptin resistance and their bodies not longer respond properly to leptin. Rooibos seems to correct this.

Rooibos helps with gut inflammation and leaky gut because it blocks the effects of endotoxins which prevents them from damaging the gut. Rooibos health benefits are so obvious that they started researching it’s effects on health clear back in the 1700s.

High LDL and low HDL levels indicates the body is under a lot of inflammation and oxidative stress. Rooibos reduces LDL and increases HDL.

There are studies showing rooibos can damage the liver. Those studies used incredibly high and unreasonable amounts of rooibos. Water can kill you if you drink too much because it will flush the electrolytes from your body causing the heart to fail. Rooibos actually stimulates liver regeneration. Because of the many beneficial effects of rooibos it would be safe to assume it can help correct many autoimmune issues and inflammatory diseases.

Benefits of magnolia bark.

Written by Lee Stevenson

This is not medical advice I am writing this for educational purposes. If you are ill please seek the aid of a qualified and experienced functional medicine practitioner.

Magnolia bark

Reduces stress and anxiety. Promotes better sleep. Prevent Alzheimers. It normalizes the HPA axis. It reduces inflammatory cytokines caused by endotoxins. It reduces brain inflammation and prevents seizures. It stimulates the bodies natural steroids witch would reduce pain and inflammation and inflammatory diseases like asthma. Magnolia bark helps to prevent glucose intolerance. Magnolia bark is cardioprotective and prevents excess blood clotting. It is effective against a large variety of gut pathogens. It has been found to be effective against the herpes simplex virus and polio virus. Magnolia may prevent gastric ulcers. Magnolia bark enhances the insulin signaling pathway which can help prevent type 2 diabetes. It activates AMPK which increases mitochondrial beta oxidation which would prevent obesity and fatty liver disease. It can inhibit RNA viruses like Covid.

Benefits of berberine.

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am a lousy editor.

This has been written for educational purposes, it should not be taken as medical advice. If you are ill please find an experienced and qualified functional medicine practitioner.


There are many plants that contain berberine. It is best to research which may be the best fit for the individual. Barberry, bayberry, coptis, oregon grape root and many other plants. Berberine can protect against metabolic disease and diabetes. Berberine reduces joint inflammation. Berberine improves cardiovascular health. Berberine prevents depression and cognitive decline. Berberine can promote weight loss. Berberine prevents lung inflammation. It has a short half life so needs to be taken more then once a day. Berberine helps to reduce bacteria overgrowth in the gut. Berberine helps to protect the liver. Berberine has potent anti-inflammatory properties. Berberine has a broad range of antimicrobial properties and even kills parasites. The antioxidant properties of berberine are comparable to that of vitamin C. Berberine’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects contribute to it ability to protect the renal system. Berberine prevents insulin resistance and improves glucose intolerance. Berberine improves kidney and liver function. Berberine increases the bodies natural steroids which reduces inflammation. Berberine prevents candida overgrowth. Endotoxins cause leaky gut. Berberine heals the gut and prevents the negative effects of the endotoxins. Berberine prevents fatty liver disease by balancing the microbiome. Berberine improves mitochondrial respiration which increases cellular ATP levels which would prevent obesity. Berberine also increase the microbes in the gut that prevent obesity. Berberine reduces B-catenin levels which would inhibit herpes and corona viruses from entering the cells.

Bererine has been found to inhibit many types of infection from amoeba to viral. It has been shown to be effective against Covid and herpes.

Excess consumption of berberine can cause stomach pain or cramping, distention, flatulence, nausea , diarrhea or constipation. Very high doses can cause low blood pressure and flu like symptoms. It can cause uterine contractions so should not be used by pregnant women.

Urolithan one of the most potent microbial healing metabolites, that most no longer produce.

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am a lousy editor.


