Things that may help with Covid and Covid shot injury.

Written by Lee Stevenson. Sorry I am a lousy editor.

This is not medical advice if you are sick please consult an experienced and knowledgeable functional medicine practitioner. Please research the things I mention to understand how and why they work. Using naturals is safer then drugs most of the time but should be used under the guidance of someone experienced in their proper use.

Covid causes systemic inflammation and over activation of the immune system. These things need addressed to heal. The vaccines are killing and injuring more people because it has toxins in it that amplifies those inflammatory and immune effects. If you are pregnant then the protocol I mention next should be used because some things like protease enzymes can increase the risk of miscarriage.

Ivermection does help with Covid and other viral infections. It also reduces the inflammation caused by Covid, it inhibits many many of the cytokines that are increased by Covid and the Covid vaccine that cause the excess inflammation. Cypress bark is a zinc ionosphore like Ivermenction. Studies seem to indicate it is as effective but I have not met anyone who has used it. So I do not know if the studies on cypress bark translate over to life.

This is the protocol I have found to be most effective against Covid and Covid vaccine injury.

This would actually help with many types of infection.

Vitamin C with zinc in the morning daily.

Bonesett in the morning take it for a week then start taking it three times a week.

NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine) in the morning take for five days then take it three times a week.

N-acetylglucosamine (NAG) take for a week and then pulse it taking it three times a week.

Quercetin and Bromelain in the morning daily.

Nattokinase in the morning daily

Gingko in the morning daily

P5P with food in the morning daily

Grape seed extract in the morning daily

Vitamin D in the morning daily

Raw honey daily

Honeysuckle at night daily

melatonin at night daily

low dose selenium at night about three times a week.

red algae daily

Lemon Balm at night daily

Pau Darco at night daily

Rooibos at night daily

Beet root juice daily If the adrenals have been affected make lemon water and put a little Himalayan salt, 1/8 teaspoon of cream of tartar and raw honey to taste.

These are things that may help someone who is pregnant that has gotten Covid, the Covid shot or the spike protein from someone who got the shot and it has shed to them. The Covid shot and the shot shedding is seeming to cause miscarriages.

Foods that increase phorphorous it is often times low in miscarriage.

Vitamin B12 and vitamin K are often times deficient in those who miscarry.

These supplements should not be taken in super high doses.

Any vitamin or supplement can be toxic when taken in high amounts for example above 5000 IU of vitamin D can cause kidney stones. Excess amounts of vitamin C destroys read blood cells and can cause minerals to chelate from the body.

Lemon Balm safe to use in moderation in pregnancy used every other day.

vitamin D3 use daily but do not use above 5000 IU

Beet Juice drink daily

maca root safe to use in small amounts. No studies done on amount larger then what would be eaten for food use when hormones are not normal or when adrenal levels are too high or when stressed.

cramp bark prevents miscarriage use when symptoms of spotting are bad.

partridge berry reduces uterine spasms use to prevent miscarraige

wild yam used to prevent miscarriages use daily

alfalfa prevents bleeding during pregnancy. Very high in nutrients use every other day.

Streptococcus mitis, S. Salivarius, S. Parasanguinis, Rothia dentolariosa, R. mucilginosa. Needed to produce nitric oxide increasing nitric oxide is very important.

A probiotic with mostly bifido bacteria in it. use at least three times a week.

NOW probiotic 10 use three times a week.

Ashwangha and a lemon juice cocktail would help with that adrenals use when adrenal levels are high or when stressed.

Vitamin D, Vitamin C vitamin C in excess can cause miscarriage get it from natural sources when possible,

selenium, Pyridoxal-5-posphate, sea algae use daily. Except for the selenium use it every other day. Selenium should be low dose.

Pine bark extract reduces oxidative stress and inflammation, reduces lung inflammation. If you react to antioxidants by having heart palpitations it means you are TH2 dominant.

