Walmart app, straight Talk

computerI am posting this just in case someone is thinking of installing the Walmart app on their android device. Or renewing their Straight Talk online. I downloaded and installed the Walmart app and when I tried to open the app it informed me that I needed Google Play in order for it to work. I don’t like Google Play because it takes up a lot of memory and battery. I installed it anyways.  Started the Walmart app and all it does is open your browser to the Walmart website. So I continued to the Straight Talk plans and chose the one month plan. Used my debit card to pay for it. In the add it stated that you should get an email in around 60 minutes. I didn’t read the whole thing, big mistake because it stated that it could take up to 48 hours .

Well after waiting three days I still didn’t receive anything so I ended up canceling my order and going to Walmart and buying a plan there.