Benefits of turkey tail mushroom.

Turkey tail mushroom (Trametes versicolor)

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am a lousy editor.

I am writing this for educational purposes this is not medical advice. If you are ill please seek the aid of a knowledgeable and experienced functional medicine practictioner.

Turkey tail mushrooms are anti-inflammatory. It stimulates the immune system and has been shown to fight a variety of viral infections including the flu, cold , covid and inhibits herpes viruses. It stimulates the immune system. It inhibits many types of cancer. I can say I used it for a cold and it knocked it out of me overnight but made me sweat like crazy. It has been shown to be effective against HPV. If you accidentally pick false turkey tail it is ok it has many of the same benefits and possibly more so then turkey tail mushroom. Now to be honest until I see a study I cannot say I would recommend it with someone who has autoimmunity but it does inhibit PARP meaning it would prevent herpes viruses and covid from effecting the mitochondria. It increases cytochrome C so it would help improve mitochondrial respiration. It also is a COX-2 inhibitor which means it would reduce inflammation similar to how an NSAID would. It does increase IL-6 and Interferon gamma which is high in herpes infection and Covid so I would recommend this be used for those after the systemic inflammation has been addressed. It is an ACHe inhibitor so would reduce the symptoms of Alzheimers.