Oat straw high in minerals has a relaxant affect. Use as often as needed.

dandelion high in calcium and vitamin k. Stimulates pon1 detox enzymes, inhibits herpes and corona virus replication. Use three times a week.

Nattokinase reduces inflammation, blood clotting and oxidative stress. Use daily and when excess clotting has been corrected slowly start reducing how often it is taken.

Rooibos safe during pregnancy can be used daily.

Mullein no research reduces lung inflammation and asthma , take if lungs have been effected or if spotting.

Coconut oil has strong antibiotic properties, promotes healthy growth of fetus , increases beneficial enzymes in breast milk.

Use daily Butter high in vitamin K2

Cod liver oil that is fresh and contains lemon use every other day. Alternate between it and olive oil.

Beans, Nuts and seeds daily

Jerusalem artichoke use daily

Leafy greens eat often as possible.

avocados eat as often as possible.

mushrooms cooked as often as possible

nutritional yeast use every other day.

zinc daily Evening

Primrose oil use daily.

Eggs as often as possible.

magnesium daily If they show signs of low progesterone.

Black haw prevents uterine contractions. Only use if hormone levels are out of balance.

Things to avoid. GMOs the BT Toxin has been shown to damage the infant and mothers brains, and causes systemic inflammation. Processed foods because of the toxins they contain Folic acid. It is man made and toxic to the body. Avoid excess caffeine, do not let glucose levels drop. Avoid smoked, aged or fermented foods. Papaya, Lichi and pineapple contain enzymes that can cause miscarriage. Aloe vera can cause the uterus to contract. Potatoes that still have the skin on them. Processed sugar and artificial sweeteners. Most artificial sweeteners are very toxic to the body. Licorice Bitter melon Alcohol Pomegranate can induce uterine contractions. Sesame seeds Gotu Kola Angelica Cohash Carraway celery seed Chamomille comfrey Devil’s claw Fenugreek Feverfew Golden Seal Greater celandine Juniper berry motherwort mugwort nutmeg oregano parsley pennyroyal Rhubarb Rosemary Saffron Sweet majorum horehound wormwood , mugwort or any other herb that contains thujone. Things that contain berberine. Perriwinkle Saw Palmetto Chaste berry red raspberry stimulates uterin contractions Sour tasting things can cause the uterus to contract. Not sure why but it can.

Sweeten beverages with honey or monkfruit or another natural sweetener. Avoid fumes from gasoline or any other petroleum products. Try to avoid areas of high traffic to prevent breathing excess automotive exhaust when possible. Avoid cleaners that are toxic and if they must be used to not breath the fumes and wear gloves the skin is like a sponge and absorbs toxins.

The deaths and autoimmunity caused by the Covid vaccine is being labeled as MIS-C. It can cause paralysis. They will most likely falsely claim it is Covid causing it or new variants of Covid causing MIS-C. So they will probably announce there is an outbreak of Polio or they will say there is outbreaks of flaccid myelitis which they falsely claim they do not know the cause but the cause has been identified as vaccinations being the cause. Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome C can be deadly and often times is fatal. It causes system wide inflammation which causes inflammation in all organs including the brain which eventually leads to their failure. Those who recover have life long chronic health issues. These symptoms are usually brushed aside or ignored. Many who are injured by the vaccine will go to the emergency room and they do not look at a persons vaccine history so will not connect the fact the person is vaccine injured. These are the symptoms:

A fever that last longer then 24 hours.

Low blood pressure.

Coughing and difficulty breathing.



Stomach pain

Discomfort or pain in chest.

Confusion, headaches, dizziness or lightheaded.

Enlarged Lymphs

Rapid heart rate.

Feeling usually tired but eventually a person my lose the ability to sleep.

Muscle pain and fatigue.

Sore throat

Rapid breathing

Red eyes

Redness or swelling in hands and feet.

Pale gray or blue colored skin, lips or nail beds.