Was Man Created Or Did We Evolve?








Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am a lousy editor.

No Evidence Supporting Evolution.

There is no scientific evidence for the belief in evolution. When scientist make claims of findings supporting evolution and later they have been proven false they fail to remove those claims. Science is not supposed to be based on speculation but yet they teach things that are speculation as if they are fact. If we removed all the findings that have been proven false there would be no evidcnce left to support evolution.

Some writers,” says Robert Shapiro, professor emeritus of chemistry at New York University, “have presumed that all life’s building blocks could be formed with ease in Miller-type experiments and were present in meteorites. This is not the case.

Consider the RNA molecule. It is constructed of smaller molecules called nucleotides. A nucleotide is a different molecule from an amino acid and is only slightly more complex. Shapiro says that “no nucleotides of any kind have been reported as products of spark-discharge experiments or in studies of meteorites.” He further states that the probability of a self-replicating RNA molecule randomly assembling from a pool of chemical building blocks “is so vanishingly small that its happening even once anywhere in the visible universe would count as a piece of exceptional good luck.”

You can read about a talk he gave on it at this link.


Researcher Hubert P. Yockey, who supports the teaching of evolution, says: “It is impossible that the origin of life was ‘proteins first.’” RNA is required to make proteins, yet proteins are involved in the production of RNA. What if, despite the extremely small odds, both proteins and RNA molecules did appear by chance in the same place at the same time? How likely would it be for them to cooperate to form a self-replicating, self-sustaining type of life? “The probability of this happening by chance (given a random mixture of proteins and RNA) seems astronomically low,” says Dr. Carol Cleland, a member of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Astrobiology Institute. “Yet,” she continues, “most researchers seem to assume that if they can make sense of the independent production of proteins and RNA under natural primordial conditions, the coordination will somehow take care of itself.” Regarding the current theories of how these building blocks of life could have arisen by chance, she says: “None of them have provided us with a very satisfying story about how this happened.”

Francis S Collins a geneticist who led the U.S. Government’s effort to decipher the human genome (DNA), said “Selfless altruism presents a major challenge for the Evolutionist. It cannot be accounted for by the drive of individual selfish genes to perpetuate themselves” He also said “Some people sacrificially give of themselves to those who are outside their group with whom they have absolutely nothing in common. That doesn’t seem like it can be explained by the Darwinian models.” With Darwinian models it would be survival of the fittest but yet that works contrary to that.



Do Findings Of Neanderthals Support Evolution?

Recent discoveries have shown that Neanderthals were very intelligent. Erik Trinkans , professor of Physical anthropology at Washington University stated “Neanderthals were people, and they probably had the same range of mental abilities we do. “ Capabilities once thought unique to us have been shown be recent discoveries to have been linked to so called Neanderthals. New Scientist Said “Recent discoveries indicate that Neanderthals built shelters and hearths, controlled fire, wore cloths, and created glue to attach spear points to a shaft.” There is also evidence that they cared for sick individuals, wore symbolic ornaments and buried their dead. Does this sound like things that a primitive person would do.

They try to make claims that apes are proof of evolution. If that is the case why are they still here wouldn’t they have evolved into humans by now. They say that ape DNA is only two 2% different then mans. Anyone who know biology knows that is a huge leap.

They make drawings of what they perceive Neanderthals looked like and yet they don’t have accurate evidence to do that. Forensics expert Carl N Stephan says “Attempts to reconstruct evolution of man with drawings are likely biased, grossly inaccurate and invalid.” His conclusion is “Any facial reconstructions of earlier humanoids are likely to be misleading” In 2008 Scientific American said “Scientist have failed to find correlation between absolute or relative brain size and acumen among humans and other. Neither have they been able to discern parallel between wits and the size or existence of specific regions of the brain , except perhaps Brocas area” which is used for speech. A lot of research has show that whales and other animals have a language of sorts. Anyone who has owned a dog knows they even have their own barks that indicate different things. They have their happy to see you bark. They have their hey this is my property bark etc. So even that is not proof of evolution.

Science has shown that if an animal has a mutation of one extra or one less chromosome they usually can’t reproduce and in the rare instance that they can reproduce they are usually weakened or disabled in some way that would hinder their ability to survive making it unlikely to pass those genes on. I have never read any evidence showing these mutations result in a higher species.

Donald Chittick a Physical chemist who earned a doctorate degree at Oregon State University said “A direct look at the fossil record would lead one to conclude that animals reproduced after their own kind as Genesis states. They did not change from one kind into another. The evidence now as in Darwin’s day is in agreement with the Genesis record of direct creation.”

Earths Symbiotic Relationships Disprove Evolution.

