Why you will never know the truth about the Covid vaccines and the Delta variant.

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am a lousy editor.

The CDC, NIH and many other health organizations around the world are pulling the data from their websites on the deaths and harm caused by the vaccines. They are also pulling the data that shows the vaccinated are the ones getting the supposed Delta variant. We have to keep in mind the CDC , NIH and many other health organizations are heavily funded by the pharmaceutical industry. They are going to protect their corporate sponsors. It is why they are removing data from their websites that would show the truth about the harm their corporate sponsors are doing. Those vaccines are not free governments around the world are paying the pharmaceutical companies to distribute the vaccines. They have made billions from governments world wide.

Since we no longer have access to the data we have to use reasoning and observational science which the pharmaceutical industry and biotech industry hates because it means you follow the clues, develop a theory and then prove the theory. All the clues point to the vaccines being either the cause of the new Delta variant or they are making people more susceptible to strains of Covid that are usually not very infectious. There are a variety of ways vaccines cause diseases to become more infectious and even jump species.

When you look at the data the states with the highest Delta corona virus infections are the states that are the most heavily vaccinated so either they are falsely claiming there is a new variant to hide the vaccine injury or the vaccinated are causing Corona viruses to mutate and become more infectious. The CDC themselves admitted that the vaccinated are spreading the Covid variant. The extremes they are going through to hide the harm the vaccines are doing and how they are completely failing to protect people is explained at this link . https://peckford42.wordpress.com/2021/06/12/of-course-cdc-is-changing-the-rules-the-falsity-of-it-all/

To hide how ineffective the vaccines are the CDC has decided to limit the data on break through cases among the vaccinated. The CDC themselves admitted that the vaccinated were spreading the Delta variant. I provided a link to the leaked document below. Studies done in some of the most heavily vaccinated nations like Israel are showing that the vaccine offer very little protection if any protection at all. There are many studies showing the vaccinated are spreading the Delta variant. Even the UK is skewing the data to make things appear to be more positive then they are. They did a study that showed the Covid vaccine actually increased your chances of dying from the Delta variant but the skewed the data to make it appear the unvaccinated had a better chance of dying from it. President Biden ordered OSHA to hide the data from employees who had adverse reactions to the Covid vaccine.

As deaths from the Covid vaccines skyrocket and the numbers are very high the CDC and other government agencies are working very hard to protect their corporate sponsors by hiding this data from the public. President Biden has social media companies censoring those who have been exposing the harm the vaccines are doing. Governments world wide have been censoring the information so people will not know that the vaccines are causing more harm and deaths then the Covid virus itself.

In the mean time they are pretending these vaccines are free but governments around the world have been paying the pharmaceutical companies billions for the vaccines. Most politicians are heavily funded by the pharmaceutical industry it looks like they are returning the favor.

The CDC , FDA and pharmaceutical industries have a history of deception and criminal activity. They have been caught many time colluding with big corporations to hide the harm being done by the products these corporations are producing. For anyone to trust a government who has many times deceived the public and worked with the pharmaceutical industry to deceive the public companies, they are either naive or stupid.





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