Causes of feet and leg swelling.


This is not medical advice I am posting this for educational and informational purposes.

Causes of feet or leg swelling.



Sometimes leg swelling can indicate a more serious health problem and may indicate that you need to see a doctor. If possible see a naturopathic doctor they treat the cause and allopathic are taught to treat the symptoms keeping a person on a medical hamster wheel. If it continues to reoccur or gets worse a person should see a doctor.

Magnesium or Potassium deficiency can cause leg or feet swelling. Usually if it is from a mineral or vitamin deficiency a person will develop cracks in the corners of the mouth, scaly or dry skin and the tongue may become red and swollen. Malabsorption or vitamin deficiency can cause it especially if deficient in B vitamins and magnesium.

Many drugs can cause swelling in the feet and legs.

Thrombosis or heart problems can cause leg and feet swelling. Addressing the cause is best which can be from any number of things from an imbalance in our gut microbiome, infection or metabolic issues. Things that may help until the problems is corrected is grape seed extract, hawthorne, and bacopa.

The obvious cause is being on feet too long and ill fitting shoes or pregnancy. Things that may help with this type is getting enough fluids, drink water, soak in Epsom salt, elevate feet above heart if possible. Try moving around and not standing in one place to keep blood circulating in the legs. Get enough nutrients especially minerals. Compression socks helped me when I worked a job that caused my feet to swell. Swelling that comes with bloating in the gut, back pain after drinking beer is gut dysbiosis or candida overgrowth. I have posted on correcting that also. Breaks strains and sprains are also obvious causes.

Leaky gut causes allergies and food intolerances which can lead to leg and feet swelling. I have posted on healing the gut, addressing allergies which are an autoimmune issue or vaccine injury.

Low carbohydrate intake. Much of peoples carbohydrates are low quality processed carbohydrates that can cause hypoglycemia which can cause swelling in the feet. Processed sugar can also lead to leg and feet inflammation. Getting carbs from grains, fruits,vegetables, nuts and beans is best.

Vitamin D deficiency or issues with receptors involved with vitamin D can cause feet swelling. Taking over 5000 IU of vitamin D a can have negative health effects. If there are issues with the receptors involved with the vitamin D receptor taking vitamin D may make things worse. It has to be addressed before taking vitamin D.

Excessive inflammatory cytokines, can cause issues with blood flow which can cause swelling including thrombosis. Figure out and correct the cause of the inflammation there are many causes including high glyphosate levels, high heavy metal levels, even vaccine injury.

Diabetes can cause feet swelling. I have posted on some things that may help with diabetes.

Lifestyle can cause it like excessive alcohol consumption or eating processed foods. Obvious remedy if this is the cause consume less alcohol or processed foods or any other lifestyle known to cause swollen feet or legs.

Protein deficiency or proteinuria can cause feet swelling. I have posted on things that help with metabolic issues that can cause proteinuria, pyrole issues or porphyria.

Kidney problems can cause leg swelling. This is complex because there are many causes of kidney disease from gut dybiosis to metabolic and autoimmune issues. Figure out which of these it is and address them. Many of the problems I have mentioned I have posted on some things that may help.

High TH17 issues can cause leg and feet swelling. My post on autoimmunity discusses TH17.

Lymphatic issues can cause leg and feet swelling. There are naturals that help clean the lymphatic system out and massage techniques. Cleavers also known as bedstraw is fantastic for cleaning the lymphatic tissue out.

Hormone issues can cause swelling in feet and legs. It takes time but many hormone issues can be corrected. A good indicator of hormone issues is if the swelling occurs at the time of menstrual cycles.