2 thoughts on “Cry Proteins

  1. Lee July 23, 2020 / 8:17 am

    If you do a search on my blog for bt toxin, gmo , cry toxin, or cry protein you will pull up many articles I have posting showing the harm that GMO’s do to the body. If I was not so pressed for time I would put a blog post together to show what research shows on the harm they do to the body. Once you find out the harm cry toxins do to the body then read about RoundUp. It causes many types of cancer and is one of the reasons cancer is so rampant now because it is found in high levels in much of our food. Imagine these toxins working synergistically on the body and you will get a good idea why chronic illness is so rampant now days. If you do a search on glyphosate you will pull up articles I have posted on it.

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