They are challenging vaccine mandates and winning.

Written by Lee Stevenson,

Many are challenging the vaccine mandates and winning. Some have been awarded money. Since the data is coming out showing those who got the Covid vaccine had a much much higher mortality rate and a much much higher rate of infection people are winning their vaccine lawsuits. My question now is can the social media companies be sued for lying about the safety and efficacy of the Covid vaccines? They influenced many to get the vaccine with their lies. So many have been harmed by their lies. Should they not be held accountable? I would say more people need to start lawyering up.

Won ten million.

Vaccine mandate lawsuits can be defeated.

Court decided government cannot force vaccine mandates. It is why private businesses are being sued and having to pay millions

Many states are fighting back on covid vaccine mandates see if yours is.

Now that the data is coming out showing that the vaccines were the number one cause of death lawsuits are being won.

Vaccinated 8x more likely to be infected. Covid vaccine dramatically increases risk of death and infection not just from Covid but many types of infection.

Vaccines actually have a negative efficacy, meaning they make you more prone to infection.

Thousands of deaths and the many ways the Covid vaccine kill people. They re calling it sudden adult death syndrome or cause of death unknown when people die from the Covid vaccine.

The media tried to paint vaccines in a positive light. That did not go well because they wanted people to tell their stories about loved ones who died from not getting the vaccine. They got flooded with people commenting saying they are watching people die from the vaccine.