Why they cannot find a cure for Alzheimer’s

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am not the best editor.

Many who have the supposed genes that cause Alzheimer’s do not develop Alzheimer’s so we need to ask why do some get Alzheimer’s while others do not. Sometimes Alzheimer’s will occur in those who do not have a family history of Alzheimer’s. I am going to discuss why I believe people develop Alzheimer’s and why I believe treatments for Alzheimer’s fail.

Often times for something to go wrong it takes many things going wrong in the body at the same time. This is how most chronic illness occurs. As a person goes through life they are exposed to many things that cause illness and the effects to the body can accumulate with time if a person does not address the issues cause by these health altering things, this includes addressing stress and trauma that may have occurred.

Shown that oxidative stress levels and inflammation levels are high in the brains of those who have Alzheimer’s. Oxidative stress can take it’s toll on the antioxidant system and the blood brain barrier starts to leak which leave toxins and even infectious agents enter the brain. When the brain becomes inflamed and is over burdened by oxidative stress this causes protein misfolding and protein aggregates to build up. Add to the fact that inflammation also causes this to occur. When inflammation and oxidative stress levels get too high the body losses the ability to remove the amyloid plaque build up in the brain. Now I will discuss what things can cause the excess inflammation and oxidative stress to occur.

Our food has become toxic. Much of it is Genetically modified and contains BT toxins. BT toxins in the food has been found in human brains. It has been shown to cause inflammation. Much of our food is contaminated with farm chemicals that cause oxidative stress and inflammation, glyphosate is one of the most toxic and has the most negative effects on the body and our food is heavily contaminated with it. Many consume a lot of processed foods that contain chemicals known to cause inflammation and oxidative stress. Foods now days are loaded with processed sugar. Processed sugar is known to cause systemic inflammation. Many drink water from a public water supply that is contaminated with many toxins including chemicals, heavy metals, cadmium and farm chemicals which cause inflammation and excess oxidative stress. Also public water has high levels of chlorine and fluoride which are known to be very toxic to the body and have even been found in the brains of humans. Many of these things also damage the gut and alter our microbiome in our guts and this also is known to cause excess inflammation and oxidative stress. Often times well water is contaminated with farm chemicals, have high iron or sulfur levels which cause excess oxidative stress and inflammation. Now look at vaccines they are known to damage the immune system and cause inflammation. Vaccines contain chemicals that stay in the body a long time are are very inflammatory. When they have measured the inflammation levels and oxidative stress levels after someone has been vaccinated they have been found to be very high. Then they hand out antibiotics now days like candy and they damage the gut and alter the microbiome. Some like fluoroquinolone drugs permanently damage the body causing autoimmunity, systemic inflammation and oxidative stress that continues to get worse if a person does not work to correct the damage caused in their body. These newer Covid vaccines are the worst they are causing excess blood clotting and myocarditis. Because of this we are going to see a dramatic climb in Alzheimer’s disease and it is going to occur in people at a much younger age now. Because the excess inflammation and oxidative stress causes dysfunction in the immune system people get infections much more easily now. Things that we used to be immune to are now causing infections in man. Infections cause excess inflammation and oxidative stress and they have found bacteria thriving in the amyloid plagues in those who have Alzheimer’s. So now, we need to ask why do the Alzheimer’s treatments fail?

When you research the treatments for Alzheimer’s I notice many mistakes they make. The Alzheimer’s is a symptoms and not the cause of the illness. They try to treat the symptoms without treating the causes of the illness. They have tried using anti-inflammatories and antioxidant protocols and have seen some improvement but they have failed to stop the progression of Alzheimer’s the reason for this is they have not addressed the cause. Stress has been found to cause excess inflammation and excess oxidative stress. Stress levels are higher now then they have been in most recorded history.

The body has protective mechanisms that prevent the build up of things such as amyloid plague. But if you are not addressing the excess inflammation, the excess oxidative stress set off but the things I mentioned earlier and addressing the health issues caused by them and doing their best to eliminate those things from the persons environment then they are not going to prevent or reverse Alzheimer’s. The things I mentioned earlier cause health issues that feed the excess oxidative stress and inflammation. To break the cycle the gut issues, the brain inflammation, and the excess oxidative stress need to be addressed while using the correct nutrients to help the person heal from the damage that caused this cycle to begin. The problem is science is now pretty much fake and controlled by the pharmaceutical industries and biotech industries and any who do not use their methods of research have their careers destroyed. If real science was used it would expose the harm they are doing. This is why Alzheimer’s, chronic illness, cancer, diabetes and heart disease has reach epidemic levels now days. Until they are heal accountable for the harm they are doing society is only going to become sicker.