The very fact that almost all life on earth is dependent on each other is proof in itself the impossibility of evolution. Almost all life is dependent on each others existence. The loss of one species of plants or animals can wipe out many others. If we came from a soup of molecules how would multiple of life forms come into existence that are very different but yet dependent on each other? Even fossil evidence shows that those symbiotic relationships have always been there. The bee is Dependant on the flower and the flower is dependent on the bee. There are thousands of examples of symbiotic relationships.

The law of genesis in biology teaches only life can produce life. But they ignore this law with their theories on evolution so they will never be able to answer the question, which came first the chicken or the egg? . For those who believe in a creator they know the answer because they know the creator designed the chicken first. The egg would have needed the mother bird to protect and keep it warm until it hatched.

Scientist have been trying to make a man made cell. Even if they achieve this would it prove that life happened in that molecular soup? Not at all because it has taken a lot of energy,equipment, and knowledge to even get close to making a man made cell.

This reminds me of a joke a friend told me. All the world scientist got to talk to God and they said we don’t need you anymore because we can do everything ourselves, even make a man. God listens and says oh really prove it. The scientist get all their equipment gathered up and they go and gather some dirt up and get ready to go to work and then God responds ah ah ah, get your own dirt.

The Coelacanth Fish

You might ask how can a fish prove that evolution theorist are wrong. Well scientist used to believe from fossils records that the Coelacanth fish had legs, feet and lungs and could walk on land. In 1938 scientist discovered that they still existed and that their skeletal system remained the same. They did not have legs and feet or lungs as they speculated.


The Big Bang Theory

How does the big bang theory prove that we had a creator. It is very simple most scientist agree that all the energy and matter seems to have come out of no where. The only explanations that could be possible is the universe was created.

Mans Conscience

In conclusion the fact that we have a conscience disproves the evolution theory. Based on the evolution theory something like a conscience would make you weaker and is in contradiction with the survival of the fittest. So why do we have a conscience? Romans 2:14-15 shows we are born with a conscience.

What gets me is they are finding the supposed neanderthals were much more advanced then they once claimed.





Looks like science is quietly throwing evolution out the window. Scientific evidence does not support the possibility of it. Study after study shows how improbable it is to have a mutation form a functional gene.





The molecules already existed and the organisms use them to adapt. This is not evolution but adaptation.


There is also the complication of epistasis is the interaction between genes. When one fail it will effect the outcome. Either by causing it to be ignored or by ending the process. This results in a diseased state. There have been no studies showing a healthy outcome when this occurs.



Then you get papers like this that argue for evolution but use wording showing that things were engineered and that the changes were adaptive. The proteins are in nature and used by the genes to make adaptations but the genes themselves do not change. Reports like this are plague with wording that contradicts the very claims they are making.



Dangerous Or Useless Herbs.

This Is A List Of Herbs I Would Not Use They Can Be Dangerous Or Aren’t Worth Taking.

  1. Mountain Laurel (Kalmia Latifolia) dangerous

  2. St. John Wort (Hypercum) Everyone I know that has used this developed liver disease.

  3. Barberry dangerous

  4. Autumn Crocus (colchicum) dangerous

  5. Slippery Elm it is not dangerous been there have been a lot of research done on it and have found no benefits from using it.

  6. Golden seal is not worth taking internally because there has been research done and there were no benefits. But they have found it is somewhat good for the skin but there are other more effective things.

  7. Boswellia studies have shown there are no benefits of takeing it.

  8. Amica dangerous.

  9. Lycopdium destroys the liver.

  10. Nux Vomica (Rat poison) kills you.

I will update this list each time I am fairly certain of the information. If you want to know more about herbals www.webmd.com and www.wikipedia.org have a lot of usefull information.

Herbals I Used In The Fight With Lyme.





Keep Records

Keep a journal of the food you eat and the herbals you take. Take notes on any that don’t work for you and the reactions you may have had to them. Keep track in the journal of the herbals that do work. Keep a record of how you feel after you eat certain foods. We develop many allergies to foods and this will help you to figure out what you can eat and can’t.  Be very careful of the herbals you take some can permanently damage your body and even kill you.


Some of these herbals may not work for you. These are the ones I had the most success with. I will put what I used them for. As for the dosage and safety information I would recommend that you go to http://www.webmd.com . They have lots of information on herbals, they even have information on their safety and drug interactions.


