Are vaccines a gift from God as some claim?

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am not the best editor.

Some are calling vaccines a gift from God. This is ridiculous. Vaccines are known to have very harmful side effects and have killed tens of thousands over the years. The new experimental injections have already killed more people then all vaccines combined. A gift from God would not carry such risk so to consider something so harmful and so dangerous a gift from God is ridiculous and an outright lie. I cannot trust anyone who makes such a claim because I have seen so many harmed by vaccines and other medical and pharmaceutical products. The pharmaceutical industry has a very long criminal history. Do you really believe a gift from God is going to come from an organization with such a long criminal history and a history of deception. Often times the FDA and WHO have colluded with them in order to hide the harm being done. It stands to reason because much of their funding comes from the pharmaceutical industry.

Historically conspiracy theorist have a high rate of being correct. They had to take extreme measures to silence them to keep the truth from coming out. We are seeing that now. They are destroying careers of those exposing the truth about Covid and the Covid injections. Social media sites are removing any post of people talking about the adverse reactions to the vaccines. This is the most corruption I have seen in any medical treatment to date. The data coming out is showing not only have these vaccines increased the risk of infection they also increased the mortality rate. How is it possible that a virus is mutating and becoming more and more virulent so quickly? Why is it that these new variants are coinciding with the introduction of new versions of their vaccines. If these vaccines are working why are they requiring so many boosters? We know WHO is part of the United Nations and they oppose God. All this is being done at their request. They have so much influence that many religious organizations are not questioning their request, and readily submitting showing how easy it is to get religious organizations to submit to their will . So when it is time to receive the mark of the beast many won’t even realize they have been deceived into receiving it because they chose to believe the lies instead of listening to the supposed conspiracy theorist, who are usually ones who have been injured or have had family injured or killed by these experimental medical treatments. There are many carrying blood guilt I have seen the injury and deaths first hand and the governments world wide have been deleting the data when someone tries to report it. I have seen many medical professionals on social media who tried to report adverse reactions and they stated after they reported it the data had been deleted. Those injured by these injections are being told their adverse reactions are paranoia , genetic or even idiopathic. Mainstream search engines are censoring the harm the experimental medical procedures are causing.

Below I provide links to the data showing the harm being done.

Many studies have shown that injury to the bodies from medications and toxins in our food is making people more prone to infection from Covid. The arrogance of man thinking we could improve on the things God created has caused us to genetically alter plants and it has been shown they have a negative impact on peoples health. Now they believe they can provide better immunity then the immune system God gave us. This arrogance is causing many to become chronically ill and even costing their lives. Religious organizations world wide are being convinced to put their faith in man instead of the things God gave us. This is causing many to turn away from God who are aware of the corruption involved in all these entities. It is causing them to lose their trust in those who are teaching them. I see religious entities brushing the vaccine injured or those who have been injured by the vaccines as conspiracy theorist. How horrible does this have to be for them when the very people they turn to that should show them compassion are brushing them aside and ignoring them to the point they are even telling them to remain silent about what has happened. To cover over these lies and ignore them makes those who are doing it just as guilty as those causing the harm.

Once a person does their research they will get a full understanding, much of the funding for research at the CDC and FDA comes from the pharmaceutical industry . This is why the FDA tried to have the data sealed for 55 years to hide the harm these experimental medical treatments are doing. It can take months for a person’s injection injury to start presenting itself. Governments around the world have been pulling the data off the net that shows the truth about these injections but if a person searches they can find sites that uploaded that data. The truth defends itself but lies require more and more work to defend and a lot of hiding things and silencing people. Many have been removed from social media for post about their adverse reactions to the experimental medical procedure. If someone is telling us not to question things they have something to hide. Even God does not require us to obey blindly it is why he gave us his word. Man is corrupt and sinful to believe something without looking deeper into things and to brush of those who have been harmed by the pharmaceutical industry as being conspiracy theorist is dishonoring them and God for not giving them the compassion they need and deserve.

The evidence is very clear there is a lot of deception surrounding vaccine and the new experimental medical procedures. They are even hiding the harm being done. Sadly our own government did a study and only 1% of adverse reactions to vaccines get reported so the numbers harmed and killed by vaccines are probably much much higher then the numbers are showing. A blessing from God does not come with hiding facts of the harm being done and come with deception to hide the harm being done. Blessings from God do not come with the risk of life long injury and even death as a side effect which vaccines have been proven to cause. Vaccines cause so much injury that they had to pass a bill to protect the pharmaceutical and medical industry from the law suits. If a product was truly safe and effective such extreme measure would not have to be taken. Anyone saying vaccines are a blessing from God is promoting a falsehood.

Even last August the CDC knew vaccines were not preventing Covid from being spread.

I was a member of this group and another that had 150,000 members and Facebook deleted the groups. We were trying to teach them how to heal.

All this deception was done at the request of the U.S. senate. Showing how corrupted they have become. They are even removing highly trained medical professionals from social media to hide the truth in matters. If the things they were saying were true these people would not pose a threat because the truth defends itself but it is very difficult to defend lies and it takes extreme measures to cover over lies. Many of the politicians are heavily funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical industry and WHO has not corrupted all politicians because some are speaking out and giving the vaccine injured a voice.,%20heard%20and%20believed%20after%20adverse%20vaccine%20reactions

I find it interesting they are releasing studies and in their studies they claim the vaccinated are protected even though the data shows not only are they not protected they are spreading Covid.

Doctors around the world are speaking out about the harm being done at the risk of destroying their careers and reputations.

The data being released shows it is the spike protein that is making people ill, the very spike protein that the vaccinated peoples bodies are producing. So the vaccines are shedding and making others ill.

The vaccines are causing many types of illness including vaginal bleeding.

DATA coming out is showing the vaccinated are developing ADE which is an autoimmune disease where the body attacks itself. This is if they survive the excess blood clotting.

The more you get vaccinated the more your immune system gets damaged.

The data coming out is showing the vaccinated are more prone getting and dying from Covid.

Studies are showing natural immunity is far better. This shows putting our trust in the immune system God gave us rather then man is far better.

Because no one is listening to the victims many have set up websites to give the people a voice to speak out.