Is muscle testing or applied kinesiology affective?

Written by Lee Stevenson, sorry I am a lousy editor.

Muscle testing also known as applied kinesiology. Does it work?

First lets try to put into words that might simplify the idea used for muscle testing also known as applied kinesiology. The thought on it are similar to Newton’s law “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. This is not the same as orthopedic muscle testing. If you muscle was tested by an orthopedist and the muscle was found to be weak and orthopedist may suggest that you exersize the muscle. This science is severely flawed because we know there are genetic, metabolic or other health issues that can cause muscle to be weak. When an applied kinesiologist uses a muscle test they claim to be able to tell allergies, food intolerance, organs that may be unhealthy and even what nutrients a person needs.

This method is mainly used by chiropractors but it is also used by dietitians, nuturopaths, allergist, and physical therapist.

Studies have shown applied kinesiology is only effective for detecting if someone is lying or if there is neuromuscular dysfunction. It has been found to be no better then guessing at determining the health of the organs, allergies, food intolerance, nutritional needs, or psychological status. So are the ones using this scammers? I doubt they are, they have been trained to believe it is real and trained in what to say and do. This is no different then medical professionals who have been train to believe vaccines work. They are so conditioned to believe they work that they will deny the evidence that vaccines do more harm then good. They have even been conditioned to defend vaccines.

Why does muscle testing seem to work? As muscles contract and release supposedly someone trained can gather knowledge from utilizing the so-called binary release of language of the body. It claims to be able to psychological evaluations and determine energy blocks in the body and their cause. They refer to this as innate intelligence.

So why do the muscle respond the way they do when someone is being muscle tested by an applied kinesiologist? It is an illusion that has been created by the person train in muscle testing. They have been taught to do and say certain things which gets the patient to respond in a certain way. This involves the principles of ideomotor and observer expectancy. In other words it involves the power of suggestion. Ideomotor is controlling the patients reaction through the power of suggestion. The observer may expect certain reactions so subconsciously manipulate the muscles on the person by touch and methodology to get the response they expect. Spirit mediums use for similar methods to control how people respond to things and have learned to say and do things to get people to subconsciously respond in the way they desire. Even to the point they get people muscle to respond the way the person has been manipulated into responding which could involve the person thinking about a certain event or person. The spirit medium could use a device to help assist in this manipulation in getting the response they desire.

When I looked at websites where people claimed they used muscle testing successfully I found they ask many questions which is no different then most naturopaths or dietitians would to help pinpoint problem areas. So with those who used it successfully they were probably getting a placebo type effect. Just as studies have shown that up to 80% of a drugs effectiveness is based on the placebo effect, the muscle testing in those using it successfully is most likely giving a placebo type effect. The patient most likely is finding comfort in the fact that they finally found someone who will listen and is pinpointing things and the muscle testing may validate that in their minds.

The devices used in muscle testing test the muscle strength and cannot provide any other information. Anything after that would be based on speculation or results the person practicing applied kenisiology had subconsciously decided and subconsciously took actions to bring about the results they had desired or believed.

Muscle testing not a good way to diagnose medical illness. I have asked enough questions that often times when someone does finally get a test I have been pretty close to what the test results have shown in what I had believed was the root cause of their illness or health problem. Also using observation of various areas of the persons body and listening to what they say has help me determine if they had been traumatized. Studies have shown even if a person is not ill if they believe they have an illness long enough the person will develop it. Studies have also shown that those who believe they can recover have a much higher rate of recovery then those who do not believe then can recover from an illness. Studies have shown that people can build muscle just from meditating on working out. This shows how powerful the mind is at convincing the body of things. This is why we should focus on thinking about positive things and focus healing from our past traumas or failures. Learn from them and move forward. Learn to teach our minds to dwell on positive things and even deal with the negative things in a way that is positive when possible. For example studies have found that those who view obstacles in life as a problem suffered more health problems then those who viewed obstacles in life as a challenge.

it has been found to be accurate at detecting lies.

Muscle testing cannot test for food sensitivity.

There is not evidence to support the use of muscle testing.

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