Getting ill from many foods? It may be salicylate or phelol sensitivity.

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I do not edit very well.

This is not medical advice, this is for educational purposes. If you are ill please find a qualified and experienced functional medicine practitioner.

These health issues have been found to cause autism. Salicylate and phenol issues can also cause a sensitivity to sunlight which is caused by the adrenal issues.

Salicylic acid sensitivity can be caused by stress, leaky gut, Clostridium or Candida overgrowth, inflammation in the gut or high cortisol levels. If the person only reacts to salicylates then this part of the article will inform them but if they react to almost all foods then they need to read the part of this article on phenols.

Salicylic acid is natural aspirin , but straight aspirin is man made and can irritate the gut.

There is such a variety of information on what food contain salicylate that I could not list them here because each list I found was different.

Symptoms will be similar to high histamines. It is caused by high levels of leukotriens which is usually a result of intestinal inflammation. The inflammation is usually caused by COX-1 inhibition. In many it may be necessary to address sulfation. For example Lyme and Clostridium can inhibit sulfation. So can many toxins like glyphosate and mercury. Blocking COX-2 can help but you have to be careful because many natural COX-2 inhibitors inhibit COX-1 which would make things worse.

The symptoms of salicylate sensitivity will occur after consuming them. If you experience the symptoms below write down the foods and see if they are high in salicylates.

Symptoms of salicylate sensitivity are:

Rosy looking cheeks.

difficulty breathing or asthma like symptoms.

Stuffy nose

gas , bloating or abdominal pain.


hives or skin swelling.

Ringing or buzzing in the ears.

Swelling in lower layer of skin (angiodema)
Tongue or eye swelling.
Frequent headaches
frequent urination
persistent cough
memory loss
psuedoanaphlaxis (throat swelling)

The herbs most potent for reducing leukotriene has side effects so I would not take high dose these are boswellia, and butterbur. Omega 3 oils reduce leukotriene. Omega 6 fatty acids should be avoided except evening primrose. It is a type of Omega 6 that actually reverses the inflammatory effects of other Omega 6s. Antioxidants such as grape seed extract and pine bark extract reduces leukotrienes. Increasing the Butyrate producing microbes helps with salicylate sensitivity. PQQ and pcyogenol also help. Zinc and selenium help but should be taken in low dose. Salicylate sensitivity can cause high histamines and histamines can cause salicylate sensitivity causing a cycle that needs broken. If a person has high oxalate levels it can make them sensitive to salicylates.

Restoring secondary bile acids is a must.

Phenol sensitivity.

The causes of phenol sensitivity are antibiotic use, glyphosate , mercury, inflammation, leaky gut, lead toxicity, swimming in or drinking water that has been chloronated and vaccine injury.

Phenol sulfur transferase is responsible for the detoxification of salycilates and phenols. Sulfation is needed so should be supported. This could make someone sensitive to just about any foods that contain salicylates and phenols. So they will react to just about everything. This is usually caused by cresol that is produced by many gut pathogens especially Clostrium overgrowths. Glyphosate, antibiotics and swimming in chloronated water can also cause this to occur. Onces with this problem will also have issues with amines. These ones will also be sensitive to salicylates because sulfation is effected and sulfation is needed to detox salicylates.

If you have issues with phenols you will have the problems salicylates cause but you will have issues with pheols also.

Symptoms are dark circles under the eyes

Red face and ears



Head banging or self injury.

Difficulty sleeping at night

Walking in sleep

Night sweets.

If they continue to consume these without addressing the problems by taking the nutrients I mention below they can go anaphylatic. Their throat could swell shut and they will have difficulty breathing and swallowing.

This can be corrected by restoring secondary bile acid production and restoring the microbes that break down cresol. Pyridoxal-5-phosphate (P5P) , B12 ,B2, niacinomide, low dose biotin, Folate, vitamin C , molybdenum , taurine, vitamine A , undenatured whey protein, potassium, glycine and histidine is needed . Those with this problem must take magnesium before they take the P5P or it will make them ill. Shisandra will improve their glutathion status. High sulfur foods should be avoided until those supplements have been started then the person should start increasing there consumption of foods that contain sulfur.
These foods should be avoided by those who have this problem. Bananas, tomatoes, oranges, grapefruit, beetroot, peppers, pumpkins, cheese, and chocolate. Do not take high dose P5P 50mg is enough. High dose will have the opposite effect. The same with molybdenum. Those who have this problem will excrete excess sulfur in their urine. If they person has night sweats then methylsulfanylmethane will help reduce the symptoms. Molybdenum should not be any higher then 1mg a day. High sulfur foods may have to be limited until this is addressed. N-acetylcysteine (NAC) 250 to 300 mg can provide the sulfur needed. Feingold diet helps those suffering from this problem. Milk thistle ginger and royal jelly will enhanced their ability to detox. Selenium is needed but once levels are up a person should not keep taking it.

Addressing the cause can help correct this, whether it be a toxin or overgrowths of Candida or Clostridium. . But nutritional support is needed until the things that have caused it have been corrected. Secondary bile acid production needs to by restored by increasing FXR expression , bayberry, bearberry or coptis helps with that along with restoring the secondary bile acid producing bacteria. Epsom salt baths also help. Also increase the acetate producing microbes they use hydrogen preventing the hydrogen sulfate producing microbes from using it. Also the microbes that increase IgA need increased.

Cooking and peeling foods can reduce salicylate and phenol content.