Our environment determines our genotype and our phenotype.

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am not the best editor.

Our environment determines our phenotype. Our phenotype chances with age based on the effects our environment has had. Phenotypes can change over time and environmental changes. Our microbiome are the major regulators of our phenotype. Our epigenome connects our genes with our environment. Our microbiome helps to maintain a balance between our environment and our genes. If there are changes to our environment these can even effect the expression of our genes and even gene splicing. Our environment can negatively effect our genes and this can have a negative impact on our microbiome and verse versa. This shows the importance of restoring gut health and improving our environment. The two are connected. If we do not improve both the we cannot heal. The genetics model of chronic illness is slowly being proven wrong day by day. Our environment and microbiome determine how our genes are expressed or not expressed. Even our diets can effect our phenotype. Even our SNPs are effected by our environment and microbiome.