Urolithins is produced by our gut microbes from ellagic acid which is high in most berries, pomegranate , walnuts and pecans. Urolithin is one of the most potent phytochemicals for healing and remaining healthy. It is nueroprotective, cardioprotective, hepatoprotective, it prevents diabetes, obesity, autoimmunity, and prevents systemic inflammation. Urolithin A and B and isourolithin A are the most beneficial urolithins. Unfortunately many lack the microbes to produce urotlithins or to produce the final urolithin metabolites like urolithin A because the gut microbes that do this are becoming extinct in the human gut. Antibiotic use, medications, GMO foods, processed foods, and the heavy use of farm chemicals have caused levels of those chemicals to be high in our foods. All of these are killing beneficial microbes in the human gut. Many now lack the microbes to produce urolithans. I have tried to find animal milks that would contain them but have not found any yet. You can buy urolithin A as a supplement. Urolithin increases ATP, NAD+, levels and also increases Sirt1 and PGC1 which would increase mitochondrial respiration. Also PGC1 helps to inhibit herpes viruses. This would also help reverse some of the effects of aging. Most centurions produce high levels of urolithin. Urolithin increases mitochondrial biogenesis. These are my own thoughts but I wonder if those who get any of the herpes viruses may be lacking the microbes that produce urolithin because many of the ways herpes viruses and Covid use to infect the cells would be prevented with urolithin. Urolithin inhibits most cytokines involved in sepsis and systemic inflammation. It prevents autoimmunity. It prevents the negative effects of endotoxins. I suspect this may also be why so many are so sensitive to mold toxins now. Many now lack the microbes to produce urolithin. At the rate things are going pretty soon certain people poop will be worth more then gold if their families have the microbes that are becoming extinct in the human guts. They most likely will start farming poop for microbes trying to find the missing microbes and restore them. It is sad that most no longer produce one of the most beneficial microbial metabolites.

Some more benefits of urolithin is it prevents brain aging. Urolithins are amazing molecules. They act as prooxidants in the right places and antioxidants in the right places. They are miracle molecules. Urolithin improves all around brain function and hormone levels. You can be almost certain those who are obese are lacking the microbes that produce urolithin. Urolithin increases life span and is neuroprotective.

Bifidobacteria pseudoctenulatium and Akkermansia munciphilia first break down ellagic acid then it is farther converted to a variety of urolithins by Gordonibacter urolithinfaciens and Gordonibacter pamelaeae. Most lack the species to fully convert urolithins now days. The days of centurions is coming to and end sadly. As the pharmaceutical, biotech industry and chemical industries toxins slowly drive our gut microbes to extinction the human health is going to only worsen.

Benefits of citrus extract.

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am a lousy editor.

This is not medical advice , I am writing this for educational purposes. If you are ill please seek the aid of an experienced and qualified functional medicine practitioner.

Citrus peel extract

Citrus peel extract has some of the most potent antioxidents properties. It also stimulates autophagy, increases glycolysis and increases glucagon levels which prevents diabetes and obesity. Citrus extract has very potent anti-inflammatory properties. Because of it’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties it improves liver and kidney function. Citrus extract also helps heal ulcerations in the gut. It helps prevent DNA damage. It has been found to have very potent neuroprotective effects and inhibits intestinal cancer. Citrus extract prevents infectious agents from producing biofilms. Citrus peel extract reduces many types of gut pathogens. If you research the phytochemicals in citrus peel you will see they turn on the anti-aging genes, help to protect the body from the effects of endotoxins and many many other benefits. Too numerous to list. It contains hesperiden which is a very potent antiviral.

Here is a list of some of the phytochemicals in citrus extract. Nobiline, hesperiden, citracridone, rutin, apigenin, argenin, synephrine, ferulic acid, luteolin, gallic acid and caffeic acid.

I am mainly referring to oranges but tangerines and lemons contain very similar phytochemicals. It should be used at night because it has a relaxant effect. It does contain a chemical called synephrine which as a stimulant effect at first then you feel tired. If taken in excess you will feel physically drained. Citrus extract is high in minerals and vitamins.

Citrus extract contains some chemicals like nobiletin, hesperiden, linomene, linalool and naragin which help to slow aging.

The phytochemicals in orange peels also have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

Citrus extract stimulates autophagy which helps remove junk from cells, clear infection from cells and helps cells to repair. This also protects cells and DNA from damage.

Citrus extract also reduces the release of histamine so it also helps with asthma.

It also helps correct metabolic issues that cause diabetes and obesity.

Citrus extract helps to prevent osteoporosis.

Citrus extract protects from the effects of UV radiation.

Citrus extract has very potent antibacterial, anti-parasitic and anti-fungal properties.

Citrus extract is cardioprotective and helps reduce triglyceride levels. Citrus extract also prevents excess blood clotting and improves blood vessel health.

Citrus extract helps to prevent neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer, Parkinson’s, and Amylotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Citrus extract helps to prevent many types of cancer.

Side effects of consuming too much citrus extract are headaches, body weakness, and vision problems.

Citrus extract improves digestive health.