One of the first things you should do is detox. Lyme puts out a lot of toxins when it is dieing. You liver plays a huge rule in fighting the Lyme Disease.  Most people recommended water with lemon juice but for some reason that would make me sick. My doctor recommended water with salt in it and that helped a lot. Also drink lots and lots of plain water. Another thing that helps with detoxing is that soaking in a hot tub of water. Lyme don’t like heat either so it also works to kill some of those buggers off. Be careful though if the Lyme has caused you heart problems   you can become dizzy when you go to get out of the tub and you can pass out. If you do this and you have heart problems brought on by the Lyme make sure you slowly stand up. Also I don’t get out of the tub until the water has cooled a little so my body temperature isn’t too high when I go to get out of the tub.

Now for the herbals for my renal system. I used Dandelion Tea and Milk Thistle. They tested my liver enzymes and they came back great which I guess is unusual for Lyme sufferers. Dandelion is a diuretic so make certain you keep drinking lots of water. Timing is important. I always took those before I took anything else to get my liver and gall bladder ready. Milk thistle and dandelion have both been shown to help protect the gall bladder and liver.

Detoxing is tough because if you eat too much protein ammonia is created, if you don’t eat enough protein ammonia it created. How to balance that I have no idea. I have found a product that should work very well but I have never tried it is Maxxy-HGH made  by Food Science. It has arginine and ornithine witch should help with the ammonia levels from infections. That doesn’t mean I endorse this product but finding one with those ingredients in them should help.

The Heart

Now for the heart. Most of us Lyme sufferers have a lot of problems with the heart. One of the best things that helped me was Ghee. The best way that I can describe it and it may not be acculturate but your body needs good fats to transport nutrients and to move stuff around your body to help fight infections. Kind of like little transport ships. From what people have told me Lyme attacks that good fat. Ghee helps replace it.  I also used Sophora Root for the heart palpitations. It worked fantastic I started to notice the difference within a couple of days. I could feel the palpitations getting milder and milder. The dizzy spells become much less frequent.  You will need to get some CoQ-10 and compliment it with Flax Seed Oil. The flax seed serves two purposes from what people have told me. The CoQ-10 needs to be taken with the flax seed oil in order to dissolve correctly or the body can’t use it. It also helps bust the cyst up that the lyme makes to protect itself. I also used grape seed extract to help with tissue repair in the heart.

The Fight Is On, Herbs To Help Fight Infections

For fighting the Lyme I used Kelp for the iodine and chlorophyll that is in it. I only took the kelp a few times a week because it is very high in iodine. I also used Bromelain and Coconut oil because I have been told that they will help fight the bio-films that could form from co-infections.  I used wormwood because it is noted for fighting the co-infections. Yes this exactly as directed. Warning people who are prone to having seizures should not use wormwood. I used the tincture and I put it in my tea after I brewed it. If you put it in the tea before the heat will make it so that it won’t work. This was amazing because within a couple days of taking it the throbbing in my head started to go away.  As of the writing of this I have not gotten to see an LLMD yet but have had a Lyme test and using the herbals my last Lyme test come back that I have an infection and my body shows it is fighting one but the levels weren’t high enough for them to tell what it is. An alternative to wormwood is black walmut but be very careful because it can be dangerous to use it you get to much in your system and you cannot use it very long.

For The Muscles And Joint Pain

For the muscle fatigue the ghee helped a lot with that it also made the lumps go away on my muscles and my energy levels improved dramatically. For the muscle spasms first I started drinking chamomile tea and it helped a lot. The muscle spasms and tremors really improved when I started taking Kudzu. Everyone recommended 8 ounces of ghee a day but I only used 4 ounces and it stilled helped me a lot.

For the inflammation and pain in the joints I used a tea that had cardamon, clove, cinnamon, curcumin I probably didn’t spell that one right, it also contained sweet basil. It tasted awful so I went and got some Hershey’s chocolate powder and brewed it with that. It made the tea tolerable. It helped quite a bit but didn’t take all the joint pain away.  There are people who recommended that I make bone broth. I did as they said but could never drink it because it smelled awful.

For The Belly

For the stomach pains I took Aloe Vera because lyme eats the lining of your stomach and the aloe coats it. I used the capsule but others said they had good results with the juice form. It worked fantastic. Now because we are prone to Candida infections which is a type of yeast infection I take liquid chlorophyll because it helps get rid of the bad infections in your gut without hurting the good. I also recommend a good probiotic. Advice given to me by many is that you should alternate between different brands of probiotics.  The higher the number with those the better it is. Take it a couple hours after taking antibiotics. And try to cut gluten and try to cut peanuts and cashews. Most Lymies have a reaction to those.   If you do have Candida which most of us get then you will bloat out and look like you are pregnant and get cramps and lots of gas.

