Say goodbye to paper money.

Written by Lee Stevenson

Your paper money is about to be replaced with Biden Bucks. Crypto currency designed to control your money. Paper money will be done away with. They can control your money. If you buy guns, leave too big of a carbon foot print, or do not earn enough social credits then your Biden bucks can be taken away from you. I warned that Biden wanted to implement something like this before he got in office. They are going to do this on a world wide scale very soon. If you are labeled a rebel against the government for speaking the truth. If you refuse medical treatments they want to force on you then your Biden bucks will be taken. Sound familiar you will not be able to buy sell or trade unless you accept the mark of the beast.

The Covid vaccine injured better fight if they don’t want to end up like those who got Lyme disease.

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am not the best editor.

Those who have been injured by the Covid vaccine are experiencing what those who have Lyme experience and those injured by fluorquinolones. They get ignored , gas lit by being told their symptoms are imagined. They ignore them , refuse to report them. When they do report them most governments refuse to acknowledge the injury or death. The only way this corruptions is going to stop is if those injured by the vaccine contact as many media sites as they can. Comment on articles promoting the vaccines telling the truth. Formerly having Lyme and being floxed I can tell all those injured by the Covid vaccine if you all do not group together and work together you will not get justice. It is very difficult to get the Lyme communities and those floxed online to work together and organize in a way to be effective. The Lyme battles and fluoroquinolone battles have been going on for over 30 years and they have gotten no where. The vaccine injured need to organize and work together in a way to be more effective. Maybe contact your politicians, share information showing they are hiding the truth. Start blogs, or websites. Contact as many media sites as possible. Tell people about your vaccine injury even when they deny your were injured at least you told them. Plant the seeds. Ask people questions they cannot answers unless they answer them truthfully. For example ask if the vaccines were supposed to save lives why have the death rates went up by 40%. Ask people if the vaccines worked and were safe and effective why have disability rates taken a dramatic climb?

I can tell you from experience you will be denied disability benefits and will be given very little in public assistance. If you do not fight back you will end up homeless and lose all you own just like those who got Lyme and who got injured by the fluoroquinolone drugs have.

Sites that help those who have been injured report the injury. Or if you had a loved one killed by one of the Covid vaccines these sites try to help and report the death or injury. They blamed all the deaths on Covid but it was actually the treatments being given to patients that were killing them and not Covid.

If you contact Children’s health defense they may have resources to help report Covid vaccine injury or death.

Legal help if you was injured by the vaccine or had a loved one injured or killed by the vaccine. Also links to legal information.

Legal info for Canadians.

How vaccine data is manipulated during vaccine trials.

Legal help for religious exemption from vaccine mandates.

This is a list of thousands speaking out on social media sites those injured by the vaccine or who had a loved one killed or injured by the vaccine need to tell their stories on any social media site not censoring. Twitter will not censor as long as you are telling the truth but many social media websites are censoring.

They are not compensating those injured by the vaccine.

Thousands of reports and the types of injury. Most are not being compensated. Some of these sites you can tell your story so the world will know the truth. If you or a loved one have been injured by a Covid vaccine or a loved one has been killed try to find sites and media outlets you can speak out on. When possible any site promoting the vaccine comment if you can telling the truth. We cannot leave them cover this up. This is worse then the holocaust. Millions world wide are dying and covering it up. If they get away with it they will continue to force the pharmaceutical and medical industries will on us. Hitler did the very same thing. He did medical experiments on the Jews.

If we remain silent they will continue to harm people and get away with it.

There is a good chance the vaccinated are transmitting prions they can be transmitted through body fluids.

Prions are contagious.

Covid vaccinated are producing prions. Prions are contagious.

Prions are forever

There are groups on social media but many of them get deleted especially the ones on Facebook. There are also support groups that can be found online.

Life insurance payments are off the charts.