History has shown science should rarely be trusted.

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am a lousy editor.

We are told to trust the science now days. We are told the science is settled. Anyone who knows science knows the science is never settled and historically we should have learned science is wrong the biggest percentage of the time. Scientific bias has plagued science for centuries. When science is wrong society and even religion would put pressure on those who exposed the errors of the science. History has shown science cannot be trusted. It is easily manipulated and corrupted. The flawed research or falsified research is not always intentional but by design. Educational institutions are now teaching methodologies that will protect their corporate sponsors and prevent their flawed science from being exposed. The saddest part I have seen is there are many female researchers who are breaking through the fake science but they have a bigger obstacle. Female researchers even now rarely get acknowledged. I found this surprising. Many more of them are being acknowledged but not to the degree they should be. This also silences a lot of valid science because male bias is prevalent in research now days.

Most modern medical treatment is not backed by science and what research they do cannot be replicated. If the science is valid it can be easily replicated. There is the fear of losing funding or even , the researchers job if they do not publish research. So many of them falsify research in order to achieve status, job security or to maintain funding. They do this to paint those providing the jobs or funding in a favorable light. The pharmaceutical and medical industry has a lot of power. They have destroyed the careers of many researchers and even politicians who have opposed their fake and falsified science. The pharmaceutical industry has because so powerful most world leaders are powerless against them. We just got a demonstration of this power with the world wide lock downs and forced experimental injections of citizens world wide. Much of the funding for government entities comes from the biotech industry or the pharmaceutical industry. This has caused government entities world wide to become corrupted and they have been caught many times covering up that the research produced by the pharmaceutical industry and biotech industries was falsified or flawed. Even educational institutions now will falsify research to paint those funding their research in a favorable light. Or the research is biased and the results of the research have been determined before the study is even done and the data is manipulated so that they will appear to achieve the results the study needed to. But if a person scrutinizes the research they will find data has been omitted or even manipulated.

Scientist are no longer open minded. They are forced into only researching a very specific way by the pharmaceutical industry and the biotech industry. This is because if they follow valid scientific methodology it will reveal the fake pharmaceutical and biotech science. Anyone who uses good scientific methods would expose the truth about pharmaceutical and biotech research and risk having their careers and reputation destroyed. They even pay media and researchers peers to help to destroy the reputations and careers of those who expose their flawed research. If their scientific methodology is not used then most won’t even acknowledge the research papers that have been published because it does not fit the modern fake science narrative.

They constantly say trust the science. How can you trust the science when it has been thoroughly corrupted and even falsified? My question is what science? There is very little valid medical science now days. The naturopathic community is publishing researching with pretty good science, but I am starting to see it get corrupted as competition to develop products that can be patented occurs.

You want to find the real science. Find papers written by those who have been attacked by government entities, the pharmaceutical industry, biotech industry and even the medical industry because they protect their corporate sponsors. Most of the media companies including social media and many search engines are heavily funded by the biotech and pharmaceutical industry so it is very difficult to find the truth. They have essentially killed real science or silenced it. So what we need to ask when someone says “trust the science” is what science? There is very little valid medical or biotech science now days. We could even apply that to climate science. Most climate science has been shown to be severely flawed. So being told to trust the science is like being told to believe the lies and ignore the truth. Sadly I am seeing what happened centuries ago occur to those exposing the errors in science, occur now days. Citizens world wide, government entities and even religious organizations are putting faith in science and attacking those who will not. It would be wise to not put our faith in science when historically it has been wrong often times easily corrupted or biased.

This is why chronic illness and disease is rampant on the earth now because people trust the science. So we need to ask ourselves should we trust the science or trust what we are seeing? The science is so corrupted it is causing a lot of harm. In the mean time just as in times past , most have been indoctrinated to ignore the truth and attack and persecute those exposing the corruptions and errors in science. So we need to ask ourselves is it really wise to trust the science? Notice how much society attacks those who pay attention to what they are seeing instead of trusting the science. They are playing a childish high school game that is used by other students to ostracize to get others to ignore or belittle someone. Most want to fit in. So if they start belittling someone or attacking them others will join in just so they are not viewed as being different. Many wonder why they are not happy now days but they no longer think for themselves they want to be a part of the bigger community and in doing so they lose themselves. Is it really worth giving up our unique individuality just so we will be respected by those who prefer to live a life of lies and deception. I prefer not being easily deceived and being looked down on and even rejected by society rather then live my life protecting lies.

The truth will defend itself but it takes more lies to defend the first lie. In order to prevent having to tell more lies it is easier to silence people , because once the lies become too numerous it gets harder to defend the first lie. It is much easier to quickly silence those exposing the lies then to keep defending the first lie with new lies. This is why they try and quickly silence those exposing the lies. When someone is being silenced that should raise alarms because if the persons is lying eventually the lies would expose themselves, so there is no need to silence someone who is lying.

People just trusting the science and not questioning it has hindered scientific progress for centuries. We have many examples in history of those who knew the science of that time was in error and if they proved it they were persecuted, ostracized and even killed. It wasn’t until centuries later that those people were proven to be correct. Nothing has changed those in positions of power or authority refuse to leave the science be questioned. This hinders any real progress.

I could list hundreds of articles showing modern science is severely flawed and corrupted but I feel the links below are adequate to prove my point that we should not trust the science and science is never settled.