Oh NO!  Not The Skin To

I don’t think there is a part of the body that tick born disease leaves alone. Most Lymies get skin rashes or spots that itch really bad. Also our skin dries out really bad like we are dehydrated no matter how much water we drink. To help with that a lot of Lyme sufferers use shea butter or coconut oil. Those did not help me. I found alternating between Jojoba Oil and Grape Seed Oil helped me a lot. It even took the burning sensation that I had in my skin away. The Jojoba has some disinfecting properties and the Grape Seed Oil has really good hydrating properties. Jojoba has even been shown to grow some hair back.

The Brain To?

This was the worst one, you will not be able to remember things. You will have floods of emotions for no reason. You will cry for no apparent reason. Get angry for no apparent reason. For the brain fog I learned to carry a note book in the car and I would put on it were I was going and what for. I would also put the directions. I keep notebooks handy at home also so that I could look at it to make sure I didn’t forget to do something. Lyme messes your head up so bad that you will even forget to eat. The coconut oil supplements help a lot with that also, so does the wormwood. The wormwood was amazing for me. It even took the throbbing head aches that we get away. I no longer feel like there is an alien trying to bust out of my head. Do not take it for more then a month and use it exactly as directed on the bottle. I felt like the damage to my brain was permanent but as I took the wormwood a lot of my brain functions returned, I am getting my memory back. I am not having trouble reading. I am not having the emotional mood swings. I still have not gotten my math abilities back though.


I do not recommend Melatonin for the erratic sleep patterns that we get. I took it and it severely amplified my symptoms.

Get lots of bed rest do not feel guilty for sleeping so much you need it. Do not let any stress bother you or it will take longer to get over Lyme it only makes it worse. Lyme will financially destroy you. A lot of your friends and family will become alienated from you because you will look healthy even though you are suffering some of the most horrendous things so they will say hurtful things. Do not let it get to you that will just prolong your healing.


You will have nutritional deficiencies. I would buy a product called CALM . It has magnesium citrate in it to help replace your magnesium. If you take a multivitamin don’t take it more then a couple times a week. If you take it more then that you are wasting money because you will just pee them out besides that some vitamins can remain longer and you could end up making yourself sick. Make sure you eat fruits and vegetables. Try to get no GMO ones because a lot of Lymies are sensitive to genetically modified foods. I would eat almonds if you can and Brazil Nuts they have good fats that your body needs. Krill Oil is another one that has Omega threes and some fats that our bodies need. I use Flax seed oil though because I don’t trust things from the ocean because of all the radioactive isotopes floating around in it now.

I am going to put a post of what herbs and their claimed usage. I don’t not know the accuracy of the information your best bet for that would be to go to http://www.webmd.com  or even http://www.wikipedia.org has some pretty good information.

Find An LLMD

Do your research because you are your own doctor. Most Lyme suffers experience different symptoms so there is no real set standard for treating Lyme patients. The CDC has recommendations but they have not been working so go to http://www.ilads.org and they can send you information on finding a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor.


There is also some things that you can eat that will help a lot. I have another page for that, you can find it here   .


Most Common Symptoms From Lyme Or Tick Born Disease.



I put a list together of symptoms of Lyme from people I have talked to and my own experience on how they have progressed. These are symptoms I have not found listed anywhere. I figure it may help others. I tried to put them in order of how they occur but each person is different. I have not listed all symptoms just the most common ones. You will have to excuse how I have put this together. My medical knowledge is limited. If you think I should add something to this or change something please let me know. There are symptoms that others have suffered that I have not listed. There are also symptoms I had that others didn’t suffer. I only put the most common symptoms, ones that almost all of us suffered. Some suffered them in different orders but this is about how most of us suffered them.

Symptoms Of Lyme As I Believe They Commonly Occur.

Well get the allergic reaction from the tick bite. They claim it will be a bulls eye rash but very few people it talked to have gotten that. I will post a picture of both types of rashes I have seen with Lyme sufferers.

Lymebite 256px-Lyme_Disease_Rash_on_5_year_old

Difficulty adjusting to temperatures especially sudden temperature changes.

Started having head aches that got worse over time.

Started becoming allergic to things that previously were not allergic to before. Spices, environmental things, various foods especially read meat.

Urine becomes dark no matter how much water is consumed it does not seem to get lighter.

Stomach starts feeling bloated then starts becoming painful and cramped nausea and frequent indigestion.

Will  get rashes that look like poison ivy or poison oak.


Bowel movement become erratic will have diarrhea one day and be constipated the next.

Started having sharp pains in eyes, then started having a difficult time focusing eyes as the months went by vision became blurred. One or both eyes water.

Started getting pains that appeared in different parts of the body each week. Different muscles, joints, kidney paint etc.

Started feeling tired all the time. When going to bed and waking would have spasm in feet and legs.

Joint and muscle pain would become more frequent and and persistent and severe. In later stages the joints start popping and grinding.

Started getting light headed and dizzy, can not concentrate and have difficulty remembering things.

Body temperature would fluctuate but when it is at a steady level it would remain around 96 degrees Fahrenheit .

Develops a sensitivity to alcohol. Would get sick or intoxicated from very small amounts. Would also develop a sensitivity to caffeine. It will make you sick and light headed.

Would feel dehydrated no matter what amount of water is consumed.

Bodies natural clock would become distorted so patients become unaware of length of time, would start waking and sleeping at unusual times of the day with more difficulty sleeping at night.

Muscles start trembling all the time like when shivering from being cold causing more fatigue and soreness at the points that muscles connect. Not visible but can be felt. At later stages becomes visible can do nothing to stop it and becomes worse as time progresses stress, anxiety, anger, cold and many other things trigger it. Trying to fight it makes it worse. Muscles will feel stiff and hurt like as if they are pulled. Will have severer muscle fatigue.

Started having cirrhotic rashes on different parts of the body. Sometimes get marks on body that looks like red stretch marks.

Slight drooping of at least one eye.

One or both eyes water.

Burning in feet.

Will develop lumps on muscles and joints.

Will get nauseated by various odors ones that you were never bothered by before. Even common everyday odors like food cooking. Perfume and the smell of cleansers is the worst.

Skin become sensitive to things like perfume in soaps and laundry detergent. Skin also becomes very dry.

Get tired or light headed after eating, same thing will happen if standing too long.

Random numbness of body parts like foot , hand, side of face etc.

Just a note for me Zithromycin is harmful to Lyme sufferers. Steroids are also very harmful to Lyme sufferers.

Lyme Disease Is Scarey.

Borrelia_burgdorferi-cropped 128px-Babesia_equi

When you have Lyme Disease it is very scarey. Some people die because of the complications. The best advice I received when I was at my worst is remain calm. Do not worry about anything no matter what. You will have emotions that don’t make sense because it does affect your mind. There isn’t a part of your body that Lyme does not touch.

Keep a journal of your symptoms, your emotions, what works for you and what doesn’t because Lyme affects everyone differently. Make sure you put in the journal what you ate and how you feel afterwards because when you have Lyme you will develop many allergies. I developed one to red meat which is common with certain strains of Lyme.  Most Lyme sufferers suffer co-infections. The most common are Babesia and the other is Ehrlichia and another is Bartonella. When you are being treated for Lyme I have found out that Lyme sufferers are prone to Candida infections so you have to watch your gluten intake.

Take Herbals they do help tremendously. I took a few but not that many only ones that I knew worked from people that I know  who  have used them. Before you take an herbal remedy make sure it is safe.  Only take one new herbal at a time because if you have a reaction you will be able to tell which one it is. Always do research on the herbal.

Join a Lyme group so you have someone to talk to. Lyme is one of those illnesses that usually only another Lyme sufferer will understand.  This is the thing that helped me the most because there are many wonderful people who have been through it and are happy to help you. We are taught not to vent but you experience some crazy things with Lyme so it is good to vent. There is a difference between venting and whining. Those who vent talk about the troubles they experience and then take action, those who whine talk about it and talk about it but do nothing.

When your symptoms are bad it is scarey, it is ok to be scared. Lyme ruins your life financially , it ruins your social life and family life. If not treated in time it can ruin your body. Don’t feel guilty because you can’t help others or can’t cook or do the things you did before, worrying about it will not help anything and will prolong your recovery.  Don’t worry about what people say because they will say many hurtful things. Lyme sufferers look healthy even though Lyme is destroying our bodies.  When you are very ill you will think there is no way your body can recover from all that but don’t believe it. I have talked to many that have completely recovered. Even people who have had it for years. There are a very few who develop Chronic Lyme I think it is somewhere near 20% . So chances are in your favor that you will recover.

Do not get desperate and do things out of desperation.  I have read many article were scammers offered miracle cures to take advantage of a Lyme sufferers desperation. I have also read were Lyme sufferers have done dangerous things like having peroxide put into them intravenously and it has cost them their lives. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is. No matter what the treatment is Lyme takes a long time to recover from.

You will have to learn as much as you can about Lyme because most doctors knowledge of Lyme is limited. Some don’t even believe it exist. Also find a Lyme Literate Naturopathic Doctor.

For those who are religous no God is not punishing you. There are many reasons people get ill but don’t think God is punishing you. If you go to this link you will see that is not why we suffer.   http://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/102015009?q=suffer&p=par